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My essay about cyber stalking has been published on Gizmodo! Glad to finally have a silver lining to this unpleasant cloud from my past.
I was cyber stalked my freshman year of college. It was 2004 and I'd just started engineering school at the University of Michigan. I've never been limited by social conventions in terms of who I befr...
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Well written +Arikia Millikan. You're not the first person this has happened to and sadly you will not be the last. Sometimes and I don't mean this is an excuse .. but when women .. or even men for that matter are too open or friendly this kind of thing happens. Some misinterpret the openness as an invite that you are available or seeking.

Your story is a bit different tho and almost seems like someone you knew closely wanted to mess with your head.... which in itself makes it even creepier.
Great article. The internet will eventually become a great place. Eventually...
Thanks everybody! +David Muench I think the internet is a great place now, and it's only getting better :) My 17-year-old n00bie self didn't know how to handle that situation, but my 25-year-old 133t self did. In spite of the stress that caused, I'm grateful for the learning experience.
I can't get over
how your cyberstalker thought
haiku are hardcore.
Arikia, I thought your article was interesting. I can understand how it can be unnerving if not plain scary to have that kind of attention. It's very unfair to lead someone else on and withhold your identity. I assume the "stalker" was not socially mature enough to approach you directly and say something like "I have a crush on you and: don't know how to express it; have a girlfriend; am stone-freaking ugly".
I've understand that immaturity awkwardness of trying to approach someone you like - from my own experience. No one wants to be rejected. I would hope that he was unaware of the discomfort and uneasiness he created for you - then he could be forgiven his foolishness. Otherwise he'd be a real prick for behaving that way, knowing he was frightening you. If you find him you can bury him in my backyard, no one will ever know. ;)