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Corner of Avenue A & E 10th St. | #NYC #streetphotography
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+Tatiana Soares I was going to work in 'pose' or 'strang'e' (from boomerang movie) into the title and I couldn't properly figure out if there was a name for this stationary pose either. Is there a name for when a woman leans like this, almost like a switch?
Her pose is great (don't know if there's a name for it), but my absolute favorite part is the people at the restaurant across the street framed in the open taxi windows.
+Tatiana Soares no worries, I am not sure there is a name for it, my mind thinks there should be. ;)

+Ursula Rodgers That is my second favorite part.
Really though, I was psyched when I saw that. That spot across the street is called Horus Cafe and is a pretty happening hookah & Kebab spot. (In the event you ever swing by)
Liking your street shots mate!
Thanks a ot +Leon Cato I sincerely appreciate that.
I am finding street to be the most rewarding.
+Armand Salmon quality as per usual!!! timing perfection, motion, strong comp, great colour work and a secondary storyline/image, as already mentioned that's going on through the window of the moving taxi ... Love it mate!!!
+Steven Sherwin Thanks for the very observant compliment. You made me see a bit more than I did when I posted it.
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