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Wow this really puts things in perspective.

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Check your maths...

(Image now edited, added .99 on 399)
T Ma
epic dinner should include a few cocktails in my opinion 
I disagree with the price of an epic dinner.  Guess it depends on what you would classify as an epic dinner.
Unless you are excused by the reason your air supply was cut off, there is no reason at all for buying the Apple thing!! (In fact, there will NEVER be a reason to by one!) :-D 
Apple innovation strikes again! 

Tim Cook: "We need more revenue, what can we do?"
Sarcastic Intern: "Make one with more memory!?"
Tim Cook: "I love it... let's get on that."
T Ma
No, that speaks to quality. $50 a person for dinner and a Galaxy Nexus 10 which is just as good if not better than a Ipad on a number of points. And for the casual browser it is an identical product~sans the apple fanboy hype. 

Premium roast coffee or an extra $4 for the "Starbucks" name? A web browser and pdf reader that lets you scream through the web? Or an extra $400 for the "Apple" name?

This is spot on. 
The bigger problem are the fools trying to store everything they own digitally on their tablets. That will always fail. Next year you will have to buy a 256gb iPad, the year after 512GB iPad (and remortgage your house to do so)

Cloud storage and pining the stuff you want on the device like Google music is the smart approach and works brilliantly.  I absolutely love Google Music's approach.  The perfect way to have anything at hand, but not carrying it around with you all the time. 
Looking at the ipad, what files are people keeping on their devices to need 128Gb of capacity? Perhaps a number of movies? or lots of music?  
so your saying I can get an iPad for on $799 ? The newest version . Who needs to eat ? I want the iPad LMMFAO 
I'm going to get booed out of the building but er uh, I didn't get the impression this is marketed for casual consumer. With only a bump in storage, not even an Apple Genius could make a case to someone asking to pick 128GB in light of so many companies including Apple, Google, Amazon pushing people to trust the cloud. 

Funny pic, I'm with you on what you're saying but I really think this is where Apple is focusing it's attention on government, education, and industries that are embracing tablet based computing but have larger file needs, not Joe Average that reads books, surfs the web, music and movies eating only 10GB as is
At least they didn't do a keynote to announce this one ^^
+Arthur Davis Don't take things personal mate, it shows that for the same dollar amount you can get a lot more.  Heck, I own an iPad too but I would never spend $799 for a tablet ONLY that is just insane.  It doesn't even make sense.  Just like when I bought my MBP, they wanted $500.00 for 256GB more of SSD storage WTF!?
Where is an epic dinner for two $100?
iPads are overrated,,, I will take android tablet anytime
apple is still good but this post has got a piont there things are over priced
I usually don't comment on these things but comparing a 128gb device price to a 16gb device price is a little misleading. The 16gb iPad is $399. Whether you decide to buy Apple or Google products, you have to compare items with similar specs and in this case storage options.
Otherwise the graphic doesn't make sense. 
May I point out that the Nexus 10 for $399 is 16gb and wifi-only. The new iPad in that configuration is $499.
Greg S
How much storage do the Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 have together? 
Yep, and the iPad will be replaced with a new model in 3 months. 
Hey, what are those rectangular devices with round corners and glass? Be careful. Apphole lawyers will be rubbing their hands already.
i thought apple died oh yeah that was the ceo my bad
They forgot to put the widows tablets in there. Just saying
that iPad has a lot more memory than the nexus.
Keep believing the hype fandroids. I'd expect to pay less for a Nexus. Much less. 
oh the antichrist of operating systems just got a memory upgrade. ill take the nexus and a case of beer cheers 
You guys are really passionate about your relig - I mean, devices and OS. 
Hilarious!!!!!!! My friends are gonna KILL me!! XD
I dont understand the need for 128 Gigs when you can up load everything to the cloud.. unless your going to download 128 gigs worth of apps...
Take $499 device, add $40 of extra memory and charge $799.
The truly brilliant part (or sad, depending on how you look at it) is that Apple fanatics will jump at it.
actually innovations are getting better now who is the copy cat LOL it was microsoft original idea to big the first line of 128 gb versions so follows the sheep :D 
Things have Changed for the better I would say, Good to see you, and have a great day !
Check your calculations. The only place you can get Nexus 4 now is T-Mobile, $500 for contract-free.
Just another thing wrong with Crapple.  There are many. 
This, or Chrome book plus Nexus 7 plus Nexus 4?!

you could do the same thing with BMW or a Mansion or maybe the Presidential Inaugural Ball. 
Has the iPad 128 even been confirmed. Does it even have a price point at this time? And since when was an epic dinner only $100. I could spend more than that in a Red Lobster and I wouldn't consider that epic by any definition. God another rant from an Android fanboy. 
+David Perez wow! Right after I lost patience and bought a windows phone lol.
How many MicroSD cards can I buy for the extra $100??
+David Perez, wow, that must have happened today.  I've been checking every day for two weeks!  Now let's hope the stock holds out until I get paid on Friday...
+john doe actually the nexus 4 is in stock on the google play store, so he is right.
jim r
not true john doe... just bought 2 today from US google play store...
no to forget Nexus 10 beats Ipad in just about everyway.
U will need all that food if u use imaps 
+Mark Gilliam space is only good if you use it. If you really need it you'd probably be better off grabbing a tablet with an SD card slot. But I really can't see needing that much local storage on something that doesn't even lend itself to file management.
EPIC dinner for one will be more than $200. Otherwise, the post is fine. 
$100 would be a good dinner for my family and still leave a good tip, but I LOL
Tried the Nexus 10. Not impressed. Google could and should do better. It's skippy, oddly shaped, and just not classy. Stick with the Nexus 7 (with its endless amounts of faultiness as well)
reasonable? you.can get an android tablet with better specs for half the price. better usabillity and better apps. apple products are overpriced and overrated. morons that buy apple products are like sheep all conformists 
It's clear what company's want you as a customer, and what one only cares about your cash. 
Tim Cook : New iPad with 128GB storage!!.

iSheep : Bah Genius. 
scratch the epic dinner and buy pizza for the whole house cuz deal like that's too good not to rub in Apple's Face! lol

Some people need to get out more often when he's talking about epic dinner he's not referring to your run of the mill restaurant he's referring to restaurants with appointments required or equal to.

A company once took employees of the month out for dinner at a well known eating establishment once a year in downtown needless to say the food was exquisite and each plate cost $100 
Norm Ga
Also in Deutschland kann man das nexus 4 wieder bestellen. :)
Or you could skip the epic dinner and get a otg cake and 500 gb ext hard drive for 65, this still allows a good filling for 2 at t-bell.
I checked in my head too... the maths be correct this time...
thats 50 quid in gbp trust me thats not epic thats cheap
Jason G
I love Google !
So why do people keep saying the math is wrong here? 
spurs the antichrist of the premier league whereas arsenal are gods 
+Xiaojun Ma agreed.... 100 is not Epic dinner unless its Chinese or Thai food... possibly a few others.  An american steak house will blow right through that without drinks.
Wow! what a breakthrough, more memory than my old 1970s Apple II with a Z80 expansion card.

My Nexus 7 is paired with a pocket-full of 32GB flash drives and two 64GB Kingston Wi-Drives. Checking my pocket I find that I'm good for a total of 640 GB this morning, you know, not counting the flash drives in my desk drawer.

Wonder what the Apple "innovators" have  against USB ports? No wait, if they added a USB port then users could break free from that iTunes attrocity. That would be like leaving the gate open at the stockyard.

Samsung offers most features for lowest price, now that's what you call innovation.
If you really wanted to, you could stick an 8GB Nexus 7 in there, too. Whatever's left is selling for $99 last I heard. 
Oh c'mon, that's ridiculous.  A truly epic dinner for two these days costs more like $200!  Ohhhh, you mean the bit about iPads being expensive.  Yeah, that's true.
Amando Ferreira ; Good Morning I wanted to ask you some advice on Google + but Iam also working with Facebook I Was asked to help Clean up some problems ; It's. Not easy working both have some advice you can help me with ?
Love this pic, wanna show it off to all the Sheep I know!
Is this again click bait.... What information Do you have the iPad mini will be $800?
Yes, but on the otter hand the iPad doubles as a cutting board.
Matt C
Well yeah.
epic dinner for $100? where?

most places i would describe as epic will run you $300 and up for 2 people
as an iOS user i don't want to like this, but its very convincing 

Also, for 800 dollars you could buy 640gb of SSD storage...
+Douglas Roberts   Errm no.   Ever tried bluetoothing a picture to an Apple user?  Nope, not supported.   Ever tried downloading GPS data from a Bluetooth datalogger, nope, not supported.   Ever tried anything Bluetooth except very basic bluetooth audio, nope not supported...  Even Apple to Apple is not supported for Bluetooth.

My Nexus4 has no problems with Bluetooth, everything I throw at it just works...  (although I have had some Bluetooth quirks on my Nexus7 in Android 4.2x, which is why it's still running 4.12).  So yes, some Nexus models are temporarily underperforming with the latest Android update (which moved from #Bluez stack to #Broadcom   ), but there is the option to downgrade or wait for the next release which fixes things according to Google(*).   Apple owners Bluetooth is permanently broken because it suits Apple that you can't send anything between devices and everything has to go via iTunes.
This is why people are saying the math is wrong, Frank Flores: The pic could be read as "$799.98 > $799.99" which means "$799.98 is greater than $799.99"
+Sophia Palma "One home run is better than two doubles" is actually wrong. If Jobs knew anything about baseball, he'd know that both would result in 1 run, but the 2 doubles also leaves another man in scoring position for the next batter.
They are not telling me how much storage are on the Nexus devices! Apple has a 10" iPad that is $400 as well so I don't know if is a good deal or not.
So who got the symbol the wrong way around ? 
+Kip Vaughan Nexus 10 starts at 16gb for 399, nexus 4 starts at 8gb for 299, ipad starts at 16gb for 499? I think?
Add a Limmo to dinner and you can say the same for the Surface Pro?
I'm often confused by the people who say that Apple is the better quality.  As if somehow, when the third party component manufacturer decides to do high quality work when filling an order for Apple, but a hack job when filling an order for Sony, or HTC, etc.  They tend to get the parts from the same people, guys.  Yes, the specs will be a different, but since I doubt any of you know what they buy from who, and how they're different, I think you're just blowing smoke.  Either that, or you are basing it entirely off of a case, which you then immediately put inside another case to protect it.
Kenny O
Wow, that's some perspective right there 
We are out of inventory. Please check back soon. That's what I get trying to buy the N10, since Christmas (in Germany). How cool is that?
Nexus 10 sucked ass, the nexus 4 is amazing though.
+Seth Dickens $400 is exactly what the 10" 16GB iPad costs! The only down side is it is the iPad 2. The iPad 4 with those same specs is $500 so it looks like the pricing is very similar. If there is one thing I have learned about Android fanboys it's that they seem to be as delusion as Apple fanboys.
Surface Pro runs all your desktop Windows apps of course. Can the new iPad run all OS X apps? ;)
Haters gon'hate. I just want to spend more money on my electronics. That's why I choose apple products. Why can't you leave us alone!?
God this argument gets boring. Just use whatever device you want to. Oh and FYI the meal thing really cheapens the point you were trying to make. 
I get the point, but the "epic dinner for two" strikes me as an "average dinner for two."  The last "epic dinner for two" that I had actually cost me more than the 128GB iPad all by itself :) 
What is the price of this new ipad in indian market ?
+Tim Moore Of course the iPad doesn't run OS X. OS X, Windows, and Linux are desktop OSes. They belong on desktops.
Unfortunately, if you happen to need a tablet with 128GB of RAM (a very, very small audience I suspect), that epic dinner for two and those two Nexus devices aren't going to get you there. 

This device isn't really meant for mass consumption, but there are a few use-cases where that much RAM would be helpful. Happily, I don't have the need because the price is ouchy.
I can see how someone who thinks you can get an epic dinner for two for $100 would be satisfied with a Nexus unit, since that person probably lacks the proper reference frame to judge quality in any way. Last time I went for "epic dinner for two" I spent roughly $750 and in my opinion it was only semi-epic. One or two of the nine courses were outstanding, and the sommelier did a great job with the wine pairings.

In any case, slamming the 128 GB iPad for its price is pretty stupid. It's pretty much exclusively targeted at the growing segment of professionals using the iPad for stuff like music production, who really do need that extra storage. And that's not a very price sensitive demographic. And it's not like they would be in any better position to do their job if they instead bought two base version nexuses and a dinner.
isheep are coming out of the woodwork

Baaaaa Baaaaa

Leave us automatons crones alone

Baaaaa Baaaaa 
Very Informative it's always Great hearing from you , I know the Post enjoys you and your information , Thank you for Sharing Amando Ferreira have a good day !
Please remove this post. The maths are offensive, and only serve to make you look silly.
+Ellison S. Maths is used in the UK. Probably a good idea to check these things before you try to appear intelligent.

His maths was incorrect until he edited the image, which you can clearly see was done, if you checked your sight.
No.  Perspective would be if Google had a tablet OS that was as good as iOS, and they had a 10" tablet with 128 GB storage for under $800.  I'd much rather have the iPad.  of course, 64GB ought to be enough for anybody.
"Leave me alone " apple user says

Because Apple hasn't been around for 3+ decades already? Please. And in just a few more years and Google will have hit their 2 decade mark. Companies this large don't dump that much time, energy, and research to abandon projects that are working fine for the masses.
Dave C
I've been wanting a 128GB version since the iPad2. I've been coping, however, with 128AAC converting.
He is just trying to explain the svelt appearance of all these hipsters walking around with their overpriced apple stuff. They can't afford to eat.
I will buy four of them as place mats for my table, because why not.
+Craig Jacobs Have you even used a Jellybean tablet?  They are supurb and vastly superior to the iPad.   Really, 2013 and you are still suffering big long lists of icons, lack of widgets and no way to personalize your device other than change the wallpaper.....
That iPad has more memory then the nexus devices and the diner combined lol 
+Danni Efraim I don't envy the guy who gets the tech support call from the idiot who decided to do all of his professional work on a tablet which he then dropped/stepped on/whatever other careless thing people do with tablets.
I am tired of the Android and Apple Fan-boys nag fest bickering between the two. They both need each other to challenge each other and the customers win in the end. The real looser is the poor souls that have to get the material and manufacture our devices so we can log how many shits we take a day. That being said, fuck Apple and anything they do because it pisses me off just because its Apple doing it.  If someone wants to spend 800 bucks on something because they have never heard of "The cloud" yet in 2013, let them throw down the cheese.
+David Finley, stop making reasonable arguments and using common sense. Neither of those two things belong in a Apple Hate thread.
Awesome, got an iPad 2 for xmas...returned it and got a 3d blu ray player, Xbox 360 controller and a Google nexus 7 all from that!
Tim must have wanted a bigger grave for apple, so 128gb. A grave thought! :-)
Alan Ng
+Peter Elliott ios is for my grandfather false multitasking,no personalization ,sharing system obsolete, without widgets, poor notification system, ect etc..
Does that include sale taxes?
Phil B
Cmon people we shouldnt make fun off people with apple products..... no wait we should. Lol
( ・`д・´)
It really does, but doesn't it? The two devices together don't even have half the local storage of a single fruitypad. In fact, the two combined don't have 1/5 of the local storage! Ahaha. All fanboys are the same: while you call the other camp to be sheeps, you yourself cannot even see how blind they are.

I'm sure the OP was intended to be a joke, but it really shows the ugly side of tech "fans". 
Apple have three ''recipes'' of innovation:
1. change the size their already existing devices
2. rearrange the internal components their existing devices
3. advertise on ''Apple invention'' when they put on their devices technology everybody already have since years and don't advertise anymore.
I wonder why Apple still rent technicians
Alan Ng
+Peter Elliott ios is a joke when you see which is more robust and powerful.
+Kevin Burger Why would they be any more prone to stepping on their iPad than their MacBook Pro or Air? If they use it professionally and store important data on it, one would imagine they'd be appropriately careful with it (besides, iPads are actually very sturdy). And what makes you think they would store all their work on the iPad without ever synchronizing it to another unit?
I just love it when it's presented in such a concrete fashion. Love it.
Alan Ng
+Peter Elliott what kind of toyota?I like much the toyota supra m5 and .. ? mehh supra is more fun...
I have yet to see anyone do anything productive on a tablet. I'll just have dinner and invest the rest.
It doesn't matter who wins  THEY ARE JUST ANOTHER MONEY MAKING COMPANY, FFS! They are positioned there for a reason and they both laugh their asses off when they see what they are doing to people on purpose.
+Peter Elliott , actually I have this most amazing app on my Galaxy S 2 that automatically downloads my podcasts without me even doing anything to my phone on a regular basis. I can even configure the app to automatically play the podcast once I'm in my car and plug it into power. I knot its been a while since I was in the "in crowd" with an iOS device, but I don't think Apple allows anything like that. 
Instead of buying a Porsche, you can buy two Nissans and an "epic dinner for 2". But that doesn't mean the Nissans and the food are comparable to a Porsche.
Don't forget the AppleCare+ PLAN! 
I am an Android fan and I agree that Apple's products are overpriced (a lot) but the comparison is a bit unfair. I have been trying to get my hands on a Nexus4, but I hate the fact that doesn't have a microSD card and that it comes only with 8 or 16gb. Frankly, I think the 8gb version is shameful. Is like having a Ferrari with an engine of a lawnmower. I would gladly pay 349 for a version with 8gb and a microSD slot. The 128gb of the iPad are attractive. Not at that price, but I wish we had a Nexus 10 with that much storage and a decent price.
Alan Ng
+Malte Landwehr you can buy 2 Nissan GT-R.. and very epic dinner for 2.. or.. 1 porche.. naa.:! leave me with gtr.. :D
Funny when people can't afford an iPad and they only talk shit about it. Android lovers please get over it. 
+Remy Okazaki I think the ">" symbol is stating that the Nexus 4, 10, and the Epic Meal are a greater value than the Ipad. I was relating to a few people who said the math was wrong when you add the cost of the 3 items listed.
I have a HTC android phone and its crap! I cant stand android its annoying and synching is a pain, some market apps work and don't work its shocking. My next phone will be an i phone as they are effortless to use and everything syncs so easy. I am not a fan boy of anything as i am a grown man but this is just my 2 cents.
For those focusing on storage, Nexus 10 supports otg USB drive without problems. Just slap a 64gb USB drive (got mine at eBay for 35 bucks, which is a lot cheaper than what apple charges for double memory in each iPad model) and for 435 you got yourself 80 GB. Try hooking an USB drive to an iPad.... 
Sounds about right to
+Ruiz Shooks I don't think you're using it right. Did you get something entry level?
$100 in the right hands at a grocery store is indeed an epic meal. 
+Michael Durwin you are possessed. by the apple gods. it's simple math, and if specs need to cost an extra 400 to be on part with the ipad, no thanks. efficiency is what we need, and the nexus products provide that.
The direction of that product makes absolutely no sense. Get an external hard drive if you need a lot of space. It's massively cheaper and you're not SOL if your tablet has bad luck, plus you're not restricted to your drive being an Apple device. They also have a lot more space, and everything is getting pushed to the cloud anyway.
+David Finley assuming that this indeed intended for government, education, and industries... as an employer/business why would your employees need 128 gigs?
+Michael Durwin their specs don't match Apple's - 2,560 x 1,600 resolution at 299 PPI on Nexus 10 is not as "good" as 2,048 x 1,536 at 264 PPI on iPad because it's not called "Retina"

2GB RAM on Nexus 10 is "inferior" to 1GB of RAM on iPad

 iPad - Dual-core @ 1.4GHz > quad-core @ 1.7GHz on Nexus 10

secondary camera - 1.2mp on iPad is far better than 1.7mp on Nexus 10.

microusb & microHDMI is useless for a tablet ;) so not included on iPad, but present on Nexus 10.

To summ it up - you're right - iPad don't match Nexus 10 :)
+Rock drigo just because you can afford it it doesn't mean you have a better product. That only makes you stupid enough to be ripped off your money:) while other can enjoy much more by buying a similar and cheaper product. :)
But it has the Retina display.  Doesn't that make it worth it?
Do you know what is the funnier? Not the post itself, but the replies from the Apple fanboys. I like to read them and see them whine, and use vulgarity and insults for only counter-arguments. It's even funnier when some expose their technical ignorance as argument, like ''OMG! 128GB storage is technically much better than 32GB''. (on this one, I just had piss my pants)
Guy Holland I have the HTC my touch 4 which worked fine when i first got it. They then did an update to jellybean which really screwed my phone up and that's the one thing that drives me nuts! It seems auto android updates are not compatible with every phone on the market and it causes all sorts of problems. With 100s of handsets running android i understand there is going to be problems with updates but i just don't have the patience for that. I want a phone to work for general basics when i pick it up and it seems Apple or even blackberry have they covered.
In Finland Nexus 4 (no operator lock) costs 515 EUR  = 694 USD...
At lest on my adriod I can customize it right down 2 overclock or not n if I choose 2 change da rom das is good
I would never buy a Nexis. I've used them, and they make me want to throw things. Apple can charge that much because it's a quality product that doesn't get glitchy or cause user-shame if you're still using it 3 years from now. Finally, where are you getting an EPIC dinner for $100? Applebees?
Nexus 10 is $399 for 16 GB storage.  If you want only 16GB you can get an iPad 16GB for $499.  Then, it's only the Nexus 10 and an epic meal.  Not trying to justify the 128GB iPad price point, just trying to put the numbers in comparison. You're being disingenuous when you compare things in this manner.
+Barbara Tillman you should take a stab at jelly bean and see how far they've gotten. And I mean vanilla android, the stuff in nexus devices.
It's a storage bump idiot.  What was the storage on the Nexus equipment?  If you really want to "put things in perspective" you may want to compare Apples to Apples.  A BMW costs more than a Ford Focus.  Anyone want to pounce all over that?
Actually, as much as I love Android, that's kind of true. I have had 7 Android devices in total. One of them (DesireHD) had an update that borked the SD card. Having said that, I have had loads of updates and that was the only one that caused a problem. I have a friend who just stuffed his iPhone trying to update it so it can happen with any update, Windows/Linux included. That's why fresh installs are always best. I think you have had a bit of bad luck to be fair. Syncing is done automatically for me on everything. There is an excellent video on the advantages of Android over iOS. I'll try to find it. It's long though.
Really ipads cost that much? I knew they where expensive but that is massive amount of money for an Apple badge...ipad owners are more seriously ill than I thought. No this can't be right, can it? Are they really that stupid?
LOL @ all the "I've used Android and blah blah blah" from the Apple fans that have probably never touched an Android device in their lives. News flash... the majority of folks use Android so its easy to spot the lies now days.
I use a surface rt I simply plug my 500gig hdd n away I go
I have a 32gb nexus 7 and I find that the memory is more than enough... Who would need 128gb? 
+Drew Karcher Did I hear you right that you said Android is years behind?  When the iPhone was way behind on notifications, just got LTE, just got turn by turn navigation, still doesn't have NFC, still won't let you change the default app (like maps), still won't let you attach any files you want to an email, still won't let you share something using any service you want, still doesn't have widgets.
I noticed lots of counter arguments come from females.
Female logic: ''I saw it on Sex and the City = it's a very good product.
I bought a cheap Pandigital tablet for about $50, it had 8gb ram, SD slot, USB and WiFi.  It did everything I wanted it to do and more. Shame it only lasted a year though before it quit working.
Migs B
I'll take the nexus collection and the meal thnx 
I'll take the dinner with an N4 & N10 to go.
With this price point this ipad is aimed at people who want the new more expensive ms surface. Every one knows android users hate when electronic devices actually work and will never fork out the money for one that actually does
Keep your itunes, ill keep the good notifications and widgets for half price.
I have the 32gb Samsung S3 with a microSD 64GB card and I wainting for a 128GB microSD card to hold my multimedia needs when in the subway/train/plane/boat/submarine/spaceship.
+Drew Karcher with as many people as I see walking around with Android devices it doesn't look like anyone is ashamed to admit they use them. In fact I see so few iOS devices now it might be the iOS folks ashamed to admit they overpaid for their devices.
fallowing that logic I bought a samsung phone, and man! can't barley call anyone! totally useless machine. Had I bought and iphone I imagine I would have gone out to dinner eventually too.
jim r
some people love to run their device... some people love their device to run them...
ive heard apple is working on a self driving car as well... hope it uses google maps...
+Danni Efraim The answer to all of your questions is experience.  People (professionals included) have always been horrible about backing up their data, even with all the tools out there that do it for you.  As for why they get damaged more than laptops, my only guess would be that the increased mobility allows people to use them in more precarious situations, and accidents happen.
True about Bluetooth but you're probably in the small percentage that use Bluetooth beyond simply paying their headset or some other device. 
Or you've got too much money and have to blow it all on a piece of crap... like the other sheep!
And you would think the flash prices would drop. No Apple is just filling it holes with their stock dropping. 
No tablet beats iPad for music creation.  Sure android has music making apps but not to the same degree and the quality just isn't there.  
+Mark Gilliam that's not the point, it's not about comparing devices spec-wise. The graphic simply shows what you could buy (on Google's side) out of the pricetag of a single 128gb device.
Two Nexus tablets for one ipad sounds about right to me. 
+Grammaton Feather who the fuck uses an iPad for music creation> You didn't have enough money to get a proper kit and turned to a tablet? That is just pathetic. And it's not the ipad's merit anyway.. it's the app's developer who should get the credit for that! You don't even know what the iPad is about!. I think you are just going crazy because you spent too much on something that is not worth the money and now you try to find a reason for your loss :)))
+Elisa Nichols true, but between Google Play and Google Drive, the 8 GB of internal storage is going to be enough for just about everyone who uses, what is essentially a consumption device.
+Peter Elliott if downtown Houston at a Fortune 100 is a ghetto I guess so. I'm assuming you're wondering where these Android devices are....
I really think Apple is running out of ideas. 
This is why the only apple product I own is an ipod shuffle. That's considered "old-fashioned" now!
Funny how people don't post the same kind of things about cars. I mean the "I can't afford it so it must be bad memes". Maybe a different crowd?
Epic dinner at Gather in Berkeley. They make a really good vegan pizza!
Yay you made me understand how lame apples new ipad is. Go android!!!
Migs B
Lmfao at the fools that say we can't afford iPad if I really wanted one I would get one but have used one and it bores the shit outta me.
Have my nexus 7 32gb and my galaxy note 2 which I paid £500 for the same price as a i5 here in the UK couldn't be happier with my note2 
All you people can complain about the boring stale ios. But at the end it's not like the Nexus 10, when it's lacking quality apps. 
Greg S
+Manny Pineda Except the iPad can't cope with the (MS-spawned) corporate environments that the Surface and Surface Pro were engineered to.

And what is this hate for Android users? :P
Surface rt 32gb onboard 128gb mmc + 500gb hdd got no problems + all ms office has 2 offer
+hubze wait, since when is the iPad considered anything amazing? really? I am not saying the other products are better necessarily... I am just saying the iPad is just another toy.
There should be iPad models all the way up to a couple thousand dollars, maybe even more, with a Tera byte of Flash, 16GB of RAM and so on. Why not? If its technically feasible. "That makes me feel bad because I can't afford it is not an argument."
And another picture year later...  On one side iPod Working fine as it was in the first day... While other side of the image... just a pile of lagging and useless junk and you standing in shop for new phone and tablet... :)
does the sheep come with that ipad!
Why all the Apple hate? Even if the company fails to produce another device, and goes bankrupt tomorrow, it will still be credited with making tablet computing a real possibility for billions of of people. Whether you have a nexis, surface or ipad, you owe a thank you to Jobs. (No he didn't create the first tablet. But he created the first and best mass market product.) Some of us are loyal to a brand. Some of us like that we don't have to fiddle with settings- everything works well right out of the box. Some of us like beautiful machinery. Your post won't convince anyone that buying a ipad is the wrong choice. You've tapped into none of the motivating factors.
+Ingmars Gross, I am still rocking my first gen galaxy S. This "useless junk" has withstood everything my crazy life throws at it and is still capable of doing more than any iOS product released at the same time. Haters gon' hate.
+Elisa Nichols data usage statistics disagree.  96% of all mobile data users in the United States use less than 2 GB of  cellular data per month, you'd have to crack into the 99th percentile to break 3 GB.
+Joyce Brafford, your not wrong, but I think you are giving jobs too much credit. Tablet computing was a real possibility for a while. I had a tablet computer for a long while before an iPad was ever released. I can still do more on it than anyone could, and can, do on an iPad.
What's sad is that you know flocks of iSheep will camp outside the stores to buy it. Baaaaaa, baaaaaaa
or instead of the dinner a bunch of accesories for both....i am so happy I am in the android ecosystem instead of the other one.
However you can't buy the Nexus 4
Ya well if money was no object which one would you get ipad or nexus. Ya I thought  so
Just a penny more........Lol!!
+Mike Hellings we're talking about tablet purchases, which are luxury items.  Money was no object from the get go in this discussion.
Apple's only save could be some radical move, maybe to ditch two separate lines of Air and Pad but rather have a perfect Transformer Pad like mutant
Are people now just realizing Apple sucks?
+Joyce Brafford You're right when it comes to Steve Jobs and Apples innovation, but...that doesn't mean they should OVER PRICE to an incredible amount because of that. Androids are on the market with MUCH BETTER specs at half the price. It's obvious that Apples losing a grip on the market with their over price technology when other companies are coming out with faster phones with better specs. Does apple think their brand name and iOS should make their phone worth double a phone that's technically better (example, the NEXUS)? 

I'll tell you why they think they can away with it, the average person has no clue about the details of  smart phones, (screen type/size, ram, processor etc.)
+Elisa Nichols You got it wrong. You have to compare tablets near equal size. 32gb ipad = 599 and nexus 10 = 499. 32gb ipad mini = 429 and 32gb nexus 7 = 250. Thats at least $100 difference. and android is a superior os.
I dont see 128gbs worth of storage, but i do enjoy eating!
They want to sell more media. Hence more space. It would have been clever to subsidize the storage cost. People would spend the money in the iTunes store. It's funny but since android has taken over I no longer feel the need to tell iPhone users that they are making a n4 has the same display density as an iPhone with a bigger screen and a more flexible OS that can do things Iphones only dream about. I'm happy that the same vendor lock in crisis that windows caused is not being repeated in the mobile world. To iPad users enjoying a good app selection enjoy it. It ain't gonna last.
Apple products are way over priced
Why are Apple fans always resorting to talk about what people can afford? It seems they have no understanding of the difference between value and price. So if a baseline Ford Focus has a sticker price of 100K to them you think its ridiculous because you can't afford it. And apparently they'd buy it. They really do take "think different" to heart.
+Greg S. Just stating the obvious. Post like this one are created to start flame wars. But what the poster fails to realize is that yes you can buy 2 pieces of crap and go to applebees' or buy an ipad.
Ey can I change some setting in Google+ so that the newest comments come atop? Lol
I have a nexus 4 and must say there very very good . 
Nothing about $100 is an Epic dinner, but yea...
you have to tip for the dinner... :(  i was gonna go with your math, but now that i thought of the tip, i guess i'll go and buy the new ipad.
Where the hell can you get an epic dinner for two for $100?? Hell the bar bill would be over $100, hell to be epic the wine would cost more then $100!
And Apple has always been over priced!
Perhaps this comparison would help the people who like to boast on storage:
the 128 GB iPad ($799.99)
Or the 16 GB Nexus 10 ($399.99), the 16 GB Nexus 7 ($199.99) AND the 320 GB Acer C7 Chromebook ($199.99) for a grand total of $799.97.  So 2 tablets, a chromebook, an additional 224 GB of storage, and 2 cents to spare.
+Braeden Laverty In my life I had 3 Apple products (Phone 3g, now iPhone 5 and a macbook) and 4 Android devices (Galaxy S2, Xperia, LG and htc) All 3 Apple devices are still working.... iPhone 3G 4.5 years (Battery without changing holds ~1.5 days in moderate use)... macbook 4 years old... still working fone with Lion OS!
From android devices I have only one device that still works without problems... its HTC... the rest just broke... and not because I wasn't careful... but just because they were made out of crap materials.

You cant argue with one thing... Apple builds products that last... and when buying one I dont have to worry about the quality because I  know there will be quality.
+Matt Morales put that hundred dollars in the hands of the best family cook and it will be an epic dinner for a whole family!
For those who go out and spend there hard earn money on a fancy restaurant with a hard
to pronounce menu? Well you might spend a way more just the feeling of being full:)
I'm sure the point here is bargain shopping, getting a bang for your buck$ so ill let the big Apple spenders go to those fancy restaurants and ill stop by my Aunts for the most slamming meal this side if the Mississippi!
The 128GB iPad is aimed at VERY heavy content consumers with tons of music and videos that hate cloud stuff.

Remember that there's still a 16GB iPad that's only $100 more expensive than the 16GB Nexus 10, and that's a much better tablet due to the unforgivable app situation for Android tablets.

I'm expecting the next generation iPad to start at $500 for 32GB.
Is Apple drunk or I'm seeing double (storage)?
+Joyce Brafford I feel you there as I don't like to fiddle much either...BUT ONLY REASON apple has a lead in tablet computing is that they brought out half completed device, to be the first to the market and dominate.  I firmly believe that.  This, I believe, is the hatred that people have toward apple devices...and they are not cheap.  This is one of the reasons Apple has yet to dominate the personal computing market, even through their products are truly, better.

The gap was perfect, iphone, ipad, mac mini, imac, macbook lines and mac pro's.  BUT they have gotten away from the core.

Now to say 799 for a tablet, when for a few bucks more you can get 'a very capable macbook air'...I question the reasons!  (Photographers, video producers will love it, but that's such a targeted market)  
Where on Earth can you get an "Epic Dinner for 2" for $100? Tell me that and my wife will never leave me. ;)
128GB iPad makes sense to catch the iTunes wales. People who buy a lot of TV shows from iTunes. It's a smart move.
More android device manufacturers should put in microSD card slots. Then I can have a 2 terabyte SD card instead of paying $50 and up for what is really an extra $5 cost in onboard flash memory.
+Rob Cowie find a nice family run restaurant.  The kind of place where the markup on the alcohol isn't 2-3x.
John Ro
How much are 128GB Nexus 4 and 128GB Nexus 10?
Haha .....the funniest part of this is alot of Apple's own fan base don't know they will be unloading a new {but same } ipad next month! 😄
Glad someone posted about this.
I know a lot of suckers that will :)
except it doesn't compare to the 32GB non-lte, which is $599, so drop the Epic dinner, and drop the nexu4 for a base-model nexus7
Both Nexus devices at their largest capacities combined only have 48GB (almost 1/3 capacity of the iPad). The dinner is a one time experience, while the iPad can be used for several years.

No comparison. This is like saying you could purchase 7 cartons of cigarettes for the same price. Who cares?
Wow...sorry but you guys clearly have no clue what "Epic Dinner for 2" means.

Btw, I'm Android for my phone all the way, but until Android supports low-latency audio for sequencing apps, I'll keep my iPad2 (no, I won't be buying a new iPad any time soon)
+Peter Elliott
That's getting old now.... IOS works out of the box!
Android works or of the box too, heck it works better now
Assuming One Would Need That Much Storage, I Can Buy 2 64GB Micro SD Cards For $100 Each. $800-$200 = $600 Saved. Bam!
An epic dinner doesn't cost $100.... An epic dinner would be like $300
I've just bought a Microsoft Surface - much more flexibility, can add memory, serious workstation ... for less money ... with a keyboard touch cover!
Whether it's worth it depends on whether the iPad comes with that sheep... On second thought no... Not worth it!
+Christopher Rabe True, but for the same price, you could get a Nexus 10, Nexus 7, and a C7 Chromebook.  That would be 3 devices, and the C7 has 320 GB of storage.
I am a proud owner of and Android Device and an IPad :D
Everyone seems to be stuck on the world choice of Epic < dinner! When did y'all have a epic dinner? And how much doe did you trick?
Its food! Do you know the quality steak I can buy with a hundred bones? Give me a large baked potatoe with the works a fresh salad! And a good homemade pound cake for desert and I'm am so good to go! (Oh and fresh corn on the cob grilled)< I got money left over!
who needs one opps just kidding luv it
Lol. Gotta love the sheeple. They will bash apple at the risk of looking like total retards. Nexus 4 @ $299 8gb memory. Nexus 10 @ $399 16gb memory. Total memory 24gb. Meal looks like an average Applebee's course. Put a few HD movies, some music, and some games on that 16 Nexus 10 and you're going to be stuffed. Pun intended.

Hey look, Apple is innovating again! ;) 
android works seamlessly with all google products, chrome , chrome os , windows , works well with 99% blue tooth devices , IOS interface hasn't been upgraded in 10 years , ios os non customizable , oh and my gs3 compatible with my mac pro also ....
adino, there are greater things in life than steak when it comes to food (and I love a good steak!)
adino adonai a "decent to nice" bottle of wine at a discounter is over $100 and no "Epic" dinner would include fermented kool aid regardles of the locale.
+Arjun Gupta The guts of Apple products are made by the same people who make the guts of the competitors.  It's Apple's heavy investment in marketing that has you thinking otherwise.
haha ... really shows how little Apple is doing to be innovative anymore. 
+Drew Karcher
Buy a decent android and than use as you will use your iPhone.... If it crash I'll bang my head to wall 10 times.....
Never removed battery of my last phone that was S2 for more than year. So thank you but your lying.
Are you hungry or what?

Lets put things in perspective:
House $170,000 (in Texas)
Focus $. 20,000
Dinner at French Laundry $1,000



Ferrari FF $295,000

Shit! Still more expensive..

I got a better Idea!!


Also, $100 would be a very epic dinner for anyone who knows how to cook.  :)
I got no problem if people buy this as long as they know they're getting ripped off and admit it. 
Frustrating is to know that they could have launched this Ipad pretty much when they launched the original one!

What a disrespect to all its supporters. I think the sales figures will be the wake up call.

Come on guys, time to innovate for real, instead of pump out more of the same
Maybe this is why I don't have much technology beyond a new computer every five years, but most of my epic dinners cost more than $100... Two twenty five dollar plates and an appetizer... and then the alcohol. Plus what is epic without desert? I think techie people are a little too stingey. I have love movies and travel on business, give me a more affordable mobile solution...?
+Ruiz Shooks rui
That's your problem.... You make mistake and blame android. Last update to HTC glacier was ginger bread. Your running a broken custom rom.
You are also using a very old android, android phones and software are way ahead than what good are using.
+David Cloutier haha of course I was talking about my epic dinner! Some might want (fish eggs snails or bottom feeding crustacean ) the only other choice for me would be the freshest Highest cut Salmon and ill change my desert to chocolate covered brownie top with homemade icecream!
But hey whatever floats ya boat.. 🚢
Hi, is this the right place for an arguement? 
Why are people even talking about the Nexus 4 as if it exists??  When it is available to purchase for the majority of consumers THEN feel free to use it in comparisons, rebuttles, etc...  You might as well compare the iPad with a product from the future or something.
And both of those devices are better than an iPad
Comparing a 8GB Nexus 4 and 16GB nexus 10 with a 128GB iPad makes me laugh. Why wouldn't you compare them with a 16GB or 32GB 3G+WiFi model?
Apple will continue to rape people as long as you let them
Nexus pack and the grub for me anytime.
+Ed Williams you heard right the base model can be bought much cheaper and people can do like me buy a 1.99 Otg cable and add on extra memory while simultaneously using the very handy feature of cloud storage! I currently have 36full HD movies 200 songs and a gazillion pictures that I can play on my 8gig nexus 7 or I can stream it to my TV....all using free cloud based storage applications! 
If you pay VAT on your iPad, buy two iPads if you like. I really don't care. Just pay taxes and we are good :D
+Alexander V. Panteleyev that's because that storage capacity is the standard for maybe 65-75% of all buyers. People that need 128gb buy laptops or high capacity hard drives because they need it
I'm not finding any 128 GB iPad on Apple's site. Also, the N4/10 have 8 GB and 16 GB, respectively. Apples to oranges.
Sean Murray
I don't get what you could even put on an ipad that would even take up that much memory.
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