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Only 10 i would say about more than 100
Good vid. Do a video purely on Google Now please!
Google took 4 years to get to Android 4.2

Apple took 5 years to get to Android 1.6
Mike Dye
app integration and no changing default are huge. I cant believe people actually prefer iphone. 
All the reasons you gave were true and I can say there are a lot more... But still people are stuck at Iphone and Apple.. To bad 4 them, they don't know what they're missing !
iOS DOES NOT HAVE TASKER!!! I think that's a huge one.
Apple is way too over-rated and iOS is still a boring OS........
do u use nexus 7 32gb or 16gb on your vedios
Nice but make video about things that iPhone can do but Android can't.
+Armando Ferreira  So im curious was your wife and iphone user before you meet or did she switch? If so from what?
I really wish my iPhone could do those things but my past experiences with android have been terrible. None of those things matter when the operating system constantly crashes, won't update and apps force quit. Never have those problems with my iPhone.
+Doug Manuel I never had any of those problems with my Android devices....none of them! starting with the G1 or any of the Nexus
Vernon R
C'mon man avid iPhone user here, I've had more app crashes on my iPhone than Android.

+Doug Manuel I agree with +Joseph Moreno. Have you used a Nexus phone? A Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 4? What about a Galaxy S3? If my experience with iOS was using the first iPhone I would think it was a terrible experience as well.
+Vernon R Agreed, all BS aside apps crash way more on my iDevices compared to my Android devices.  Maybe it's because I use Nexus products?  I know my original Galaxy S wasn't that great, but I blame TouchWiz not Android.
I've had a Nexus S and now I'm using a Nexus 7.....also got an Xperia T. All great devices. Much rather Android than iPhone!
My android apps crash 50% of the time. GPS keeps breaking. Cannot connect to the play store 50% of the time. YouTube does not load videos 50% of the time.  Yes maybe the Nexus devices are the better Android phones. I have the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 both have the same problem. 
+Mike Dye We meet in 2003 so she was a dumb phone user lol.  She actually bought and Android phone first because I suggested (I had a BlackBerry).  Which a few weeks later I bought my first Android phone because I saw how awesome it was.  

But I suggested her to switch to the iPhone.  Reason being is she was always on her iPad and loved it so I told her she can have the same experience on her phone.  Bought her an iPhone 4S and loved it so wanted the iPhone 5 now.  I know she is happier and I always say buy what works best for you :)
You know what the iPhone managed that the Nexus 4 didn't? A sale window of more than about 2 days in Australia before running out of stock...
I started with an iPhone 3. Went to a Samsung galaxy tab for one reason, flash. Needed it for school. It did flash, but was barely useable. Using Samsung kies to try and update was a nightmare. iPhone is so simple and works reliably all the time.
What country do you live in that you have a coworker that brags about a phone? In the US the iPhones are free for new AT&T customers so you can stop being bragged on and get one!
+Armando Ferreira let's stop all the dancing around..which to YOU in YOUR opinion is wise not which has more apps cause majority of apps are crap (truth) on both iOS and Android. so which has the better tech for day to day users..and which is a better investment
+Ivan Funes  I have none of your issues, may be the carrier your with releasing a bad version of the app,

I got the G S2 on Telus, GS3 on wind, GS3 on rogers, GS1 on Bell never had any issues.
One crash a month, but my iphone 4/4s/5 friends experience approximately the same crash rate as i do . 

50% crash rate is huge, i think you are just flat out lieing to be honest :(
1 thing your iPhone can do... Be purchased
+bert gordon flat out, all three/4 (once black berry 10 comes out) are pretty much even playing field these days. it comes down to small functions and quirks at this point that decide the best phone.

So its which ever you are most comfortable with inside your range of required features.
Android phones are massive, ugly and open to malware. Google Now is awesome and NFC is a great thing that the iPhone is missing.

Soft keys are a pain in the ass, my friend cant even pass me his phone without hitting one of those over sensitive keys. I really hope Apple don't make a soft key, keep it physical pleeeease.

I honestly think the soft keys are why you cant get Street Fighter 4 on Android, no way you could play that game without hitting the soft keys.
+Roger Clough i am confused by your comment 
"1 thing your iPhone can do... Be purchased" 
explain please?
There are plenty of things iOS does better than Android, that is the point of a competitive market.  I still feel that iOS offers the best "new user" experience of any device.

Plus Apple hooks you really well into their ecosystem.  

Where I think Apple has really lost ground is in the lack of innovation between device generations.  Samsung, among others, are now leading with options like NFC and wireless charging.
This video was some of the best comedy I have seen since MASH went off the air.
I have iPhone 5 and S3, s3 has become so slow vs iPhone 5 still running with same straight as new. 
+Greg Laver appreciate the insight but I just wanna hear the Guru ( +Armando Ferreira ) himself conclusively say which in his opinion is best but lol @ bb 10 dnt think tht would make last years list
I actually came from Android to IPhone. Why do you ask ? Because the lack of consistent updates security wise from the overall Android ecosystem. I applaud Apple for keeping control over the security and updates of the devices.
+Karlo Vranješ Can you even come up with one example? I was going to say "syncing with iTunes", but Android can do that.
Seriously, not to be a Dick, but is there one thing that iOS can do that Android can't?
The Iphone 5 also bends, cause' it has an aluminum case.
I had iPhone 4, switched to Android for those promising features. This weeks I swished back to iPhone with an iPhone 5. 
The thing about Android is, it's good on paper, but when you want to find your route to home in a rainy day it's by 80% chance dead, and if it have any battery it's slow as hell. 
iPhone is limited but it just works!
There's only one thing I agree with this guy and that is that everyone can choose what they like. Why is it that phones are soo much of a problem starter? I don't see anyone making videos about why Nike are better shoes than Adidas. I wish Jerry Seinfeld was here..

Just one advice bro.. You look like people who come from Sierra Leon and never saw a phone in their lives with these videos why am I commenting on this again?
+Alex Alex Sarcasm is something that text can rarely convey, and no i have no Iphone.

His comment even with sarcasm makes no sense to me i already looked at it that way.
No need to compare, everybody knows that nexus 4 is much better than iPhone 5:-) 
Good list. If there's anything to steer me away from iPhone (or i-anything), it's their new connector. My wifes iPad came with a short leash. Apple doesn't carry any transformers (chargers) or extra cables (need at least one 3 times as long as the supplied one), and because it's proprietary, nobody's allowed to make them (check the upstart charger company that was killed by Cook).

So I'd say Apple's chances are screwed on the base of lack of standardization.
Ugly women are freakier in bed. They still are ugly women.
I don't think the 4.x branch is even worth comparing. Android is simply miles ahead of iOS. It's however also miles ahead of Android-raped-by-Samsung or HTC. People sometimes consider the stock release on the Nexus devices as something for nerds. In fact that is by large the best Android available...also comes with updates :-)
The only thing he didn't quite get right was the photo thing, because Panorama on iPhone 5 is faster than doing a PhotoSphere... BUT, I know of like 3 different Android device makers that have been doing panorama WAY longer than iPhones! Apple is always late to the party!
If google improve gmail to work like a real mail service then I'd seriously consider an android but gmail is terrible.
+Sam A Disagree, at this point none of the phones really exceed any of the other ones. it comes down to mainly preference, and small gimks and features. very hard to actually determine a best phone when all can do everything equally as well 
I'm still an apple person . . . I suppose its just because im just so used to using apple stuff.
Well done, without getting into bashing :) my family is still a pretty even split between iOS and android; the younger members favor the 4s (is a little sturdier) while the older favor the larger screens and ui of Android. So far, neither demographic has shown the faintest interest in the iPhone 5.

Course I won't help them with their iStuff (don't own one, haven't used iAnything since my iPod 2) apart from updating the os when needed, so that may have something to do with it.

Not sure where the complaints about android stability come from... My first thought is that ppl are doing something wrong... I haven't really noticed either os being particularly unstable-unless you get to tinkering carelessly, then either can fall apart on you.
michael p
"it is magical" ha ha yea, all good points! i've always known that apple holds things back >>deliberately<< just so they can release them later in a revolutionary presentation. problem for them is that android is moving at very, very fast pace so they are getting left behind. 

and i don't know anyone who brags about their iphone 5?? it's a phone for women who like to show their pictures and older dudes who want a device that they can use rather than like the kids (and us young at heart) who love to personalize and experiment with our toys
+Willie Stylez Panorama was 1st intro on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with the Galaxy Nexus last year......... PhotoSphere its now the new feature of Android 4.2 JB 
+James West best argument i have ever heard and i am glad you are reasonable about it :) stay an iPhone fan until you find a phone that truly beats it for you, not based on some kind of tech war going on hahah
+Greg Laver Maybe so but I have an unbelievable amount of personal information on my phone I seriously wouldn't want to risk it. No joke if some malicious software reported my phones information back to someone they could take on my identity. A risk that big is just not worth taking.  
+Willie Stylez yea correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't that a ice cream feature like 1 or 2 yrs ago?
I like Apple, simply i hate iOS, if they setup me with ICS or JellyBean, i would thinking to buy Apple again !
+Matthew Kennedy Time to go black berry 10 once it is released then, those new phones are fantastic and based on past trends will be far safer then anything andriod or Iphone
Better Better... What bar do you use to decide what's better? A coffee machine that makes 25 kinds of coffee is not better than an espresso machine and that is something MS and now Android users will never in 2000 years understand, otherwise people with iPhones will buy other phones. So I'm going to buy a phone because it share from Dropbox!!!. Go make people money..
I still love the fact that i do not have to reboot my iphone more than when apple release a ios upgrade, but all my friends constantly have crashes and need to reboot their android phones - so i take the limitations with the stability instead of the android,
Oh u people with iPhone envy are just sad. At the end of the day if the iPhone can't do it then why would you want it. 
Suprise! Another "my phone is bigger than your phone story on G+" Is this the extent of G+'s usefulness?
Add real multitasking with background data synchronization/download
Actually I'm more into android, but iphone does have a good battery... i think that's about it for me, as for imessage on ios is cool... android can do so much now since ics upgrades.
I disagree with the last 2, wireless charging is just a gimmick & Widgets just get in the way. I passed my iPhone to a friend who's android was out of battery and he started trying to swipe the apps about like he was pushing his widgets out of the way, I asked what you doing the phone button is just there on the dock.

Apple should put widgets in the notification centre, it's better to bring something down when you actually need it rather than having to pus them out the way to get to the things you do need.
+Gregory M Zenitsky no, sadly though if you get caught up in one of these arguments Google plus sees that and starts putting more and more on your whats hot page.
My GF has zero technology stories on her Whats hot page, it has learned and now only puts craft things and comedy on her page.

If you wish to avoid these you need to actually avoid them and Google Plus will learn that :)
+Paul Ireland to be fair I have to say really depends on which android device u get...I only go high end because of it being such a cheap platform to develop for many manufacturers skim on quality 
Yes, so true
iPhone is fast but Android can do so much more

#1 thing is that the iPhone can not make me happy, But it's still nice phone for some.
I'm the owner of a nexus 4, it is a fantastic piece of technology, but from the list I don't think we can compare Google Now with Siri. Siri automates much more your day to day tasks, sending a text or an email through voice commands is easier and much more intuitive having the confirmation back from Siri. Indeed Google Now is not just about voice commands but for a predictive virtual assistant it is still a bit behind Siri in my opinion. It has potencial, that is true, and I look forward to see its evolution. Also, I don't understand why you can download an offline dictionary if all you can do without a data connection is call a number.

Perhaps my Google Now is still learning about me and I'm still to see what it can do for me in the future... Or maybe I still have to learn how to configure and use it :)
John M
I am definitely gonna get a Samsung Galaxy Nexus!
+John M Please dont get the Nexus 4 it will make you happier
Great List, for me the integration and hability to switch between keyboards and to replace ALL the default apps is the best Android has to offer...
the IOS keep things simple so a old lady can used it. they only start to make it a bit more "complicated" due to pressure from Android, such able to change home screen, setting music as a ringtone(not sure if ios does that?), notification, share pictures instantly. video call with other devices.
But widgets and live wallpaper still a bit too complex fro IOS users.
+Armando Ferreira I also had the original Galaxy S Fascinate, running Eclair and then Froyo. It was so slow and would constantly hang or force close. I took matters into my own hands and flashed a stock ROM with a Voodoo patch. It basically changed the proprietary file system Samsung had implemented to what was included with their GB update. And boy, did that phone scream after that. Froyo and Voodoo on my Fascinate ran smoother than my brother's Jailbroken iPhone 4. He has clock widgets and clutter that iOS just doesn't want to handle.

From what I have witnessed, jailbreaking slows down the iPhone. I feel like telling my brother to just get an Android if you want your phone to do those things. Unfortunately, I think he has been taken prisoner by Apple with a life sentence in the walled garden. Hehe. Honestly he uses a Mac for music production and swears by Logic (unfortunately, Apple bought Logic and is no longer cross-platform), so that's definitely understandable.

...what was I talking about again? ... Lol
Those who have had poor experiences with android probably got a cheap phone and expected something great when it is true that you get what you pay for with android, unless you get a nexus 4 :-)
Battery arguments are getting pretty irrelevant too. As long as she doesn't have the face book app (which sucks battery on either os) installed, my wife's bone stock S3 os good for 16 hours between charges.

IF she needed more, i can get her a double capacity battery off Amazon for 30$.

My S3, running 4.2 aokp os typically clocks about 20 hours between charges, and i play first person shooters with a Bluetooth controller on it for an hour or two every day.
he said "It just works."  :D
+Gustavo Leitão I used Iris (Siri for Android) ...for about a minute, then I realized I was talking to a phone ...I quickly uninstalled it. :\
i want to buy an android phone which is better nexus 4,htc dna,htc one x+ or lg optimus g please help.
Sooooo happy I went with Android. I love my Galaxy S3.
+Matthew Kennedy , no they are hoping to make a come back with the Black Berry 10 it is promising to run 90% of android apps out of the box, so quick recompile to get to almost androids level of apps.

Will boast the world famous Black Berry security etc.

My biggest hope is that Windows Phone and Blackberry get some of the market so that innovation will have to happen when its four companies rather then just litigation.
I dunno road warrior mode...the fact Android has print via Bluetooth to mobile printer (not great, but it does exist) sure beats having to rely on building an "Ad Hoc" Wireless network where if I really wanted to dig out my laptop just to print a single, but necessary printed document from dropbox or email--I would have already done so...just a little bit of time saver but when you talk about getting business done???  Just another example of not all things are "intuitive" and or useful in real world.  I guess to truly embrace Apple for getting things done, I will have to become a Raspberry Pi geek....go with the easier:  keep my Android Phone and take responsibility for my own actions.
I have always used Motorola devices, droid 1, droid x, and bionic now. My first one had some issues, but they were the apps i chose to use, not the device. Since i have had my droid bionic i have yet to experience a force close. The best and worst part about android is the market. Anyone can place an app on there but "anyone" can place an app on there... you get way more app choices, but not everyone who makes an app is a developer. Sometimes you get some amazing apps from random people, other times they are immediately uninstalled. I have several friends with iphones, some love them, some have them cause they got them on promotion for .99¢

Call it personal preference, but <3 android is for me. I love the ability to install an app i made myself without going through the market. Or an app from a friend. I like using my drop box as if it were a part of my phones internal features and not just something i downloaded to it, and i love the vast app choices you can get access to.
I don't see why people complain about battery life of Android. My Galaxy Note lasts all day with super heavy usage whereas my mom's iPhone lasts half a day with moderate usage.

As for panorama, my old Droid X had that feature back in 2010 when it still had 2.2 Froyo. 
please help read my above comment
+Gustavo Leitão I haven't used siri, so I can't make a comparison. I can say that I have sent texts and made calls and sent emails very easily with google's voice commands.  And I'm constantly surprised at how well it picks up what I'm saying.
Why is there confusion over the +Roger Clough comment? He makes a great point - you can't purchase a Nexus 4 even if you wanted to! I owned and loved the first 3 generations of iPhone but have since moved to Android as I feel it has surpassed iOS in many ways, number one being choice. I love my Nexus 7 and it would be great if I could buy a Nexus 4, but I can't .. nobody can because since its launch 7 weeks ago, it has only been available to buy for a total of 1 hour. By the time it is available (which btw nobody knows when that will be) there will be something better on the horizon. It's reall tiresome and such a shame.. would love to own one but Google really blew it - for consumers and for themselves.
People just hate on the iPhone smh get a life 
+kanny young I really really don't understand what people find difficult about Android. I keep reading that Android is for tech guys, it's more complicated, but in my experience, iPhone makes you make lots of things to get simple stuff done. For example, in Android I would simply transfer my CBR Comic books through USB or downloading it from the web, whereas on iPhone, the app developer had to include a FTP Server App in order to be able to access the iPhone storage, as otherwise you can't transfer anything that's not an image, or music or video... That's not making it simpler, but rather making it very stupid...
An iPhone has the best battery life <3
ime yup
Overall iPhone hardware is very smooth performance, which is important! processor just performs like perfection during high intensive gaming/ graphics, etc. Google software & Apple hardware is a perfect match. iOS does need new minds and creativity in place but that's when jail breaking becomes a hobby
^^ yes my nexus 4 can 'airplay mirror' but it just does it with every TV maker and that little os called windows ;-)
Try again .
I see some comments saying that Android apps crash ... and iPhone apps are perfect, not quite. Yes Android apps are not so polished and provide smooth UX, but that's an app that you installed and be sure that if you read application reviews and search you will find an app that does what you want and works without any issue. And if you compare Android with iOS then please compare high-end Android phones that are the same price as iPhone.

Some addition to your list of what iPhones can't do is:
- plug & play on computers with Windows (just connect phone and you have access to all your files from phone, without root/jailbreak);
You gotta be careful, some of those in the Apple Cult can get pretty feisty when you point out any deficiencies in their iToys.
My sons chose iPhones even though I have been an open source fan most of their lives.  Naturally, I don't use iAnything, both my phones are Androids and I love them.
+Marc DePoe funny timing with your judgement.  you can buy the nexus 4.  Well, at least it was back a few hours ago.  Saw on my G+ feed.  And that isn't a reason to not like the phone or company.  Estimating how much people will like a phone is very very hard.  I would never knock any company for missing the mark!
There are communities on G+ for getting help...
+Phalon Young my s3 is at 62% at 1pm after using it for work all day and playing "dead trigger" during my lunch break. What's your iPhone at and what have you been using it for today?
I have the Samsung S3. Going back to Apple. I tried the Android for a while but battery really sux compare to the iphone. Other than that I could use any phone
Lack of Google+ integration is becoming a bigger issue for me. Now, I'm on a MacBook quite a bit these days, but from iPhone and iPad, you've got to jump into the app to share anything.
Well, you are probably better going back to iphone. The S3 has far superior battery but if you load a pile of rubbish apps on it, it will give you rubbish battery, like "free" games etc.

After a day of idling my battery is at 83%
5 things apple can do
1 require developer restrictions in apps.
2 take their time approving apps.
3 make their own standards. Airplay vs dnla etc etc.
4 proffitting at the cost of the lifes of the foxconn employed.
5 do it all without looking like scumbags.

But I do love my iPad, must say that I've not had such a smooth expirience on a android tablet as the iPad.

Also product fanboism sucks ass, as a unsure kid tryin to convince his friend that sticking a flashlight up the arse is normal.
It's not, stop it. It's weird.
+Phalon Young I'm sorry, but pointing out features that iphone doesn't have is different than hating.  Hating would be just saying that the iphone sucks.  Some people hate, but a large population of android users are just pissed off that iphone outsells a better system.  I don't care because iphone is great for stupid people, old people, technologically ignorant, etc...  If you are okay with technology, android is better (comparing premium phones only of course) and that is a pure fact.  Iphone is missing too many things like widgets and customization for it to claim the crown anymore.  It doesn't suck, but it isn't the best.
Well I use both during the day and to be fair they do much the same . Cheers 
+Phalon Young  False, Motorola Droid Razr Maxx wins that award as a fact not a rumour. (19 hours)
Iphone doesnt even make the top 20 for battery life,
you can find it on page 4 (which is the iphone page) and its best one lasts 14 hours with 3g off the rest are around 9 hours.
Apple iPhone 5 and Htc one x .!!!!!!
The way application intents work on Android is amazing, and should become a paradigm for interactivity on other form factors as well.  It is probably the second biggest reason I would never, ever consider iOS over Android (the first being Apple's draconian store policies).
I would die from boredom with iOS and want to kill myself if i wasn't bored enough for having to stare at that tiny screen of the iPhone, but one thing it does do is Airplay <- a killer feature!! The only reason my iPad get's any mileage nowadays
+Alex Alex +Jonathan Harchick
Edit: sorry, this showed up way late.

Yes, to answer your question, the Nexus 4 has "Miracast", which is a more standardized form of mirroring. But Alex is right, Airplay is one of Apple'smany silly marketing terms, like "Retina display". Although, the technology can be matched and exceeded, those silly marketing terms are closely guarded... Especially by Apple's lawyers.
I am using the new Samsung galaxy s Duos.. to be honest this phone sucks man .......this is the slowest phone I ever my life ...........
ime yup
QUESTION: why does it seem that android users are so mad when it comes to iPhone. I have lots of associates with droid but I'm not mad at there purchasing choices and can even compliment there phone if I notice a interest. I had a friend that loves google/ droid and all he wanted was a thin phone but when apple went thin with iPhone and nexus went larger with old iPhone technology as a glass back needing a bumper u don't here me nor iPhone owners beating down the airways saying negative comments nor is he wanting that thin phone anymore cause apple now has it. 
I really don't understand phone wars. It really does make G+ seem like a school playground at times. Pretty pathetic to have to sign up to one clan or another over something as trivial as a phone. Are these devices really gaining such importance in your lives that they warrant such hostility and division ? 
hey fuckers can any body told me which android mobile is best 
The iphone 5 had really nothing new and basicly a bigger screen and 4G which Android already had
+Scott Bourne if you read the post nobody has been able to find a single thing yet, please name 10 i am not saying iphone sucks i just can not find anything it can do that android phones can not.
I keep trying to tell people that the iPhone sucks,,, and you can do more with an android phone
Here is a good example: My first experience with android came when I first got the DroidX. It was a great biased first impression because it was exciting and new. But it didn't take long for reality to hit and the faults to surface. Even though I consistently battled spontaneous reboots, app crashes and epic system lag. I was smart enough to know the problems were a result of bad hardware and not the OS. I was able to absolutely fall in love with the Android OS even running on crappy hardware because I was able to discern the difference. Android OS satisfies my demands for features and performance in a smartphone.

Fast forward a couple years and now i'm using the Nexus 4 and O...M...G what a world of difference! Now i'm the last person in the world to to claim that something is perfect. That's not what i'm saying at all. There so not such thing as the perfect phone. However, I can safely say that the Nexus 4 is the most awesome smartphone experience I've had EVER!
+ajay rana Nexus 4 for price point and updates,
Droid Razr maxx for battery,
Galaxy Note 2 for Size and just EPIC PHONE NESS
Galaxy S3 or the latest HTC phone for all around package.

their is no best any more :(
+Tiji varghese at 1GHZ cortex A5 and 768 Ram, almost same as iphone4s,  
I used slower, as relative to what you used before so you must have used something faster before..why you buy it?
My iPhones at 78% and I've been on it since nine this morning on fb twitter you tube google plus an on the phone while plying music thanks! But in reality I know android Is better but iPhone looks better lol
Note I have a gs3 too best of both worlds when you have the money to do so
+Brad Arnold Perhaps it was available elsewhere (UK?) but AFAIK not here in the US (I've actually put alerts in place for this). I can understand if they initially grossly underestimated demand, but they've had a month and a half to catch up and at this point, I'm not sure they will .. and that is while demand tapers due to them missing out on holiday season sales, consumers looking elsewhere, and the fact that competing devices will soon be coming to market.
+Greg Laver Neither. Are you saying you have to fight over something rather than nothing ? 
why would you want to sync android with iTunes?
if he's going to say flash i'm going there and slap him XD...
Has it ever occurred to you that iPhone owners may not want these extra features that make your shitty Android OS so great in your eyes? 
+Scott Bourne Worst argument ever, i can get iTunes on my android or an Itunes like service. Which in 99.9999% of the world counts as the same thing you just added the word natively.

Your argument is simply an install or a different piece of technology that does the EXACT same thing. so yes both do run itunes or itunes equivalent.

Find me a real one please
Well, one thing my iPhone definitely lacks that an Android apparently has: that built-in small-man's complex that would induce me to spend tons of time on social media, scraping the bottom of the features barrel for reasons my Android is better than an iPhone. The quality of the two platforms is not inversely related; they can both be terrific at the same time. Your Nexus has a corkscrew instead of a nail file -- congratulations. This comparison seems to be an obsession with many Android bloggers. 
+Andy Kitchen Personally no, if you read my posts here i am almost unbaised and even cheered for both Iphone and Andriod in this very conversation chain,
The masses though oh they need to fight yes they do!

the masses demand drama or blood simple as that :p
Yes they
are mising a lot
Had Iphone 5 for about 2 weeks. Sold it on E-bay and got me the new HTC One X +. Never leaving Android again.
+Andrew Geleff yes it has. we know there needs to be phone compatible with hipsters, elderly people and the ignorant and technologically illiterate. 
We used to say Sour grapes. lol.
+Greg Laver If you're insinuating that the Google Play Store or Amazon Market have anywhere near the quality of media content that iTunes has, I truly feel sorry for you.
I'll confess to being fascinated with the anti-Apple obsession. They're hardly Big Brother. Vote with your feet. Buy an Android. Cool. 
Ajay...sorry but its down to so many personal preference decisions when buying a Google phone.
1) which device can I get in my area?
2) how big do I want it to be?
3) do I go for price plan or pay as I go
This list could go on and on :-)
Sent from my nexus4 lol
Because 4g is years away in my little uk oxfordshire town but NFC is bloody usefully;-)
+Nate Carrasco I think hipsters use that giant ass Galaxy note 2 haha or really old phones so they do not impact the environment haha 
Hey Armando, so I'm from brazil and I'll go to usa (orlando) on january, I want to get a nexus 4 but if I don't find a nexus 4 i'll get a HTC droid dna, do you think that HTC droid dna is smooth as nexus 4 or iphone 5 ?! Could you make a video HTC droid dna vs nexus 4 vs iPhone 5 ?! Thank you and happy new year ! +Armando Ferreira 
Only thing I like about iphone is the apple logo that s it


I am never into Apple. I own an Apple iPod Nano 1G (a gift),  but installed removed Apple's OS, and installed Rockbox OS and also iPodLinux. though iPodLinux is not functional, Rockbox is the one which i use in my iPod nano, it frees the hardware from the closed source Apple software.  :D
Bon K
+Andrew Geleff  You see it's the availability. Nobody is forced to use all these features, but it's there when you want them. Maybe iphone users are used to being forced into things and think they, for some reason, HAVE TO use these things??
Best part, "It just works" not describing Apple, but their competitors. 
+Andrew Geleff No and yes,
First off i use itunes, it automatically syncs to my android phone. when ever plugged into my computer or found on the wifi.
it wasnt pretty but it still functioned.

You can also do the same via drop box apparently so you do not even need to be home but i havent figured that one out.

Second Itunes is the direct counter part to Google play and is licensed so it can not go on android phones.

Give it time and google play will match itunes, everybody said google would never match apples app store and they already passed it nobody talks about app numbers any more do they?
thank for the advice greg laver
Helge mortensen.
I have to completely disagree.
The only way I can think this could be so is that you are using your s3 like a iPhone...
S3 is a true multitasking device so when you leave an app it carries on doing what you last asked it to do.
Unlike iPhone that will pause the app task and follow what you are doing hence less battery drain but less use as well?
One thing the iPhone can do that a Samsung phone cannot? Last more than a year!!! Or how about this one, I can sell my iPhone after 2 years for the same or more than I paid for it. How's that for a perk!
+Greg Laver . I agree, people completely do feel the need for drama. Combined with the anonymous bravado of the internet I am surprised that I am surprised at these shenanigans over small glowing rectangles.
I just hope for more on G+.
greg which is best android phone from your point of veiw ( please reply urgent)
Matt V
If OS's were races of people, there would be a lot of racists here. 
I may not have a nexus device, but my Atrix HD is close enough. All my iPhone toting friends are jealous. Aside from not having NFC (which nothing in this state seems to support) this phone is amazing!
+Doug Manuel I have both an I phone for work and Android HTC rebound for personal, I really don't have crash issues with the Android and the Iphone takes more steps to do anything. The Android is far friendlier and works well just about everything like email, and apps etc. 
+Danny Bussiere actually the phones last about the same, as even iphone is "samsung inside" :))
and about selling after two years - dont worry, you have paid much much more with the monthly plan you signed your soul to while you got your "super cheap" iphone. nothing comes without a price :P
+Alik Griffin yes, but its become a part of you for some people, you are with it 24hours a day, next to your bed, when making love, at movies, at work, when you fishing, even swimming (in a waterproof bag?) defines who you are (for some people)..........and when you have nothing to talk about, you can talk about which is better.
How's this not in the what's hot stream yet?
Alex Li
Apple created the foundation for touch pad phones...
Very nice video usual. :) You and MKBHD are my top 2 favorite!
There's really only one item to be discussed; widgets. This is such a critical feature of Android that iOS can't come close to, and is the reason why i chose my gnex over the iPhone
gary f
+Bhavesh Luhar - get rid of all the crap apps and your speed will return. Installing any old app because it looks cool will clog your device with rubbish. You probably should stay with your iPhone, you are way to stupid for something as cool as the S3.

+Will Johnson - Ali means every one with a brain. You don't qualify.

iPhones, simple phones for simple people.

+Scott Bourne - i don't believe your statement regarding the Nexus 4, so proof please.

Android is an OS for the poor. If you want fancy - you get iOS. If you want eficiency - you get WinPhone 8. If you want a smartphone for 150$ - you get Android and make do with laggy interface, poor battery life and the fact that it reports back to Google, which by now knows about you more than you wife, doctor and lawyer combined. 
+ajay rana i would hands down take the Nexus 4 every single time.

309 bucks if you can get it and its going to always be kept up to date with the latest good shit.

Problem is getting it.

If you can not get it i would go with 
Galaxy Note 2 if you want a MASSIVE phone
i would go with Samsung Galaxy S3 if you want the Standard phone (i do not know HTC well enough to recommend it)
or the Droid Razr if you are worred about battery life cause it goes forever.
It's not the importance in your life that drives the hostility and division, but it tends to help. Think of other things that are important in our lives - not much division over cutlery, but some people are very loyal to one make of car.
+Winston Gonzalez , yes you're right panorama introduced on android only last 2011 on nexus device but HTC and Samsung galaxy S1 has been using it since 2009
Im guessing Phones are like girl. Not all girls have boobs and asses and have great personality. So it differs from individual preferences. 
In other words there's nothing iPhone can do that Android can't.
I still like Apple. Don't worry Apple, you still have a fan! :)
I can name one thing the iPhone 5 can do that the Nexus 4 can't; be available to purchase. Sad but true (because believe me, I'd very much like to purchase a Nexus 4 but haven't been able to for over a month).
Can't wait to get my nexus the meantime I'm pretty content with galaxy nexus for the time being....I am jealous of my wife's Note 2.
when NFC will be used over 90% of world i will think about android. im really love Google, but after 1 year using Androids.... i start really hate those devices. maybe i just was so lucky and get bad devices, but decide go to apple, since im not fun of 5 inch displays, and not use social so often from my phone.
Had a Galaxy Nexus, worst Android experience I've ever had. No signal, battery drain, reboots, screen doesn't wake up.

Now I'm on an HTC DROID DNA, arguably the BEST android phone on the market. And guess what? WiFi disconnects, lag when texting or using keyboard in general.

This is just a very modest rant, but there's a lot more.

With the purchase of the DNA I got the best of the best to give Android as much of the benefit of the doubt as I can. But I keep getting burned. And I'm tired of it. 
+Michael Pamintuan the iPad is unneeded but that doesn't mean they don't sell, this isn't about necessity this is about desire. Diversity is what keeps Android strong but its a double edged sword and leads to fragmentation in os distribution and ports/peripherals but in the end its a battle of a thousand against 1 giant.
I didn't like it that there were two things in particular, that have been touted as typical Android phone benefits, were rolled back to being just like the iPhone.  

The removable battery.  Nexus 4 battery is not easily removable.

Expandable storage.  Nexus 4 is stuck with either 8 or 16 Gb.  Which is pretty damn small by the way Google.

I'd actually love it to have some hands on time with each of the major flagship phones, instead of having to rely upon external reviews; which are increasingly more suspect these days as far as bias.

That said, if I was getting a new phone right now, I'd try to find a Nexus 4.  :)
andriod is open source. so do what u want. love it. hold it thats what I do :)

Take a look on the Galaxy s3. It will give u even more reasones why android is much better!
+Hossam A. Ghaffar HTC DROID DNA is definitely not the best Android phone on the market, that has to go to the Nexus 4 i believe since its the flag ship phone of Google themselves. 
This video is false. Almost all these things I can and have done on my iPhone for as long a I have had it. I have had this one for more than a year.
iPhone has widgets
3 years with iphone and 2 years with ipad, after 2 weeks with android (zte blade 3 and samsung galaxy tab) i dont miss anything and will never go back to apple
Here's something superior about Iphone 5 and IOS, ICLOUD. What software does Android have that works so seamlessly?
i want to buy but no money send your iphone to me your are not happy with it
+Hossam A. Ghaffar Verizon exclusive phones always suck! You would have a better experience with a a gs3 or even a razr hd maxx (yes I know contrary to what I just said)... BTW no phone is perfect, iPhones have problems as well. So don't buy into the "I that doesn't happen on iphone" bs because it's not true. 
+Armando Ferreira you should have had the song any thing you can do I can do better playing in the back ground ... lmao
You know what else the iPhone can't do, make me wanna buy it. The Nexus 4 can.
What is this blackberry you speak of?
This is pretty one sided
I'd like to see a video of 10 things that an iPhone can do and an android can't 
Love my nexus 4. No phone can come close to the quality matched to the cost
Randy H
No give 10 things an Android phone can't do to be fair and impartial and not be a d-bag
I had an iphone, ipod, ipad, the whole lineup. Dabbled in android a year ago. Sold all that apple nonsense. I cannot believe I was so blinded and bought into that mess. 
Blah Blah blah blah :P
everyone's hating and showing all these flaws between the two devices ....
Both devices are good.
I'm an Apple person (Y)
+Joe Delgado , apple products are for people who knows what they are doing. I guess you didn't see the full potential 
+paul jones actually I do close down all the apps I am using when not needing them anymore. It also seems that many apps you install is running in the background just in the memory. But I was used to the iphone 4 and that have a slower cpu than the S3. So that is probably the main reason. More power will drain the battery faster. I have a new iphone 5 waiting for me so I will test it out in a week when I get home. Who knows maybe I will stick to the S3? I like having return button to the right for the home button all the time. And also able to install extra memory. But the past month the memory card have been acting up and saying that it needs formatting...
Hahahaha ... No I left android and am happy with my iPhone 5
I have an android phone and an ipod touch . Yes the ios is a little boring but the apps of android can't reach the quality and the numbers if ios . Also is very simple for old people who just want a simple ui. But android is most flexible and you just can do everything. You download a rom and you change the whole system. 
None of these features really draw me to droid. I only need a phone to make calls, check the weather, social media, and porn. When I look up porn on my iPhone I do not worry about getting malware or a virus. Do not lie most of you all look up porn too. 
yep still think android is better.
O!! Sh"" I'm selling mine for 10 bucks and get the nexus4.
+Bon K I use and test Android devices all the time for work and whenever I come back to my iPhone, which is my personal, every day phone, I never wish it had something an Android phone had. 
Development of this is great in the same way
+Michael Pamintuan yup I agree I'm generally of the android fanboy group, but I'm even more so a proponent of using the right tool for the job, if iOS is really easier in the long run then it should be used, just not the case for me as I won't pay the extra 800+ for their desktop os and i don't believe a solid aluminum case justifies the price difference when all hardware is really the same (compare guts and price of system76 laptop with Macbook pro to see what I'm talking about I just scooped one up and got win8 OEM $80 for proprietary stuff I can't run in Linux, ssd is amazing btw)
+Greg Laver Maybe they no longer talk about the number of apps, but the quality of Android apps compared to iPhone apps is crazy. Some of Google's iOS apps are better than their Android apps.
he missed on thing
Blue tooth.
With iPhone you can not bluetooth files to another phone right out of the box, you have to find an app to help you, Samsung and most others you can move files back and forth via Bluetooth from phone to phone on almost all except the iPhone.
he missed on thing
Blue tooth.
With iPhone you can not bluetooth files to another phone right out of the box, you have to find an app to help you, Samsung and most others you can move files back and forth via Bluetooth from phone to phone on almost all except the iPhone.
+Don russ I sold my S3 to get the DROID DNA. Had input problems as well, weak signal (I blame that on Samsung).

I am in no way implying that somehow the iPhone descended from Heaven and was free of imperfection. What I am saying, is that the problems I have with Android, I either never had experienced with my previous iPhone 4 or very little times did I have problems with it. 
But the iPhone5 can bend - if you sit on it just so...?
+Armando Ferreira there is one thing I can't really understand why it is always overlooked in Android.

I do read a lot on my tablet, I used to have an Acer A100, now I have a Galaxy Note 10.1, what I like most about reading eBooks is that I can use Text To Speech. I use Mantano Reader but in the past I also used Moon+ Reader

When I'm commuting to/from work I plug an AUX cable to the car stereo and continue my "reading", so instead of being hearing some depressive news I "read" (listen) to my favourite audio… er… eBook files. If you get tired of one voice, you can "always" buy another voice packs for about 2 USD.

TTS has always been available for Android, and yes, iOS has some very limited TTS functionality, but mainly used for handicapped users… BTW aren't Apple users handicapped by definition?
wow, inferiority complex much? Just buy whatever phone you want. If the guy who made this video doesn't work  for google or nexus well then...oiy.
+Hossam A. Ghaffar I had some issues with my Galaxy nexus originally as well but after some updates everything is stable. The nexus devices get the latest os which is never going to be as stable right out of the gate, if you need instant stability you probably shouldn't look to nexus devices, if you want the bleeding edge as soon as possible you should.
+suraj george Not true about app crashes. Studies have shown that iOS actually has more crashes. It just doesn't tell you.
O-DAMN did he forget to mention that there arent any viruses for the iphone? That in itself is the best reason if non other to not get an android devise
Does this situation remind anyone of the mid-late 90's where palm devices were really good and everything else that ran palm wasn't quite as good
I stand with anybody that uses the google-android integration....these pair i thnk is the biggest collabo ever to be made in the techworld.....i switched from nokia e71 to htc hd2 to htc chacha to thuraya sg 2520 with samsung galaxy tab 7.7 by my side
Its funny how all the apple fanboys can say is it just works
Well my samsung note works fine and i have had it for 6 mouths
So for people that can't finger out how to work their cell phones should stay with apple and pay way to much for out of date s%@t
As i say
Iphones are smart phones for dum people 
I love when you post these videos of Making fun of apple. I totally agree.happy gs3 user here. 
I just got an Ipad Mini and just found out that you cannot connect to other devices via bluetooth it dumd stupid. 
I wonder y apple iphone share increased n android fell? Hmmm is it really that awesome? Lol
Not to mention is probably over 1000 android phones vs 5 iPhones basically.
Everyone who loves Andriod, go check out this app called Blakkball, addictive!
5 things the iphone can't do
1 Constantly reset itself
2 Unbearable lag
3 Play music with unnecessary space between songs
4 Ridiculous lag
5 not be available when youneed it most!
no its not if u are a true geek and SMART u would know android is best
2012 was a bad year for Apple. And 2013 won't be any different.
+chris close learn how to spell months before you talk trash lol and tbh we all look like big ass kids talking about who phone is better and what does what better etc how about we all get a life an worry about our selves instead of worrying about devices that run out lives!! ✌
+Scott Bourne You can use AirSync and DoubleTwist to sync your Android devices with your iTunes library (supposing you want to use the piece of crap iTunes is)
People always use lag against Android. Neither my One X nor my Note 2 lag at all, crash or reboot. However my iphone 4 lagged. Funny that. I also notice dropped frames on my ipad 3. And my ipod touch crashes and reboots itself on ios 5. So it's not just an Android thing. 

Not denying that Android is known for lagging more than iOS, but it does happen both ways
+Dylan Walker of course.. I'm having fun. It's the internet.. Twinkies and phones. This guy's argument is as stupid as all of us commenting because it's not about Android being better; it is about what the iPhone cannot do. Which part of that doesn't say this is about those people who don't like Apple and make videos like these, people who (get this) take the time to hate a company as if it were a political party. Very poor.. In other words, people who make videos like these don't bring anything positive and by doing it only makes them look like they're trying to measure the size of their weenies with a phone...
I just got my first Android phone this week and always had an Iphone I'm never going back the freedom feels so nice I can actually use my 10 gigs of data to download apps not get a message telling me nothing above 20 connect to wifi
wake up this is the 21 century dude tech rules the world
Apple loyalists are like sheep without shepherding living UNDER a dictatorial communist regime ( How pathetic ) . Android loyalists are like free citizens living WITH a capitalist democratic regime where there is freedom of speech , choice , customisatio , everything . GOOGLE and the AOSP community are the best thinxg that has happened in a long while in rhe IT industry
Bon K
+Andrew Geleff Oh, I totally understand that. It's all about personal preference. You may not feel the need of any of those features, but I can't imagine none of the iphone users want widgets, NFC and whatnot. Anyways, I do participate in making fun of Apple users time to time for fun, but I don't look at iPhone as inferior product. It just appeals to a different crowd of people whose preferences are different from those of android users. Some people prefer not having too many options because it is confusing to them. Some prefer clean look of iphone instead of functions of widgets, and comfortable hold-ability over screen size. And some people don't care much about "true multi tasking" ,as android users call it, but rather have a bit more battery life...etc. Personally, it's not the product itself I don't like. It is the company I am not fond of. 
Does anyone know how to set a filter in G+ to block stupid phone war threads like this? This kind of pathetic video and the pointless fanboism (on both sides) is a total waste of bandwidth.
Nav Gi
+Armando Ferreira I think most android die hard fan know these features. But video is really good and I'm shearing with my friends who are hard core fanboy. Good work 
+Charlie Masone I don't believe you've used an Android device in the last year and if you did it was a "free phone" no doubt. See my earlier comments on stability and keep drinking that kool-aid you love so much. Guess what, don't like the default music app, don't use it (personally a Pandora fan myself, but I'm the type of guy who likes new things). use your device like a crack head with a media addiction... Get an extra battery, what's my option on iPhones?
Tech rules the world an the people in it instead of us ruling the tech! Seriously people are so caught up on a smart phone while missing out on our daily lives the more important things we suppose to cherish in life not a cool device #smh
and note 2 can not murder iphone
I love how so many apple fan boys come into an android thread and always posting their nonsense. We are the enlightened, and use android to its full potential. Stop trolling. Thanks! 
+Phalon Young and others with the same thoughts, I agree, but you don't have to get involved in a conversation if you don't want to. Also to those who want a counter why ios is better than android make a video response, this guy touts android if you think iOS is superior in some ways show us.
Very nice video. One thing the iPhone can do that the Android phones can't is craete huge queues of lemmings outside the shops on the day of it's launch...
This has got to be the most lame list.
*No one uses NFC and it doesn't work in most places around NYC.
*Widgets drain the hell out of the battery. I had the Nexus 4 for a month and the battery was super drained by the widgets I used.
Apple has been beating Android since before Android even existed...
You have popcorn machine in your office !
+Doug Weaver  I have apple equipment at home. Guess what? I don't have an iPhone.  I have android because just like you I hate AT&T.  When I got an android, iPhone was not available anywhere else. At the time I really did want an iPhone, but AT&T not even an option.  I have a Galaxy, not a 2 or 3 an original.  I run gingerbread on it and have had it for over a couple of years.  Battery power seemed to be my major issue so I fixed that by buying spares.  You can't do that with iPhone.  My android works seamlessly with my Mac.  iCalender works seamlessly with google calendar.  I only got a gmail address because the Apple Store clerk made me when I set up my Mac (pre mobile me or .me), and he showed me how to sink all kinds of things with google on my mac. Android syncs with google pretty well; who would have thunk it?
I happy with my iPhone 5 because really It suits what I as a customer want same reason I chose a kindle fire HD over the nexus 7 I'm not the kinda person to go OOHHHH THE HARDWARE,BUTTONS,TABS,WIDGETS HA IPHONE FAG or IPHONE IS WAY BETTER THAN CHEAP ANDROIDS I honestly like both but the iPhone 5 just suits me a little bit more same way a kindle fire HD suits me more than the nexus 7 Or iPad :3
#11, iPhone can't get viruses and malware like Android, lol.
not true the iphone 5 is boss
+Jonathan Harchick Miracast mirrors. I think you've used the canned DLNA response in the wrong place.

I think it should also be pointed out that AirPlay is an Apple thing. You need an Apple TV, iPhone, Mac etc. for it to be worthwhile. Contrary to iFan belief most people still use Windows based PCs, Apple TV and buy Android smartphones. Its kinda hard to tout that feature when hardly anyone can make use of it.
ok whatever still boss
I'm an ios/iphone user, but I can't wait til my upgrade. I'm gonna switch to the superior ANDROID!
Both my iPhone and Android apps crash usual because I use up all the ram up
So that's all ppl do on google + is bash apple products all day long. You could argue 10 things the iPhone does that android can't do" both companies make great products and that's that" buy what you like dumb asses. 
Did your camera ran out of battery you stopped at ten things?
+wade hill hmm well Google released the os your on Google's social network, and yeah there's a pretty substantial community of developers here.... So yah we'll be talking os wars, ignore it if you do not want to contribute or hear it. "Turn off the radio, turn off that bullshit"
Lars T
But you can GET the iPhone 5. Nexus 4 is still  unavailable. Doesn't matter what the Nexus 4 can do if you can't even buy it! Google's leaving billions on the table by not manufacturing these fast enough.
A frustrated future Nexus 4 buyer...
I think its already been shown that iPhone users just don't realize that their apps crash because they simply go back to the home screen without telling you where Android apps normally tell you. It was also shown that iPhone apps crash more often.

And it always cracks me up to see the iFans get mad over these posts. Everything under the sun gets compared. The iPhone doesn't stack up....simple as that. Enjoy what you bought just as the early Android adopters had to do while iFans went to bashing any mention of Android. 
true i wish i had android now

This is the last apple device I will own I decided that before I saw your video now I'm going android as soon as my contract runs out !
I guess Google dont have the factories of slave labouers working 12 hours a day to make millions of iphones
+Eric Fletcher I tried to get rid of the 'What's Hot' Google forces me to see everyday. Google you know..
+Desmore Joseph Why? Clearly the iPhone has lost its cutting edge. They're not the fastest, there are better displays on other phones, as the video showed the camera features are unbeatable on the Nexus... What does the iPhone have? A fingerprint scanner - Motorola Atrix. Lightning Charger v Wireless Charger.... You get my point.
Helge mortensen. My comment was based against my nexus4 and my mates i5 on same network with everything turned off then watching YouTube full films.. Nexus 4 was at 33% when i5 died even with a much bigger picture at 720p wasn't fair to ask i5 to 1080p
P.s don't worry to much about huge external SD cards(32gb Max) but buy the best class you can.
You will see why when you get 4.2 update. Google everything is going cloud based with full integration with chrome browser, Google+,YouTube and on and on .
Completely blown away coming from cm9 ice cream sandwich.
when a phone can make me a sandwich, grab me a beer and wipe my arse.....wake me up...i'll pay top dollar
I just saw this guy's post timeline.. I should've checked it before commenting.. I'm going make some tea..
10?   I'm sure there are plenty more. Talk about 10s of thousands.  Definitely a cellphone is not a replacement for a desktop computer.
Heck yeah Swype! I love the iPad now, but having no Swype is painful...
All about consumer choice, so get what you like and what works for you. That way everyone wins, no matter the os. Me, im android from day one. Why? Bcuz it works for me, but who knows what might come along and change that. Until ftw!
Steve Jobs would list all the things that Nexus, can't do, and there are way more than 10 problems with Nexus 
+Anthony Onesto oh yes the iPhone can very well get viruses. There have been viruses that have made it into the App Store. But the worst one of all iPhone users didn't even know about because they are ignorant of technology. Remember the time you could jailbreak your iPhone simply by going to a website. Well of course most iPhone users have no understanding of what a jailbreak really means. Your phone could be completely hacked and controlled just by visiting a simple web page.
Natan C
what's wrong with android users?? so devoted to criticizing apple products.. childish 
I've always loved android phones!
+Lars T yea the Nexus 4 situation is frustrating but Google doesn't manufacture the phones. LG does. And obviously they aren't just leaving money on the table. The demand for the phone is just ridiculously high. The tech media won't report on that though.
iOS all the way android it's a copy cat of iOS ;) anyway both are good in a different way just depends on your needs!!!

Jason G
Missed out that with the Android you can turn off WiFI / Bluetooth etc with a single button. IOS you have to navigate though 3 or more buttons. 
I'm sticking with Apple as it integrates well most hardware and I love Apple TV! 
Add "hold my interest" to the list 
Great video, thanks! My wife and I actually have an apple house, but are thinking of switching.
What about our iTunes music library that we have built up, as well as all the movies we have? Is there a way to use them with an android based phone?
10 things it can't do... Where is the list of things iPhone DOES do without freezing, crashing, glitching, and randomly restarting?

I adore Android, an love playing with kernels etc., but the fact is, iOS works far better, has far better support in all aspects, and has superior hardware and components.

Even Google's own apps look and work FAR BETTER on iOS.
Okay, iPhone might be missing those features, but android is missing a "properly function system" feature, which doesn't lag and runs smoothly - that's why many people prefer iPhone iOS. 
I am an iphone user but I still like android
Steve job nothing but a thief stealing other people ideas. He never invent shit
Who cares who copied who.  It is about features, price, and freedom.
Both companies use similar technology in their OS, the only real difference is the restrictions placed on the device by the developers. If you want to talk rooted/jailbroken then you could force your iphone to accept widgets. It would be a bit glitchy since it isnt supported, but you could write the program. I just like that i don't have to do that just to get a basic feature such as widgets. One drawback to android is the low end phones that companies keep trying to release, but that is the beauty of open source software. More choice.#android for me.
Sent from my samsung galaxy tab note 10.1
+Bryan Wilson i have itunes and google music. itunes will upload directly (meaning, same playlist even) so they will be on your android phone. no problem. 

before i switched, i actually started using google music on my iphone because it's cross platform. you'll lose apples' proprietary airplay though so keep one device around (i use an old imac for my music, video, and an old ipad2 for pandora streaming)
Armando, pls compare win 8 mobile and Android 
Google site, Google keeps posting hater threads. Kind of obvious bull poop propaganda. UNIX is UNIX, oh brainwashed masses.

Now Google, Let's see your contractual sneaky bits for Google services posted as loud propaganda? Like anything backed up your cloud becomes your Google property? Even other people's research?

Why do you save every Google search ever? With names attached?

The tricks Android does were in Apple laptops before iPhone. Bonjour file sharing? Both companies steal from the Gnu Project. Linux kernal, Darwin kernal, it's all UNIX. 
+Ryan DeClue you love playing with kernals etc and wonder why you are crashing, glitching etc? my Gnex never has an issue
+Tim Morrison no, not until we're fighting over who's home helper robot is better :-) or someone else makes a noticeable splash in mobile. Leave Jesus out of this its just going to make things worse.
+Michael Conrad Well i know few things that iPhone can do that Android cant.
1.iCloud Sync

2.Fluidity of all apps.(the worst games for FPS drops come from Gameloft)

3.iCloud backup wich Armando mention on his KLP wishlist.

4.Auto folder nameing.

FYI i know more things but here are few.
+Edward Knapp kinda like windows huh virus writers target the larger platforms. Android holds 70% of the worldwide smartphone market share. IOS has vulnerabilities that could be exploited but what's the point you won't hit the larger demographic. Android phones are small Linux computers, like any PC user some common sense should be used know what you are downloading and know where you are surfing. But I guess those points are lost on most morons who think any device should be infallible
Why is it that iPhone users don't feel the need to prove anything about their phone????? Hmmmmm????? 
I use both an iPhone 5 and an iPhone is my primary phone and I think I can equated it to a Camry...reliably consistent yet boring in comparison to my S3 aka my Ferrari. The thing about Ferrari's is that they are hot, fast, and very cool, but on occasion give you unexpected issues. This being said...I have been disappointed with the iPhone 5 (not worth the upgrade)...and I really like the S3 and have found myself gravitating towards it more so than my i5. Unfortunately for many of us Apple users, we are too locked into the ecosystem (music, movies, videos) to break free.  
And iPhone users don't post about the other phones because we don't care, we aren't wasting our time. Lol
Once I pay for the device, it is mine, not yours.

Why do I have to keep it the limited, one track, proprietary closed source way you designed it for you and your Logo, status symbol displaying masses?   Who are you to tell me what application I can install or run on my phone?

Like the man said, it is different strokes for different folks.

Henry Ford once said, you can have your car any color you want as long as it is black.   It worked then, but times have changed!.

I like choice!
+Karlo Vranješ thanks for your actual arguments for iOS glad not everyone in the iOS camp is senseless, no disrespect intended, but I think your the first here to make somewhat valid points.
Where do I find the 'photosphere' app? Would like to check that out.
+Paul Jones And Googles record of saving everything you do doesn't worry you?

Sorry Google. You make good stuff but the Big Brother thing is creepy. When will you sell us out?

Your test is apples and oranges, BTW. 
Agreed, +stacey fredd, It's the android fanboys that are constantly going on about how many of these or how much of that or the size of those.  Makes me wonder if they're self-conscious about the size of theirs.
+Michael Conrad Oh and i forgot my mothers Galaxy Nexus here in Croatia is sold by Samsung and updates are handled by Samsung in this case her GNex is still 4.1.2
I really like that keyboard and it will certainly be a good thing when Apple gets around to allowing default application, but you know it seems the only people who ever really concern themselves with these comparisons are Android users. There seems little question that Android has distinguished itself in the market and I think in terms of total units sold is the market leader. But would any one or all of these differences convert me from iPhone to Android?  No. Cool video :)
One thing that iPhone has going for it is that you can actually get one today at several retail outlets. Can't even order a Nexus 4.
+Fernando Traquino that's the problem with you sheeps... You think that android is a copy of iOS (which is ironic because the notification center is a completely nasty ripoff of the Android's notification bar) and you guys just say shit like that with no fundament... That shows how retaded iSheeps can be
+Ivan Funes then it's user error. I have both those phones and know numerous people with them, none of us have the problems you do.
Hmm so 90% or so of iPhone comments here are, I love my iPhone I have nothing to prove, you guys should look into moving to China where you can love and blindly follow your leaders and continue to not think analytically. They'll love you there. Thanks for adding nothing to the conversation.

+jerry andersen its an android 4.2 feature in the camera app, can do video, picture, panorama, or globe.
Agree with lots of this except NFC. It's a fad
Bionic here. Absolutely no crashes with paid apps. Love this phone. I 5 is a laughable joke. Verizon is a horrible company but my 4G is way faster than the rest so I deal with them. 
Jajaja take that appple. 
All amazing reasons why I left the iOS last year after GoogleIO. JellyBean is too amazing to pass up. I love my Nexus4. 
+stacey fredd oh iPhone users had PLENTY to prove about their phones just a couple of years ago. You couldn't talk about Android or anything else without being bombarded by iPhone users overrunning the discussion. The reason you don't see it now is because there are way more Android users. Hard to make up crap to say about Android when most smartphone users are experienced with it.
How many times does Apple fans have to keep repeating the whole "I don't need that" line before they figure out that their company isn't doing anything with their money. Its not so much about what you "need" as much as what can you "do". Android devices just do more. They always have. Apple has been very good at telling people what they need instead of giving people what they want. 

Wanna mirror your phone on any TV/monitor without some fancy iDevice to connect it too? Too bad, Apple only plays with itself. How about drag and drop capabilities? What you don't need your phone to have the basic function of a PC from 1992? How innovative. How about taking my photos from my digital camera and transfer them directly to my tablet via micro SD? That'll only cost you an extra $30 for the attachment. How about sharing anything on your phone to any application that can read it? Or setting default applications? Or changing the home screen without voiding the warranty? Or watching videos in HD? The list really goes on. 

The people at fault for Apples lack of progress isn't Apple itself, its the Apple consumer. They will buy anything with an Apple logo on it, regardless of what has changed. The die hard fan constantly belittles Android increasing functionality as nothing more than a gimmick, which is funny because Apple seems to be copying all those "gimmicks". 

Heres some of the things Android had before Apple
1) Wallpapers
2) Folders
3) "Multitasking"
4) Camera flash
5) Notification tray
6) Noise canceling microphone
7) Panoramic pictures
8) Video chat
10) App integration (not limited to Facebook and Twitter)
11) 4G
12) Voice activated commands
Android - Not only "It just works", it does way more
Great video and information. Keep it up

I hate how on most android phones with soft keys, when I put it portrait mode to play a game,type,ect. If I'm not very careful the home button gets hit. 
I find it that the old capaitive buttons were worse. I used to hit those all the time.
Oh this iPhone 5 sucks so so much! I got it for a very good reason but I am hating everything about this phone. (It's all about my daughter) Anyways, yeah and a couple more things you didn't mention Armando; Text size is way too small, no option to change it; Google maps for the iPhone 5 sucks, hardly any options, it's driving me crazy while I try and deliver stuff; The battery does not last any longer than my ANDROID's did, so I don't know what all this talk about a better battery is all about now??? Even my son, die hard iPhone 5 user now said, "wow dad you use your phone a lot, more than anyone" HA HA I've been trying to tell him, but he's 18.; Options, well there is NO option to click somewhere for advanced settings, apparently that would be too advanced for iPhone users. Advanced settings is always the first thing I change, when I have something new. Those are just a few more things added to the list. Thanks Armando, great reviews!
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