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This photo was taken with my android cell phone! I didn't edit or touch it up at all. I just wanted to share with you the gorgeous colors this morning here on the island. I used to think such pictures that showed a "pink" ocean were fake! But in Hawaii, when the sky turns pink, it reflects in the water when the winds are absent... and this is what you get. This morning just at day break!
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Tom Lee
Nice! looks better than Trey Radcliff's shot.
Aw +Tom Lee that's very kind of you but I've got a lot to learn before such a comparison could be made!
Thanks Arleen, I love unworked shots like this. It shows the potential reality which awaits us.
Tom Lee
+Arleen Boyd He does a lot of photoshoppings ( if I term this correctly). So you might want to master this technique.
Wow! Paradise..beutiful pic
Beautiful display of God's beauty. Thank you for sharing.
Kay Mac
Wow amazing it that an instrument 
really amazing,nice shot~~~
+Muhammad Baiquni I live on Oahu in Hawaii. This is on Kaneohe Bay just a bit South of Laenani Neighborhood Park on the Windward side of the island.
What a way to start your day. Just wish it could stay that tranquil for ever.
beautiful pic, thanks for sharing!!!
This is really beautiful like you
Very peaceful, thank you for sharing!
Very nice. Both the atmosphere and the water are separating certain colours of the spectrum of light coming from the sun. That's why the hazy pink-ish silhouette is coming thru and more pronounced - because the others are being bent and refracted. When water is still, it gives the effect tranquility ..... 
Very beautiful and evocative. Thank you for sharng the glory of dawn.
That's beautiful! Thumbs up! Or +1
That is absolutely beautiful. Must be much more amazing in person. 
Awesome...u r lucky u leave in such a beautiful place..:)
owaaaasssssaaaaaammmmmm,,, lajawab. awsam
Doesn't need any photoshop,gorgeous the way it is, thanks for sharing.
The colors on the Hawaii beaches never fail to amaze...lovely picture!!!
OMG this pic!!! mint as baby add me on my other account hazz cat
Stunning picture: you have a good eye, and the iphone is an amazing camera
Technology plus people that gives us an image like this is a gift.
looks like sundown. these things could make someone live close to their peace ad quiet , where you can relax and sit and enjoy their view
Gorgeous picture Arleen! Thank you for sharing!
What kind of droid do you have?
Beautiful capture! Fabulous results from a Droid.
Your photo is stunning beauty to the eyes.
I'll tell you what kind of droid I have - NO DROID
How gorgeous what a sight. Great shot! Like to see in person sometime,
Awesome ya gotta love those early morning sunrises... Good shot.
Awsome Picture +Arleen Boyd!! I used to live in Ewa Beach when I was flying in the Navy from Barbers Point. I miss the beauty of the islands and how wonderful they looked from the air. Thank you for inspiring such fond memories....
thats what you get for waking up early!
Yep, it is a great shot. I bought an Android recently too and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the shots it can produce.
lucky you! I envy you as i live in Birmingham England and wake up to grey clouds and rain most mornings :(
Dan To
Good job!
jay yo
nice veiw
My first wife was born in Hawaii - I have been all over the world and I still think it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.
GD vlog
very beautiful photo
Awesome shot for camera phone. 
Beautiful ! And what is the model of your cell phone ? MOTO or Samsung or anything else ?
amazing. thought those were cellos in the water :) lol
That is a place that my mind could fade way with out time on my hands! Thanks for the moment of thought in my mind of this pic!
It's wonderful and lovely. Thanks for sharing.Praise the Lord for wonderful creation.
Wish I could live in such a beautiful place. Kauai is my favourite island. Thanks for sharing the photo +Arleen Boyd
Yes +paul mann I AM an amature when it comes to photographer! I just wanted to share my splendid morning!
+Yipeng Wang +Jake Kim +Alan Gray +P. Williams This (and all my photos today) was taken with my Android - it's a Samsung Charge.
+Dalia Golchan I'm on Oahu.
+Dexter Sumner Wow! I could learn a lot from you about light!
+Bob Olsen +Nathan Hicks you guys need to come back for a visit to recharge yourselves!
+Sabrina Green YOU are right! Androids ROCK! And while my "real camera" sits broken in for repairs... my little droid is doing some pretty heavy lifting! =)
People under estimate the power of mobile camera's. Nice job.
That picture is well worth a thousand words. But its leaving me speechless.
That is amazing!!!! 😢😢😢I could cry!! But I will not!!!💨💨💘💘💋💋💋
Nice. that's a totally a 10+.
Ram Bob
it's sooo beautiful
i don't think this photo is taken by cell but it is taken by an camera of near by 8 megapixle
Awesome Arleen.....look at how awesome God made things to enjoy
wish we were there. could use a vacation right now. It is awesome. Do you live there or on vacation ?
Beatuy in true sense...
rmp r
Its nature's bounty
Boring, sounds like you need to get out more.
This must be a million view if you have a beach home.
Nice pic. Transports u to the scene....Seen such scenes in summer at sunsets in India (which is where I live and belong .)
Very Nice ! The lovely nature . We are so grateful as Universe give us opportunity to enjoy The Truth & so grateful to you for sharing such a nice Pic. Thank you for Posting .
nice to see some unedited, natural shots. well done!
jay yo
pretty cool
I commented earlier, My niece Laura has told me what a great place you share. I hope to make it soon as I can, six months after back surgery I might not be able to body surf. But I sure could dive in some warm water. Puget Sound is not quite warm enough for anything but sailing and crabbing. Thank you again for sharing
Let me know +Brad Plumb when you can make it and what your interests are and I'll give you a few "not to be missed" spots away from the standard tourist attractions!
Beautiful although if I show my wife that pic she will pester me even more to go to Hawaii. Oh and big up the Android phone. Great picture! Which one have you got?
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