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Arnaud Keyen
Intégrateur - Designer Web - Développeur Wordpress / Prestashop
Intégrateur - Designer Web - Développeur Wordpress / Prestashop


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Je ne sais pas vous, mais j'ai l'impression d'entendre une nouvelle chanson de Metallica :D

Qu'en pensez-vous ? 
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Maintenant ou jamais :D
Nouvel article de la Communauté AdWords au sujet des Examens de Certification AdWords !
Découvrez le vite, on vous dit tout içi ->
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Eagle Threads the Needle Between Two People

In this short, but awesome video from a Topvogel bird show in Diessen, Netherlands, an eagle tucks in his wings to fly through a narrow gap between two volunteers, who are facing each other.

#eagle   #awesome  
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Variables Global PrestaShop Smarty

01 $base_dir { root folder of your shop }
02 $base_dir_ssl { root folder of your shop using HTTPS protocol }
03 $content_dir { root folder of your shop depending on the SSL settings }
04 $img_ps_dir { root folder containing images "/img/" }
05 $img_dir { images folder in your current theme directory }
06 $css_dir { css folder inside the current theme folder }
07 $js_dir { JavaScript inside the theme folder }
08 $tpl_dir { theme root folder }
09 $modules_dir { modules root folder }
10 $mail_dir { mail templates root folder }
11 $lang_iso { current language ISO code }
12 $come_from { previous page address [absolute] }
13 $shop_name { your specified shop name }
14 $cart_qties { total number of products in the cart }
15 $cart { shopping cart contents }
16 $currencies { pulls available currencies }
17 $id_currency_cookie { selected currency id [cookie dependent] }
18 $currency { active currency }
19 $cookie { active cookie }
20 $languages { grabs available languages }
21 $logged { checks whether users is logged in }
22 $page_name { current page's name }
23 $customerName { customer name [session dependent] }
24 $priceDisplay { current price display settings [currency dependent] }
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Google devient Alphabet ou l'illusion de la transparence...
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#PA en Stable 5.1 sur #OnePlusOne
Miam tentant :D

Actuellement sous #CM12 20150701
J'attends encore un petit peu mais je switcherais peut être bien :D
Nexus PA 5.1 builds are out

It’s true, our development hasn’t been as quick as you were used to but we're here with some new and tasty builds. We also have some important news regarding our plan with Nexus moving forward. So if you're keen to #StayParanoid please read them carefully!

First of all, let's talk about releases. We are proud to announce a new Nexus release based on the latest AOSP version but with our some of our key features baked in such as Theme Engine, Quick Settings Reordering, App Ops, Advanced Power Menu and the long awaited Immersive mode. Additionally, the shamu build allows WiFi calling (for T-Mo US users) and VoLTE (for T-Mo US and Verizon users).

Builds are out for shamu, hammerhead, mako, flounder, flo and grouper. We are missing support for mobile tablets and manta because we don't have the device in our hands. If you do have one of these and are willing to test for us, please contact +Evan Anderson at to get hooked up with the testing process.

Keep in mind, you will have to flash a GApps package. For most devices, we suggest TK GApps which are a continuation of the old-school PA GApps. For flounder, Banks 64bit GApps are advised instead. Additionally, if you are using a flounder, you should flash the vendor partition of the LMY47X factory image to avoid system issues - and if you are not comfortable with doing that for any reason, you should wait for the next build as it will include a minor change that will get rid of this requirement.

It has been a really long time since we released our latest public build, as you might have noticed. The legacy part of the team have been working hard to keep the work up and they switched to a separate release schedule a while back. That left the Nexus family a bit behind, but with the combined help of the Nexus and legacy team, we are ready to release today. This has happened because we are missing the manpower we had in the past on our core team.

As maintaining a solid release schedule does not seem viable as of now we've thought we should  release when there are enough changes merged to make a difference with the previous public build. So instead of the previous “weekly release” we're switching to a "release when appropriate" schedule.

Really though, right now we need more awesome people who want to work on things and make a difference, so if you like to code, just consider what you would like to change in the Android-o-sphere and try going for it. We welcome any contributions on our gerrit at You can contact +Valter Strods  on Hangouts or +Evan Anderson  at if you have any questions.

Finally we want to give thanks to all our users who waited for this release, we know that some of you are still on KitKat because you don't want to miss the feature spec you had. Also we need to thank all the members of our crew who are working on this project, buying their free time from family and leisure, all our team members are awesome. With that said, Thanks!

Builds are rolling out on and, as always, #StayParanoid
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