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Building Futures, Bridging Divides
Building Futures, Bridging Divides

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Can you support our crowdfunding campaign?

There's some great rewards on offer for an inspirational project that will both change lives and ensure our flagship publication, BOUNDLESS, is sustainable.

If we raise £4000 and get over 40 backers then we get a match-fund for the same amount. Please chip in a pound or two and spread the word!

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Interested in working within the publishing industry?

Arkbound is running a Publishing Excellence Programme that provides key skills and experience.

If you are aged 18-30 and a UK resident you could be eligible for a grant that covers this course, with the Print Futures Awards 2017.

Full details are on or email

The deadline is 30th April, so act fast!

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Come to the Boundless Launch Event (Special edition) on 9th December, 10am-6pm

Get your free tickets from:…

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We have a launch event for Boundless (special third edition). It will be held on Friday and Saturday between 12-3pm and 10am-3:30 respectively. You can get to meet some of the contributors, chat to the Arkbound team, and copies of Boundless will be available fresh from the press. There will be free home-baked cookies and refreshments. Book here:

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An 'old' article, but one still of crucial relevance to the present. The 'Independent Press Standards Organisation' remains far too similar to its failed predecessor, condemned by Leveson and even the present Government as 'not fit for purpose'. Simply put: it is a poodle, whose real masters are the media moguls who have come to dominate over 70% of the UK's newspaper circulation.

The above article gives a concise timeline of events. 

As for the 15 complaints (out of 12,763) that were upheld by IPSO's predecessor, it seems a similar percentage is being carried on. So, for anyone who feels the likes of the Sun have presented a story inaccurately, or otherwise in breach of the Editors Code of Conduct, they have less than a 0.01% chance of having the matter properly investigated and upheld.

And even then, the most they can feasibly hope for is an apology hidden away where nobody will find it.

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Let's not forget the new edition of Boundless too, Arkbound's pioneering eco-centred Bristol magazine!

Happy to have been awarded the Travel and Transport - Best Newcomer award at the Go Green 2016 awards yesterday. 

Arkbound continues to deliver by bike and foot only - with staff coming to work by the same means or, on occasion, by public transport. We strongly believe that utilising sustainable means of transportation is a core component of reducing carbon emissions. Moreover, it is healthy!

Private transport - especially by single occupancy cars - may be convenient but it carries huge costs for the environment and even for society. Aside from the pollution impacts, congested roads contribute to fragmented communities and the erosion of green spaces. 

Arkbound will continue to raise awareness of this issue and, as ever, we will vigorously uphold the standards we proclaim.

An educated and informed populace forms the bedrock of any functional democracy. Without these things people might as well be cattle, herded and directed by those with power to serve the interests of a minority. This is why having a diverse, impartial media is so important to democracy.

Journalism can and should inform, educate and unite. But more often it misinforms and divides. When you consider the close relationship of influential corporate mass media with inner Government, the situation is even more concerning. The frequent meetings between Rupert Murdoch (owner of NewsCorp) and David Cameron - the purposes of which remain secret - is one example.

For as long as the media remains dominated by unaccoutable corporations, with litle or no regulation on how they operate, democracy is under threat. For as long as the owners of these corporations have  secretive connections with those in power, there is little hope for real change.

Only through the forging of new community and independent media organisations that empower people and rely upon the principles of ethical journalism can democracy be regained.

'Looking to the future is pointless if you forget where you are now'

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