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You are always a great sharer. ;)
Too excited. This phone is my bday gift to myself if Oct is the month
Its about time. let the count down begins.
God damn it they are calling it the Nexus 5. 
Not a cool name like the Nexus X or something just Nexus 5 and maybe eventually the Nexus 6. 
Spigen also has screen protectors listed.
Whait what?!? Its amazon and it doesn't have reviews yet? Lol
There is a review. Not a good fit on amazon haha
Why is it called Nexus 5? Will it have a 5" screen? :)

Otherwise the name would have no logic in the scheme of Nexus 4, 7 and 10 devices :) 

Edit: the leaked info suggests that it indeed will have a 4.9" display
I think it will have a different name than Nexus 5 but I have no idea what.
The new Nexus 7 is just called the New Nexus 7 ( :) a bit confusing though), everybody sane will add year behind it in brackets :)
We will find out on Monday Oct 14th 
One review on there ......... bought this case for my Nexus 5 test unit and it is very loose along the sides. I would wait until the official Nexus 5 comes out and more case types are available to try. Always try before you buy.
+Salvatore Barrile Looks like there are test unit out there already...too bad nobody is sharing pictures with us, i know last year for Nexus 4 2guys that had test units shared pictures with us. :)
Maybe it will be called Nexus KitKat.  :)
Oh ya I can't wait, I have a note 2 so my phone is great, but I'm going to the nexus family soon. Woot woot.
Wow that's funny, glad you found this! I was gonna buy the G2 Wednesday 
Kevin B
I like the reviews for said product. I'm sure those were not paid actors. 
+Julien Valiquette It's Nexus 5 because it has 4.96" screen they rounded it off to 5. Next nexus will be New Nexus 5 only Unless they want to make a phablet of 5.99"!!
the interesting part about this is it comes with a back protector as well, which seems a LITTLE strange to offer if the back is not glass?
Spigen has done this based on rumors. There is nothing to see here. They're just cashing in in a dirty way.
So many people seem to be so hung up on the name of the phone. Whatever the name is going to be, I'm willing to bet it won't matter. I'm more concerned about features and functionality. Can't wait for the announcement.
Doesn't anyone think a 5" screen is too much? I currently have a nexus 4 and everyone who sees it thinks it's huge. Personally I think the galaxy nexus had the perfect screen size, and anything higher than 4"is too much
+gary sarkisian The Galaxy Nexus was almost 5"....If the numbers are accurate from teh FCC filing the phone will actually be slightly smaller than the nexus 4 while having a slightly larger screen.
Also, if it has similar build as the nexus 4, how much width will the case add?
+gary sarkisian The Nexus 4 and the Galaxy Nexus are almost the same size, I just put them together and they're almost exactly the same. The new Nexus, as +Jared Isch said, is also the same size, even slightly smaller.
Ohhh Ok ya then I'm getting it, for a moment I thought Google was getting into the absurdly large phone race but now it's all good
Did anyone actually read the Amazon reviews? one guy called his nexus 5 a "vapor edition" meaning it doesnt exist... and the other guy is supposedly using a test unit, i dont think so. Google keeps their products in house until 2 weeks before launch, letting tech sites play around a bit. My guess is he has a nexus 4 because the specs listed with the FCC show the nexus 5 to be just slightly larger than the 4.
If this phone is going to be called Nexus 5 taking advantage of the fact that it has a 5 in screen and because it is the 5th version of the Nexus Phone, this year it is the last one where it is gonna work. Otherwise, in 5 years we are going to get a Nexus 10 with phone radios included. I think Nexus 4 it is already big enough for normal use. You cannot keep increasing the screen size forever.
OK so I bought the screen protectors when I first saw it, cause I figured I probably would be getting the nexus 5 and worst case i wasted $9....well I just got a shipping notice, delivery is Nov 4th.
this one says This item will be released on October 20, 2013, so may be this week it will be launched.
I already have it here (arrived today). 
James T
Ehh just get the Rinke Fusion clear back case and rubber side bumpers gives me a good grip now and I dont worry about what little bulk it adds can't tell since it's already a narrow phone
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