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Arnab Ghosh

Bug Report  - 
I have added an album in the music folder and the songs are listed in the player's library. However, when I was browsing the folder from Phonograph I found that the album folder is empty. Further checking it from file manager I noticed the extension was .MP3. Changing it to .mp3 makes them available in Phonograph folder explorer.
Is this an expected behaviour? or a limitation? or just a bug...

EDIT: Still the songs are not getting played from Folder. However they are playing fine from Library.
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Arnab Ghosh

Show your KWGT  - 
Can anyone make this using kwgt?
My AcDisplay lockscreen look. It supports custom widgets now.
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Arnab Ghosh

Shared publicly  - 
This is a great extension for managing chrome downloads! Why didn't I find it earlier....
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Arnab Ghosh

Feature Request  - 
When we strech the notification from lockscreen, it shows the color of the theme's notification color in the streched area. I have also attached the behaviour of eleven in the same scenario. Is it possible to implement the same in phonograph? Obviously this is a very low priority cosmic change request.
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+Joe Caputo its a custom rom
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Arnab Ghosh

Share your Theme!  - 
Check out my custom theme for Fleksy Keyboard! Design yours for free ➡​
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Arnab Ghosh

Discussion  - 
Sometimes this happens. OPO with 360 dpi.
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+irwin kurniadi Thank you for your reply. Yes, it does fix itself after a while. Or the workaround you have provided works fine.
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Arnab Ghosh

Feature Requests  - 
1. I know it might not look like the concept but can the artist image be appear in the background with full width instead of full height? Reason being most of artist image gets cropped badly.
2. When swiping up the album songs, the bottom text below album name overlaps. Can it be faded away before overlapping?
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Arnab Ghosh

Feature Request  - 
Though it has been reported earlier.. Is there any chance you could broadcast all media information so that KLWP could pick it?
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Arnab Ghosh

Q&A/troubleshooting  - 
can anyone post a link me a candy logo.png file? it should only contain the logo with transparent background. Thanks in advance.
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Arnab Ghosh

Share your Theme!  - 
Check out this keyboard I made with Fleksy! Download my theme or design your own for free:​

Mainframe Theme
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