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Arnold Kim
I run MacRumors, AppShopper, and TouchArcade
I run MacRumors, AppShopper, and TouchArcade

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anyone out there in google+ land?

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In many ways, this seems like the chair I've been looking for.  Recline and work, laptop chair. mPosition - Kornak Meble Biurowe

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Here's an official MacRumors Google+ Page

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So, here's what is expected on Tuesday

- iPhone 4S
- Same form factor as iPhone 4
- CDMA and GSM in one phone
- HSPA+ (at least 14.4mbps)
- A5 Processor
- SGX 543MP2
- Assistant Voice Recognition

- iPod Touch in White
- Still with A4 processor
- Very minor changes (olephobic screen, ambient light sensor)

A5 will be a pretty big upgrade to the iPhone. Graphics performance will be significantly faster. Benchmark graph from anandtech : iPad 2 has the A5, iPhone 4 has an A4.

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We're experimenting with +1 buttons on MacRumors. Not sure I see the use yet.

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Easily one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time.

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Witricity seems really cool.

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