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Any chance of adding Chromecast support for viewing the trailers?

When opening a link from Google+ to Android Central the AC app crashes, when I click on the link a second time the app opens correctly. Happens every time I open a from G+.

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One more day to #Lollyvember... Nexus 5, 10 and 7 (2012) are ready to receive their updates

Hi +Phil Nickinson just listened to yesterday's podcast where you brought up the difference between battery life and efficiency again. From a technical perspective I understand the difference, but why should I care as a consumer? I need to have my device get me through the day, don't care how the manufacturer gets it to do that. Should I care?

+Google Nederland krijgen we voor het aankomende voetbalseizoen toegang tot de Eredivisie in Google Now? De informatie tijdens de Olympische spelen en het WK was heel handig!

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With Android Auto is it time for full offline support for Google Maps (start navigation, enter address/POI)? I don't see it as a complete replacement for current in car navigation systems without it.

Now that the Google Drive apps support MS Office editing, has Quickoffice become obsolete? Or are there still features in there that Google hasn't moved over?

+Android Central  Love that you reinstated the feed for the Android Central video podcast. Sadly it is not working for me. I use Pocket Cast and the podcast of last week is not available yet. Last time I downloaded the podcast from the AC app as it also took days to become available in Pocket Cast...

Is this a known (and solvable) issue?
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