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So, here's what is expected on Tuesday

- iPhone 4S
- Same form factor as iPhone 4
- CDMA and GSM in one phone
- HSPA+ (at least 14.4mbps)
- A5 Processor
- SGX 543MP2
- Assistant Voice Recognition

- iPod Touch in White
- Still with A4 processor
- Very minor changes (olephobic screen, ambient light sensor)

A5 will be a pretty big upgrade to the iPhone. Graphics performance will be significantly faster. Benchmark graph from anandtech : iPad 2 has the A5, iPhone 4 has an A4.
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I can't believe they would release iOS 5 and not release the companion iPhone 5.
Why advertise an iPhone 4S when it looks like an iPhone 4? Won't seem like an upgrade to a lot of consumers. Why put the iPhone 4 cdma version under the 4s name in itunes beta? Why name the A4 and put it in an iPhone 4, then name the A5 and not put it in the iPhone 5? I don't think it is open and shut.
+Christopher Jenkins : The A4 first appeared in the iPad. The A5 is currently only used in the iPad 2. It's not named to be locked with the iPhone models.
The A4 first appeared in the iPad, but it was not named the A1. It is logical to that it is tied to iPhone iteration. 
I still don't know why "5" can't be used if it's the same form factor as the iPhone 4. Upgrading the CPU/GPU, RAM, Camera, and possibly changing the screen size isn't enough to warrant a number change? Whatever.

I'd love to see them come out and introduce the new "iPhone" ...not the iPhone 4S, 5, +, Grande, etc. Just "iPhone". That would be hilarious after all of this speculation.
I wouldn't be surprised if they do go back to just "iPhone", Zach, especially if they're not going to be touting some new unique feature. Put the Apple spin on it, call it "unifying the family" or something.

I'd be satisfied with a spec bump, honestly. I passed my iPhone 4 on to my wife last.. November? December? to test out WP7 and a decent Android handset, and I've been missing it ever since.
When is the iphone 5 coming out then? I thought they were releasing them together?
+Simon Windmill I'm currently carrying an iPod touch and plan on upgrading. As long as it has an A5 I'll be getting one.
We'll know by Tuesday but I'll just start talking trash right now (why wait). Assuming they only release the 4s for Oct and wait to release the iphone 5 next Jan there isn't much they will be revealing that Android doesn't already have covered.

Sure Apple makes quality products but so does Android. I'm still waiting for Apple to put their money where their mouth is and provide free Navigation and a free cloud based system for contacts and updates (Android has already been doing this for the past two years btw)
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