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Getting ready for the presentation on Amelia Earhart. Her favorite fact: "That she was a tomboy. She didn't want be a lady like her mom wanted her to be. She did what the boys did."
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+Liberty Frederick it was school. I don't know if it was sock rocking or not, but she had a lot of fun putting it together!
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A half million in photography equipment?  I'm not greedy, I just take one of each, please.
Getty Images Sports Photographer Robert Cianflone Reporting from Sochi

Getty sports photographer Robert Cianflone checks in with us to show off the jaw-dropping amount of gear he and his fellow photogs have to choose from while shooting in Sochi for the Winter Olympics.  
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Arlen Ward

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Well that will put a spring in your step!
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Eeeewww weather today stinks
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Early morning trip out to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. The bison herd was off in the distance, but this guy was wandering around nearby.

+Wildlife Photography  #wildlifephotography   #wildliferefuge   #bison   #colorado  
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+Todd Settimo That sounds like a fantastic trip!  I had a similar experience with a bull Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park.  I was moving while I was taking pictures and then he looked at me, and I was suddenly aware of how exposed I was.  :)
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Yeah, it was pretty much like that.
#autoawesome #snow
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Arlen Ward

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Closed for the Season  During our camping trip last weekend I came across these canoes waiting patiently for spring.  Good thing too, the lake currently has ~18" of ice.  Makes for tough paddling.

#colorado   #coloradophotography    #winter   #canoeing   #canoeonsnow   #scoutcamp   #bsa   #scouting  
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The snow and ice "Where's" your paddle
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Arlen Ward

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This Hangout On Air is hosted by Arlen Ward. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
February ScoutCircle: Youth Leadership Resources
Sun, February 16, 9:00 PM
Hangouts On Air

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Arlen,  im in the middle of ARMY Reserves training.
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Run Away!
A White-tailed Deer decided it was time to head.  Part of a trip to Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge.  What a great resource, and close to home too!

+Wildlife Photography  #wildlifephotography   #coloradophotography   #colorado   
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Arlen Ward

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 .(     you'll poke your eye out kid emoticon #merrychristmas
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Google+'s take on my year.  Mostly Scouting and Scotland.  +Shannon Kastner makes a few appearances in there too!
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Husband, Father, Engineer, Scientist, Scoutmaster, Amateur Photographer. I am Jack's raging bile duct.
A member of an elite group of volunteers known as "Scouters", Arlen has been selected from the horde of applicants to become the Scoutmaster of the newest (and best!) scout troop in Colorado.

When he isn't spending an inordinate amount of time acting like an 8 year old, Arlen can be found working in R&D for a medical device company.

He also spends time talking about himself in the third person and spending way too much time and money geeking out on photography.
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NASA has just released this cute chart depicting the various distances traveled by wheeled machines on other worlds.

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