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Arlene Kim
If I were a racehorse, my name would be "Yeah, In A Minute"
If I were a racehorse, my name would be "Yeah, In A Minute"

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i am actually watching something on CSPAN. and it's good.

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Catching Breadline via Google hangout right now. Wish all readings were live online like this! You don't have to be jealous - you can come too.

so much spreadsheet. oy.

BBC coverage of the Olympics online is the only way to go.

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amazing. (though i also can't help but wonder in what ways he'd say his autism is less a gift and more a thing he'd be willing to trade for ... what?)

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amyleigh: saw this & immediately thought of you. is that wrong?

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word. adjective. pronoun. (heed the warning)
rediscovered this old chestnut, and am still deeply delighted with it. it's so smart!

warning: so. much. obscenity.

listening to the radio. watching city hummingbirds drink ... and fight. it's like i run a miniature dive bar on my balcony.

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Radio junkies: that is indeed my voice that will be broadcasting a small satellite of a poem to the anonymous star stations in your heads. Tomorrow, between 2-3pm PT. Origin: our local NPR planet 94.9 KUOW. Hook your galaxy up to mine here ... I repeat... Radio junkies: "Someone found a letter you wrote me on the radio / & they told the world just how you felt / It must have fallen out of a hole in your old brown overcoat / They never said your name but I knew just who they meant" ...

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"I'm not somebody who knows things; I only play one in poems" says poet Nate Slawson on Bookslut. So YES. You been going through my mail, Nate?
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