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Arnebya Herndon
I write to keep from killing.
I write to keep from killing.

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Oh, look, I changed up the blog a bit.

Do you give your real name at Starbucks (or elsewhere)? If not, why? And what name do you use?

I'm not anorexic. Even if I were, DON'T ASK: 

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This makes me so happy. The realization of things going well, the realization that our kids are doing well...on their own! The knowledge that we've led them in the right directions, seeing them actually choose the correct road? It's inspiring. And no jinxing. We won't believe in jinxing. Not now. We'll believe that that's only related to babies sleeping through the night - DON'T TALK ABOUT IT.

I'm on @bonbonbreak today talking about reading:, 

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