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Want to turn your Android device into a gaming console?

Turn your Android device into a full Gaming console - Nintendo - Sega - Playstation
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Yeah, nice video as always. Your legend grows, lol.
I installed SNES and NES emulators on my A500 and the work fantastic. I want to get a controller to use with it so I can play easy. I have a generic USB controller that does not work, but I followed this link from the video. 

Anyone has experience with this? If it works I know what Daddy's going to get on Friday. ;-)
Nice work. Sadly it sounds like the nexus 7 I ordered won't be MHL compatible...
Awesome video, like always.
Do a tour of your house! :p
+Armando Ferreira Does the emulator apps that you listed come with there console's BIOS already loaded?
I play games all the time on my Prime. Just so you know, if you connect a PS3 controller via usb it will be able to read it via bluetooth after you disconnect it. That was added in ICS.
+Eugenio Angueira I have never seen it, but not sure how much traction it can get.  I think GoogleTV will bridge that gap that they are trying to achieve.  Also, you have which you can literally build a small gaming machine for $25.00 bucks!  

+Aikuchi Abriel With the exception of PSX emulator, all emulators have BIOS.

+Brian Healy I didn't know that, learned something new ;)
+Eugenio Angueira My problem with Kickstarter is that you see a lot of these amazing ideas never go anywhere.  I believe they said that 1 out of 10 projects that get funded actually really make it.  I'm surprised Kickstarter hasn't been banned.  A lot of scams or "we under budgeted so we have to close shop" and people lose money.  

Read the terms of service, these people can literally take that 1 million dollars and run with it, and that's why I don't buy into the whole Kickstarter hype.  I think Kickstarter is a great idea, but I would say over 50% are filled with scams where they just make an awesome video to pitch an idea and then never to be seen again.  

I'm not saying that this company is going to do that, all I am saying is that despite them being funded, there are too many available options out there that I would choose.  
+Diogo Cardoso If you are rooted, you can disable the softkeys in full screen mode.  I always try to show non rooted stuff as there are still a lot of people that haven't taken the plunge.
You do know that on most of the emulators, you hit the menu key and hit close to close the game out right? Then you can hit back to leave the application. 
Also, Bluez IME supports Wiimotes if you install the HID enabler. 
+Armando Ferreira  I want that video on how to config. the FPSE! :D

Apart from that... what controller do you think has more future? PS3 or Phonejoy? PS3 is better for me.. but now that BluezIME works for more than 2 controllers (phonejoys) its great! And also n64oid had enabled BluezIME for their emulator too!
+Armando Ferreira this might interest you...

it happened quicker than I thought but I remembered Google saying some time around the I/O that they are excited what the community will do with the Nexus Q and wondered why everyone seem to forget that when reviewing it with critical remarks on the "limited" functionality.

Concerning kickstarter, one of my fav authors got his funding for their game together and I hope that works out :)
Awesome video man, any idea about scaling of say a Galaxy S II when connected to a HD TV via MHL? GSII is 800x400 native res, Does it just scale that? or does it somehow output in HD when you connect MHL? Does it act differently when playing back a movie vs say a game?
Great video. Please do a detailed one on the ps emulator.
Awesome...I tried using the wiimote to control my device and it works perfectly. I had just flashed a rom on my device (which, by happy coincidence, allowed me to use the wiimote) before watching this video. Apparently, it wouldn't have worked with the default TouchWiz.

Anyway, thanks for the awesome tutorial. Can't wait for more :)
i only have 1 problem with everything in the video (all works amazing)
my problem is us rooted phones who use their ps3 controllers cant use your emulator for the 64
to date that was the only emu that has never worked properly and your emu only works with bluez ime app which only pairs with the phone play joy pad

but i luv you so much for all your hard work and taking the time to show us the best of android 
thank you  i look forward to the next video

but i can connect the wii w/classic pro to it so ignor the above rant lol
you forgot to mention Gameboid its an emulator for Gameboy Advance

Do the analog sticks also work with the emulator or do you have to stick with the D-Pad? 
I already knew this but I watched it anyway. I only play PlayStation emulators with a controller. Had tekken 3 going with the controller and it's awesome. now just to find the best games...
Please do Android vs iOS part 6 of 5.  

For:  Armando Ferreira
good  video but really need to compare windows and android
lets see how windows is competible to android
totally this would be hot
+Ankit Timbadia  using my sister-in-laws Lumia 900 for a bit the only thing I will give to WP is how smoothly it operates. Of course it should run smoothly considering its total lack of functionality :P

The funny thing about my sister-in-law is shes sales rep for AT&T and she is all about Mac and had an iPhone for years until she tested a Galaxy S 2 and was blown away. Then she fell in love with the Galaxy Note. Later she had to test the Lumia 900 and hated it. Why you ask? Because the UI is boring and it doesn't offer her half the things that her Note can. She now has bought herself a Note as her primary phone. If you were to ask me if I would ever see her retire her iPhone for Android I would have said not in a million years. Android has come so far since the G1 its scary.
+Brian Healy yeah agree with you it lack functionality but its ui is completely fresh and smooth  really i would like a video on comparing with android as this would just completely justify the need of another os in the market
+Ankit Timbadia I love the idea of another OS on the market. The more competition the better for everyone. Competition drives innovation (unless you're apple, then you just sue everyone).
+Brian Healy very true really wanna see Android vs Windows 8 in future (But i still think Android would win)haha
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