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Special ALT Characters for Google+
You can Use this character in your comment and post:

☺ ALt+1
☻ ALt+2
♥ ALt+3
♦ ALt+4
♣ ALt+5
♠ ALt+6
• ALt+7
◘ ALt+8
○ ALt+9
◙ ALt+10

♪ ALt+13
♫ ALt+14
☼ ALt+15

░ ALt+176
▒ ALt+177
▓ ALt+178
│ ALt+179
┤ ALt+180
╡ ALt+181
╢ ALt+182
╖ ALt+183
╕ ALt+184
╣ ALt+185
║ ALt+186
╗ ALt+187
╝ ALt+188
╜ ALt+189
╛ ALt+190
┐ ALt+191
└ ALt+192
┴ ALt+193
┬ ALt+194
├ ALt+195
─ ALt+196
┼ ALt+197
╞ ALt+198
╟ ALt+199
╚ ALt+200
╔ ALt+201
╩ ALt+202
╦ ALt+203
╠ ALt+204
═ ALt+205
╬ ALt+206
╧ ALt+207
╨ ALt+208
╤ ALt+209
╥ ALt+210
╙ ALt+211
╘ ALt+212
╒ ALt+213
╓ ALt+214
╫ ALt+215
╪ ALt+216
┘ ALt+217
┌ ALt+218
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Ah, ASCII. The video game graphics of the early 80s.
let me try it alt+1
still don't kown how to use it
I had to use the number/key pad on right of keyboard not numbers across the top. ☺ Nothing appears until I release the ALT key. Hope that helps. It took me awhile to figure it out. Ω
+Greg Murray thanks,You can also use Fn, or 'Function' key with center number of keyboard for add this character with ALT
+Gabriel Vasile
i kown that,and i tried it in MS WORD and NOTEPAD.
in China,some cheap keyboards are substandard
The only one that I need : ♥
Doesn't seem to work for me... maybe it's because I'm on Ubuntu.
doesn't work for me either. i don't have number lock. stupid Dell.
nope. not on this dell. my old dell i could make the special characters. not this one. thanks:)
you're just showing off +James Eagle <sticking my tongue out at you> Alt +1 doesn't work for me. I hear a "ding" sound when I press alt +1. wow, I really need a new computer!
Here... Alt+1 changes to the first open tab; Alt+2 to the 2nd tab... and so on and so on. :-P
Hey. How come it doesn't work for me??? OK, what do I need to do?
♥ Thank you Sangam choudhari. Tara D, use the right hand side numbers!! ♫♫♫
+Tara Dhakhwa you use laptop? you have to use the number keys in the right side else use Fn key and center number.
Regular ASCII characters. Not only for G+. BTW, they non't work for commenting. Windows7 says "beep beep" when I try to type "Alt+number".
I think this has nothing to do with Google+ and more to do with Windows, i.e. these combinations don't work on a Mac and probably not on Linux, either.
But these are just Unicode characters. There are other ways of producing them. ★☂☁♬▽♨⌘◎→☀♡
Hey it works on my laptop, too, and in MS Word, and in wordpad and on ipad and... Hello!!! Wake up people: ASCII is older than Microsoft.

Anyone know how to do it 'correctly'? :P
. ▲
▲ ▲
▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ Attention ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓
For Laptop Use:
The best answer are for My 2 Friends: +Gabriel Vasile & +Sangam choudhari

1.Use Right Side Number Pad not Upper Number Keys !

2.If your computer don't have Right side Number:
♣You can use Fn, or 'Function' key with center number of keyboard for add this character with ALT
♣You need first to activate the numlock. (fn+num lk) then you need to hold alt and press on the "u","i","o","p","j","k","l",";", or "m" (as the numbers of numlock).
Sorry for the nitpick, but these characters are definitely not ASCII. In the old days they used to live in their own codepages and fit into 8bit character sets. ASCII is a 7 bit character set. Now they are just Unicode characters.
From Shirazi's: "1.Use Right Side Number Pad not Upper Number Keys !" DELL studio doesn't have the "Fn" numbers, only upper line. I guess one should use an extra (usb) keyboard to be a "100% geek" ;)
Vahid A
Nice post Arman㋡
I feel old. I still have programming guides for building menus and page layouts in standard ASCII from the early 90's.
can you tell me the code for degree sign please..anyone
+Melissa Grover There's a whole different set of keycodes for the same symbolgy on a Mac. These directions are for Lion Open System Preferences, under Keyboard tick the box for Show Keyboard & Character Viewers in menu bar then on the new icon that appears in the menu bar and select Show Keyboard Viewer. Once the keyboard viewer is visible hold down the alt key and it will show you the next key to press to get the alternative symbols.
testing.. ♥...great, I ♥ this post...☺
Tried several times. Does NOT work for me.
In Windows, you can also run "charmap" (Start>charmap) and then select, copy and paste ☺
How can I use the windows char map and get all the symbols?