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Restoring Life, it's what we do!
Restoring Life, it's what we do!

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Did you know there's a good and bad way to change your baby's diaper?

How you change your baby's diaper can actually be impacting the health of their nervous system!

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This sweet girl has been visiting our office for about 9 1/2 months in the womb & is now here to show us her beautiful little face! 😍

Welcome to your Restoring Life Community!

Well done Danielle! ♥️

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20 Years of No Sleep - A Chiropractic Miracle.
Chiropractic is transforming Janice's QUALITY OF LIFE.
Take a peak at her story by clicking the link below.

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Our FAMILY PLAN 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 is BACK in full swing in 2017 and we are more excited than EVER to serve you!

Tag your hubby or wifey & tell them the GOOD NEWS & share on your page with your BFFs!
#restoringlifefamilies #weloveyou
#chirofamilies #community

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Have you seen our page dedicated to the people in our community?

Scroll through & see how chiropractic is changing lives & can CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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When your father is diagnosed with cancer there's only one thing you can do - and that is to support him with everything you've got.

For us that came in the form of optimizing his nervous system through consistent Chiropractic Care giving his body the greatest ability to heal.

He was adjusted on a semi regular basis (just when he was in pain) prior to his diagnosis but once he knew his life was at stake he upped his game in taking care of himself.

We adjusted him with tubes coming out of him in a hospital bed, in his bed unable to move from pain and fatigue from loosing over 50 pounds, and on the floor of his living room.

At his follow up appointments his oncologist was always shocked at his progress and how fast he recovered. They asked him to come speak at a cancer support group to inspire others going through the same struggle!

Prior to cancer my own father thought that chiropractic care was only about decreasing pain, but now he knows it's about RESTORING LIFE.

Here is his unplanned testimony that we just did off the cuff one day last week.
#restoringlife #itswhatwedo #chiropracticforthewin

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When your munchkin cries big crocodile tears because she wants to get adjusted.
#climbuphere #letsclearyournervoussystem
#chirokiddo #creatinggoodhealthstartsyoung
#restoringlife #itswhatwedo

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The TOP 5 things I wish someone would have told me about my back pain!

I spent years of my life in excruciating mid back pain. I went to every doctor I could think of, took prescription drugs (which were recalled for giving women in my age group strokes), and thought I would never be able to bear children.

Fast forward 15 years & now I am a Chiropractor and thriving mother of two helping people understand that there body is fully capable of health & healing and guiding them through the process.

Check out my blog about -> The Top 5 things your pain is trying to tell you & WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT.
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