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Hi all, looking for more players for a group in the DC metro area. We're just starting to get into Fate and our gaming group is about to lose several players. We're pretty flexible about location in the area as we're already spread all over it, and days/times are pretty flexible as well -- we roll with whatever consensus we reach. That said, we typically play for extended sessions on weekends. If you're interested, reply here or shoot me an email! We're looking for 2 or 3 additional players to grow our group back up to its usual size (6ish consistent players).

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In my FAE session, I noticed that I felt really awkward about compels. I felt like I was really forcing aspects or just handing out compels for (kinda) free. Does anyone else tend to feel this way, and does anyone have any advice for a new Fate GM?

I'm running an FAE one shot for the very first time tonight. None of the players have ever played Fate, and I'm pretty sure most of them have barely heard of it. They're all Pathfinder players and just now beginning to role-play more than roll-play. Any suggestions to make tonight as fun as possible?
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