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Making movies with a purpose
Making movies with a purpose


It is an addiction for me to be creative. always doing something from scratch or making something better that I already created. When we get a chance to edit someone else's material, it is difficult to say no. When it is a contest, it is a choice to spend time and energy on someting that may not go anywhere but gaining more experience. This is one of those times. Please take a look and give me some love with a vote. thank you.

Moving all notifications over to Google Plus, slowly, due to many reasons -- we just feel Google Plus has a better interface, it is searchable, and does not have restrictions on who can see it.

Facebook was great. It still has a purpose for some, but we feel trapped and dictated on what we can post, when, and who can see it. To each their own, right?

God Bless.

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Petite Chardonnay is now online.
I know, only the 720 version, not 1080, but it is something, and 55 minutes.

#petitechardonnay #ariapictures #michaelklemp #GrettaSosine #CharlieMerlo #GaryLConover #KarlyAvva

Michael Klemp, +Charles Merlo +Gretta Sosine, with +Gary L Conover  and introducing Karly Avva 

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hey everyone, I have had two Aria Pictures google plus pages for sometime now, not sure how it happened, but i only need one, can you all migrate to this one:

thank you

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Part 3?  Sweet!!!
Aria Pictures PCS Journey Part 3 the WATERING hole & BUDDIES 2011 : 3 Submissions There was a person who submitted 2 screenplays, in 2010, and both were excepted.  Now I ask, how can someone submit 2 and have both accepted?  This would have not been a…

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Our Special Holiday Blu Ray movie disk offer #AriaPictures  +Aria Pictures Inc +Chardonnay +THE GOLdEN TREE +the WATERING hole ...

The Blu Ray disk will include Petite +Chardonnay  #PetiteChardonnay   ,  +THE GOLdEN TREE  #THEGOLdENTREE    , and +the WATERING hole    #theWATERINGhole   from +Aria Pictures Inc  #AriaPictures

PLUS: The Choice by Mark Hoffman,, and all in their HIGH DEF Original Glory.

6 films, 50+ local actors and crew, 107 Minutes + [might add more to it], HD all on Blu Ray with Amaray case.

Asking price is $25. yes we know you can get major motion pictures for less at amazon, but they mass produce them, and we are doing them one at a time.

Contact us if you want one for the holidays.

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