Just a little bit of context for my Python 3 essay from yesterday:

1. Did I bring up this with developers before? Partially at conferences yes. The general atmosphere however has always been that everything is on the right track and working as expected so it's quite hard to argue about anything in that situation.

2. Why did I not write to python-dev? It's not about where I wrote it but the way I wrote it. If I had sent this as a mail in the same form to python-dev it would have hit reddit/hackernews regardless. But the form was not (intentionally) not something I would write to python-dev.

3. I actually had a very hard time deciding if I should write this at all. When I read +Nick Coghlan's article about unicode in Python 3 I decided not to write anything but Nick and a few others encouraged me to do so.

And it might be perception bias or just have activated the vocal minority, but so far the comments on reddit, hackernews and mails I got were very supportive. So at the very least, even if everything is right in the Python world it would point out a documentation and marketing problem.
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