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Arman Assadi
I help people uncover their unique craft and create self-directed lives.
I help people uncover their unique craft and create self-directed lives.


"Say to yourself each time, 'He did what he believed was right.'"

~Epictetus (A.D. c. 55 – 135. Greek speaking Stoic philosopher—was born a slave)


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I'm officially back from my 5-week European work/travel adventure!

Disconnecting lead to a lot of epiphanies, and now I'm making moves. The first—I've decided to go on a blog publishing "sabbatical"—but not in the traditional sense.

If you're a solopreneur or have the ability to choose your projects, I have some strong reasons why you may want to consider doing the same.

Check out the article below and let me know what you think.

If you enjoyed, can you please +1 and share with a friend? If you'd rather not, that's okay too. I appreciate you reading! :)

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"But what does it all mean, Basil?"

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Marketing Persona 101: How to Reach Your Audience When No One Is Listening

Vince Vaughn photoshoot for my latest stock photo ever? :)

My new article this week is about the marketing "persona". Anyone who works in marketing, wants to create a product, deliver a service, or even just write/blog—you need the perfect persona (or avatar).

Personally, I skipped this step in my business because I didn't think it was that important. ‪#‎amateurhour. It's super important. Read this!

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The Ultimate Guide to Float Tanks

I've also included the exact transcribed notes from my first experience so you can see just how far the rabbit hole goes...

If you've ever wanted to try out a floatation/isolation/sensory deprivation tank (it's all the same), this article will give you what you need.

Also, if any friends bring up the topic please pass this along :)

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Have You “Made It”? Musings on Goals Post-Amalfi Coast

Click here

We all have some sort of "I've made it" moment in our minds.

After a two week trip to Italy and the Amalfi Coast, I have some new thoughts around setting goals and the idea of having a triumphant moment like this.

Read it here:


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Learn how to correctly choose your "vocation", the key to long-term career fulfillment — according to Einstein and da Vinci...

Full article and more resources here:

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How to Choose Your "Vocation" According to Einstein and Da Vinci

Correctly choosing your vocation is the key to long-term career fulfillment. #Einstein  and #LeonardodaVinci  knew this well.

Click to see this brand new video and article to get the framework you need...

#career  #entrepreneurship

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Premeditation: How Your Thoughts Create Your Future

Your thoughts are powerful, and they can either help you or sabotage you. 

Here are two stories that illustrate exactly how:

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The Truth about Why I Left Google and the Illusion of Job Security

Video here

Total Viewing Time: 5 minutes, 47 seconds.

It’s time to share the real story behind one of the key reasons I left Google.

In this video I also talk about a very important topic that affects almost everyone at some point in their lives: job security.

By the way, notice anything funny going on in the background of the video?

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