Crowdsource Request: OSR-Style Challenge

Gimme yo best open-ended problems to throw at the players.  Based on this thing I wrote yesterday: 

The idea is to make some problems that can be solved by innovative problem-solving (instead of just pulling solutions off your character sheet) and only adjudicated by rulings (not rules).

I'll collect them all and make a nice blog post of the first d100 (writing as many myself as needed to round them out).  This is partially a goal I'm setting publicly.

Everything will also get passed on to +Joel Priddy, who has awesomely set up an G+ group to collect these things over here: 

So submit a couple, why don't ya?


- Problem must have no easy solution.
- Problem must have many possible solutions.
- Problem can be solved via common sense.
- Problem requires no special tools (no unique spells, no plot devices).
- Problem requires no specific ability on a character sheet.


- There's a circle of mushrooms with a girl inside it.  Everything inside the circle of mushrooms will do everything in their power to get more people inside the circle (no save).  The girl is already their thrall.

- There's a tiny octopus inside your stomach and it's biting you.

- The bad guy cannot be hurt by any weapon forged by mortal hands.

- This glass sphere (3' in diameter) is filled with gems and horrible undead snakes.

Stuff posted will be shared widely. Only post ideas that can become public domain.
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