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Debugging an image loading system on Android can be tricky. Hopefully we now have some tools making the task easy!

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I wrote this small article explaining how to combine Stetho and Glide together.

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Lollipop reached 5.4% last month, we are getting somewhere...slowly! 

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Nice tips around the Ripple
Someone asked me today how to add ink ripple¹ touch feedback to an image without having to add additional views to your hierarchy which would hurt performance or memory use.  Here's a couple of approaches: 

1. Wrap the drawable in a RippleDrawable² before setting it on the ImageView:

Drawable image = …
RippleDrawable rippledImage = new RippleDrawable(ColorStateList.valueOf(rippleColor), image, null);

2. Extend ImageView and add a foreground attribute to it (like FrameLayout has³).  See this example⁴ from +Chris Banes of adding it to a LinearLayout.  If you do this then make sure you pass through the touch co-ordinates so that the ripple starts from the correct point:

    public void drawableHotspotChanged(float x, float y) {
        super.drawableHotspotChanged(x, y);
        if (foreground != null) {
            foreground.setHotspot(x, y);

I prefer the second approach as you can declaratively set a ripple drawable as the foreground asset in your layout and not have to worry about adding it once the image loads, somewhat simplifying your code and playing nicely with image loading libs like Picasso.  The first approach can work well in combination with Palette to set a ripple color derived from the image.


Animated Photo

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Small tutorial to realize this effect.

The source code is also available on github: #androiddev  

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Small tutorial to realize this effect -- might help few developers

The source code is also available on github:

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Facebook reinvent the Android debugging with Stetho. You can now profile your app, scan your HTTP requests and read/write into your SQLite DB directly from your Chrome browser!

#android #androiddev

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My company Impraise ( is hiring experienced developers to expand its team.

We are looking for 2 talented developers: 
- RoR ninja:
- Front-end and React guru:

We also have an opening for a front-end developer intern:

Nice challenges and lot of fun are guaranteed.
#startup  #ycombinator #amsterdam
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