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We're experimenting with +1 buttons on MacRumors. Not sure I see the use yet.
Apple is working on a 15" ultra-thin Mac notebook, MacRumors has learned. We aren't certain if it will be called a MacBook Air or MacBook...
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saw you on MacBreak Weekly--curiuos how you used the iphone to participate by video--did you use skype, or facetime...? and how did you connect a headset to the iphone...?
iPhone Skype + iPhone headset (Bose), so not a USB headset.
Absolutley incredible technology is to a point where you are missing a computer you need so you just whip out a smartphone .... and use it to participate in a national tv show. Incredible. My wife uses that Bose thing for conference calls for work on her blackberry so I should have realized!
the +1 button would let people easily add your posts to their G+ accounts, no? getting you greater publicity. Mises blog uses facebook and google buttons on their posts, and if I see one I want to spread the word about I use both, allatime
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