Time to say Good Bye (part 1 - the Islay postings)

When I updated to the latest Jetpack version last night I noticed that they had removed the share to G+ option. May be slightly prematurely, but there's no real point debating that. Now I could post the links here manually, but instead I've decided to speed up my departure now. I will stop posting my Islay links here as of today.

If you like my Islay postings I would suggest the following:

To start with you can of course go to the blogs directly:

If you use any kind of feedreader you can subscribe to the RSS feeds:

If you're using Twitter you might want to follow me there, I share all my Islay posts there as well as a lot of other Islay related things (e.g. retweets etc):
https://twitter.com/islayblog I'd estimate 80-90% of my Twitter posts are Islay related, very little else.

I'm also sharing my Islay posts on Pluspora if you're in the "Fediverse" or whatever it's called:
https://pluspora.com/people/46330910addf013646c5005056268def (or islayblog@pluspora.com)
This is more of a mixed feed. While I share my Islay posts here I also write about other topics here, in particular about politics, at the moment for obvious reasons Brexit.

I'm also on Facebook, but I'm still debating with myself how long I'll keep that up. So I won't link that here, but feel free to search for me on FB if you're so inclined.

That's all. I hope you enjoyed my Islay posts and that if you did that you will continue doing so in some other way.
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