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So as of Today, I have both a Gnome 3.6 and KDE 4.10 desktop included in Fenrus Linux.
KDE 4.10 is surprisingly nice (I hadn't looked at KDE for a few years).
It starts up waaay too slow to my taste, but the power behavior of it is actually an order or two better than that of Gnome 3..... except for the part where it launches a mysql instance, and mysql (at least the mariadb variant that I'm using) has abysmal power behavior.
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A full blown mysqld for a desktop environment? Wow. 
If you don't use KDE PIM suite you could just disable events in the clock plasmoid. After that Akonadi shouldn't start (it uses MySQL as a database).

Hopefully the port of KDE startup scripts to systemd units will speed up the boot.
out of curiosity, on the gnome side did you bundle any extensions? or are you using the stock settings?
+Arjan van de Ven: I disable nepomuk (pkill -f nepomuk does the trick), but Akonadi is part and parcel of my work day. mysqld doesn't show up too high in powertop, but it does show in regular top (100MB+ of private RSS).
Sounds like you need an ssd. Kde starts up a lot faster with that
this is on an ssd.
maybe my standard for startup time is a bit tight ;)
+Ray Strode I'll be bundling some of the more popular "Linux is als for developers not just apple users" extensions with gnome 3 for sure
+Thiago Macieira mysqld (mariadb)  does like 10 wakeups/sec here. NotGood(tm) when the system wide target is < 2 wakeups/sec
Hmm... here it has 10 threads doing half-second timeouts in io_getevents and 2 more threads with one-second timeouts in futex_wait.
Yes. Looks like they need a refresher on threading basics.
KDE is beautiful I think.   There's something about the default fonts that's just prettier than GNOME.    Basically, given my rapidly failing eyesight, I find KDE easier to read.
Completely agreed that KDE 4.10 boots a quite long, maybe even too long for me. Anyway, 4.10 is the first KDE for a long time I am using, recently I have been using i3wm and/or stumpwm as I am a person who doesn't like and doesn't use mouse. Tried 4.10 and it's quite nice, not so "candy" as previous versions and it's usable.
I just come across the same problem just two days ago...

Searching Google I found that the problem may be caused by the leap second, though the load is not as high as some articles describe. (Continues polling vs. one/some polls a second.)

However the polling stops as soon as I manually set the time with date -s and it starts again if I run ntpdate to sync the time. As this is a notebook I rebooted more than once since the leap second happened. ;)
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