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I just installed and created an account to check this out. I've been looking for an open source alternative to Evernote for years. When the adjusted their pay model I jumped ship to OneNote.

The biggest downside I'm seeing is no method to import your data from Evernote and/or OneNote. While I like the idea I"m just not going to re-create 10 years of data by hand. So hopefully you guys have plans for an import tool. 

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Concerned about what "changes" they'll have to make, but glad it's going forward.

Hey everyone,

So I wanted to ask a preference question. When running Kali do you prefer installing it on an actual machine or running it from a USB drive? I'm seeing benefits for both just was wondering what the popular choice was. 

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A good write up. The last point is important. I would recommend NordVPN.

After nearly a year of playing Skyrim last night I started the Companions Quest for the first time. Almost forgot what it was like not knowing whats going to happen :)

Lost my saved games in a crash and had to start a new guy. I'm really glad I did so far. Starting over is a lot more fun when you know how things work :)

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It's tech... I mean bonfire night at the Wilisch Estate.
+Deana Wilisch+Jess C+Kenzie C+Kelsey Wilisch+Ron Clough​

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First a great movie now dinner with my beautiful lady +Deana Wilisch​

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Time to watch A Walk in the Woods with a beautiful lady.
+Deana Wilisch​

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Well it WOULD be a great night for a soccer game but lightning had delayed the game at least twice. Probably going to it.
+Deana Wilisch+Jess C+Kenzie C​

We've started introducing the kids to Home Improvement since they liked Last Man Standing so much. 

I forgot how much I liked this show. 
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