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Zurich airport Camel Smoking Lounge... really?
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Looks like they stole their furniture from the Apple store.
At least they have "tobacco seriously damages health" on the sign...
On display. An endangered species
Zoo for humans.... sign should read Extinct
but what if you dont smoke Camels?
Nice for them to have a place to indulge in the habit without disturbing others and also without making them uncomfortable, cold or otherwise miserable. As a former smoker, all social ostracism for smoking ever did for me was make me mad and determined to not quit. 
Serious smokers would choose smoking over sex if it comes to that! They don't care about any warning signs. Give them cigs or give them death!
Anything you consume that makes you so desperately addicted is seriously speaking, REALLY, REALLY BAD FOR YOU! But as Dr Kovorkian would have it, if it's death you want, WE'RE HERE TO HELP YOU DIE!
Smoke away!
The trick is a large amount of those smokers blow it all over our non-smoking selves.

I don't care if you smoke, I do care if you smoke at me in a public place. Just as you would care if I urinated on your face for no reason at all.
It's a bad habit and people begin smoking for a variety of reasons, but at least they have a closed off space where it doesn't harm others. It's not an easy habit to just drop. Most may have started when they were young and dumb and now are having to deal with it.
People who smoke are addicted. Show me a smoker, I'll show you someone who wants to quit. FYI I quit with the help of the Livestrong app, check it out if you need support!
Why not let them enjoy their smokes and go about the rest of your day minding your own business?
Lol +Anthony Zul
Obviously you're a smoker.
It's so easy to tell who is a smoker by the comments here.
No one here, I think, is trying to stop them.
We're only giving our opinions and maybe, a little something to THINK!
But definitely, the only person who can stop anyone from smoking is THE MAN IN THE MIRROR.
+Lion Fisile Smokers more and more are being treated like pariah in society, as the comments on here show. I'm sure most smokers would quit right this second if it was that easy. Just because they do smoke doesn't mean they should be treated like a lower life form.
Well, +Michael Banks
When you think of the dangers in smoking, to treat it otherwise would make the younger generation pick it up as a cool thing to do! Some pregnant women smoke, parents smoke around infants and pollute the air with the foul chemicals.
If nothing is done to cast it out as a bad habit which it totally is, some people may not seriously consider quitting.
The only people who truly benefit from smoking are those who make and those who sell them, no more, no less.
Actually +Lion Fisile I've never smoked a day in my life. But I've also never given a crap about someone else's desire to do so. Get over yourself. These people aren't even bothering anyone, they're in a whole freakin separate room. Move the hell on.
So, +Lion Fisile in order to keep the younger generations from picking up cigarettes we should just tell all the current smokers to just go away and die? Just because we should educate on the dangers of smoking doesn't mean we need to treat current smokers like a deadly virus to society. We need find ways to help those who do smoke quit and stop future generations from picking up the habit. Smokers are still human beings and this doesn't mean we should treat them horrible because they are addicted to something. I can't say I've known too many smokers who go up to others and blow smoke in their face and say, "I just did that because I want you to suffer."
+Anthony Zul
You're angry with yourself.
Like I mentioned earlier, no one is going in there and harassing anyone. Comprende? It's just a chat.
+Michael Banks
I think the society is doing what is civil and respectful already for smokers. Nobody's forced to quit, and they don't make it illegal to smoke. That's quite CIVIL. But one man's habit should not pose a threat to another man's health or comfort. That's even a more cause for civilized action.
Nobody tells you not to smoke, but you should do it in such a way that it is just the risk you take all on your own without carrying anyone along with it.
Relax, they are just smoking, it's not like they are eating puppies.
Most of you "uptights" here probably dont say anything about all the McDonalds and such. Obesity has surpassed smoking as the leading cause of death. Some even say we have an obesity epidemic!!! The word epidemic has been used to describe things like Polio and The Plague. So all you against this smoking room, get off your high horse and go shit on some fat people, I mean, weight challenged people at McDonalds.
+Lion Fisile I actually agree with that completely. I'm just talking more about peoples attitudes toward smokers. I agree that smokers shouldn't be able to endanger the health of others. I grew up with smokers and I know the problems it can cause. It just seems like people look down on smokers and act more high and mighty because they don't smoke.
What is really the big deal here? They are CLEARLY not bothering any of the NON SMOKERS outside. People need to just get over it. They are inside minding THEIR business. If you don't smoke and it's not bothering you, then you should do the same.
Really get over it, people smoke. People CHOOSE to smoke. People have a RIGHT to CHOOSE to smoke. I completely agree with Michael. They are tucked away in their little niche, not bothering anyone, staying out of everyones way. People are gonna smoke.... GET OVER IT! FFS
"High and mighty"? Sorry, No. The phrase you're looking for is "rightfully irritated", because smoking destroys everyone's ability to breathe. There's nothing "high and mighty" about that, just plain common sense.
If people are smoking in a closed room with other smokers, while NON SMOKERS are outside breathing fresh air, then why is that bad? A NON SMOKER wouldn't be using "common sense" if they walked into a smokers lounge. =p
I've been in there lol, I've since quit smoking...
Not talking about the smoking room -- just critiquing the earlier comment from another guy, who tried the tired old "holier-than-thou" accusation against non-smokers.
I don't personally treat any smoker as inferior, and I don't really think that any non-smoker thinks of himself as "high and mighty", but it's hard to see a good-looking person ruin it all for you when they light up a cigarette. It's a turn-off for me, but I don't consider that to be a judgement on those who smoke. I don't want to smell like an ashtray when I don't smoke, and I don't want to inhale what other people are blowing into the air. As healthy as a fart is, you still think that people should be more careful where they blow one! Inhaling a second-hand smoke is far worse than an atomic fart.
I'm surprised the floor of that enclosed room isn't littered with asphyxiated bodies.
+Ian Shields I'm not saying everyone who doesn't smoke thinks they are better then smokers, but some of the earlier comments seemed to give that image. I did not intend to say "rightfully agitated" because society for the most part has taken care in removing smokers from places where they can harm others. Many cities, restaurants, hospitals, etc.. have completely banned smoking. I see nothing wrong with people who smoke having their own area in which to do so.
This reminds me of Bill's 'Smoking Booth' on News Radio. Everyone should be able to enjoy vices that don't injure or oppress others and this is a good way to facilitate that.

And this would be cool if it were a cigar bar. The problem with most cigarettes is that they're a cocktail of chemicals designed to be more addictive than pleasurable... ...but that's not the smokers' fault.
thats actually a great idea they do what they like and they are not bothering me with the smoke, so im happy about that :) its a win-win situation.
We smoked a lot of camels in Iraq. Soon in Iran.
It sounds like one of the best ideas I've ever heard
Great Idea I Personally Smoke Cigars and Frequent Cigar Lounges Which I often Refer to as The last Bastion For Men Or Women Who like to Partake in The Pleasure of a fine Cigar we all have Our Poison Pick Your and if you do not Have a Vice Your Not Alive
people that smoke die quicker....then i feast on their souls!
+Suzn G
I +(1)'d your comment for being funny. Do you need a lighter for your cigarette?
Wow its funny how self righteous non smokers get to get that mild feeling of superiority... let me help you guys.." were so awesome and smart... We dont smoke and look how retarded all you smokers are... How come is it you get laid.more than we do still? It doesnt make sense! People are so much dumber than i am see.. im smart IM SMART IM A FREAKING GENIUS BECAUSE I DONT SMOKE YOU STUPID SMOKE SUCKERS... ENJOY YOUR GIRLS AND your and fun nights out while im here all alone ,lonely on the internet at home all alone like last night and the night before and tomorrow..." See how dumb that sounds guys?
+Johnny Chupacabra you sir are awesome! Bwahahahah!
+Steve Conaway Johnny Chupacabra is glad he can make you laugh...but remember one day he brings chuckles and delight and the next he comes for your soul! hisses while running off into the darkness of the night
Duuude, you can't equate the luck of getting laid with the fact that you're a smoker. Well, ladies who smoke prefer a gentleman who does, naturally. And, the psychology of a typical smoker is being easy and cheap! So, do you feel powerful because you get laid easier than a non-smoker? Maybe you should feel CHEAP!
I don't see any camels in the lounge.
Thankfully, there is somewhere to smoke INDOORS in Switzerland! Soon to be a thing of the past in America. All the way down to the smallest town's privately owned bars and stores.
As recently as 3 years ago, Atlanta had a smoking lounge (haven't been in awhile). If you were unfortunate to walk past when the door opened, you'd get a nose full of stench. The lounge in Atlanta wasn't branded like this one though.
+Maggie Witkowski
I really don't have a twin sister. It was just a figure of speech to say: you sound like me. Haha! Totally a compliment!
Think I saw the same in Frankfurt; does not get more ludicrious than this.
So what other groups of people in this world are forced to sit in closed off places or outside? Smoking laws are the new Jim Crow.
Smoking apparently helps with spelling and grammar.
More people die from tub slips than smoking. Be careful.
Thanks, sweetie; I will be careful. Your concern for my well-being is heart-warming. I laugh audibly. Goodnight, to you all! I stick my tongue out from my face.
Let me get this straight. It's not proper to have a place to smoke so the smoke doesn't injure anyone else. But you Maggie Witkowski Princess - - - - - . Can write that and me read it and not know before i read it that i will become contaminated with your convoluted BULL.
It's unfortunate how polarizing this issue really is. A lot of lobbying and political effort has been thrown at this, along with the "moral majority" who are usually just a bunch of self-righteous jackasses. I can see the potential for an honest debate / discussion devolve into name calling and childish remarks.

As a former tobacco user (non-smoker), I can tell firsthand how difficult it was to quit. It was the hardest thing in the world for me to do..and I sympathize / empathize with those who try to go down that same path. It is insanely addictive and can change a person's life considerably (I'm not sure how people afford the habit here in the states, especially in NYC).

On the other side, it isn't anyone's place to tell you what / where you can do with your legal habit, as long as you're not affecting anyone else. I understand / appreciate smoke free bars / restaurants, but until they make it ILLEGAL, people should be free to do what they want. Same goes for seat belt laws.

These lounges at the airports absolutely reek (it is a smelly habit - anyone who tries to deny that is delusional), but I understand the need for the fix - especially traveling. For those who enjoy their habit and don't want to quit - that's long as you're completely informed that it can (and usually does) kill you and you're considerate of your neighbor. It's not a lot to ask.
Thats 'Funny', because more half of my ancestors died of lung cancer.......& I do not seem to have a problem with it, so "Thank YOU" very much.... Please tell me that you're only argument for being against smoking is KNOT the B.S. second-hand smoke theory, because that is" not hardly having a leg to stand on"
Seems like lots of folks would benefit from a drink and a smoke. Maybe a camel too :)
In the words of St. Augustine -"Do all things in moderation. Including moderation."
My health is no ones responsibility but mine. I dont complain about people stuffing their faces full of transfats. Life is short so enjoy what you can where you can. +Johnny Chupacabra I do not have a soul. In the immortal words of Bill Orielly "you cant explain that!" You can have his soul , consider it fast food.
I presume Camel sponsored it. We are ready to take money from anyone, including companies which knowingly pushes bad products to end users
The only problem I have with smoking is that I'm allergic to the smoke... at least that's once place I can avoid going to...
If more places had smoking lounges, we smokers would be much more pleasant to be around. Having to go hours without a smoke has a tendency to make us a wee bit testy.
It is better than nothing.. Hard to find.....
Yes, smoking is dangerous - hence all the health warnings and price hikes - but it is also a habit which can be hard to break via the 'cold turkey' method (as much because of the psychological aspects of addiction as by the chemical addiction - which is why nicotine patches also require willpower). Added onto which, there are the conspiracy theorists who refuse to believe the health warnings: "My nan smoked 40 a day and lived to 86!"

So airports providing somewhere where smokers can engage in their habit seems a sensible idea. I'd assume it's air conditioned so keeping the concentration of smoke in the air to levels far below that of pubs in previous generations, and it wouldn't surprise me if the air pressure inside is slightly lower than outside, to minimise smoke escaping (except on the breath and clothes of the smokers).

As for alcohol / obesity, they're tougher nuts to crack. You have to consume a significant quantity of alcohol to get addicted in the first place, but the main worry nowadays isn't so much alcoholism but binge drinking - those who don't drink much during the week, but come weekends consume far too much. You'd think the side-effects (loss of memory, loss of control, vomiting, hangovers) would be a pretty sharp deterrent, but evidently not. The drinks industry is also a very powerful lobby, hence minimum pricing is fiercely resisted (usually with the excuse it would hit poor, moderate drinkers unfairly) the manufacturers that do put the number of alcohol units on their bottles / cans tend to write them in fairly small script, hidden away on the back label somewhere. Public health campaigns can play a part (e.g. "Have none for the road"), as well as advertising restrictions.

If alcohol is a tough nut to crack, obesity's even tougher. Food manufacturers are an even more powerful lobby - remember the daft story over in the US the other month that classified 2 tablespoons of tomato puree (i.e. the amount used in a pizza) as a portion of fruit/veg so it could still be sold in school lunch menus. Fast food is unhealthy by definition, but again a lot depends on consumption. If you take your children to a fast food restaurant once or twice a month as a treat, it probably won't do them much harm. If you're relying on fast food for the majority of their meals, and ordering fries and a sugary soft drink rather than a fruit bag and milk / water (bear in mind fruit juice is just as sugary as full sugar soft drinks), their weight is bound to increase. Banning fast food advertising probably would be unfeasable, but for those companies that provide healthier alternatives to the standard burger + fries + sugary soft drink, perhaps they could be encouraged to only show the healthier alternatives in their advertising (if the children in the ad are shown enjoying a fruit bag, and your children watch the ad, they may possibly consider it as an alternative to fries).
Thanks Ben - When the server asks: "Smoking or non..?" I reply: Extra smoke please.. ;-)~*
+Stepan Arkadyevich Oblonsky my point is about personal responsibility. America has become an over-regulated state and suffers from nannyism. It should be common sense to wear a seatbelt, not a law. We all need to embrace darwinism. Smoke responsibly, drive responsibly, eat responsibly, have sex responsibly.
There used to be a square glass room for smokers at Heathrow Airport also but it became emptier and emptier as people used to gather and make fish mouth movement at the residents....was really funny...
It makes me laugh every time i pass it!
That's a really nice smoking lounge.
I like it. For those of us that haven't kicked the habit yet, after long flights from North America and else where it's nice to be able to sit, drink a cup of 'Airport Java' and have a smoke.
+Maggie Witkowski You don't Smoke You don't Drink your on a Macrobiotic Diet low Carb High Fiber Diet and Develop some form of Cancer Maggie its life No one Gets Out Alive
after a long flight I really need some smoked camel
last time i was stuck in an airport for hours witing for a delayed flight, this would have come in handy. i had to go all the way outside the airport and get re-checked by security each time i wanted a cigarette.
I don't get what is so wrong with this? Big deal, people do things that are different than others. All decisions have consequences, either good or bad.
awww boo hoo. it is my right to smoke. you are not excused for "caring" about my health, please limit your concern to things that do not encroach on my freedom. there is no reason that your poison, which i do not care for, should be any more prevalent than mine. i care not about your family, mine have all been smokers and lived long productive lives. herein lies the world's problem, people that think they are doing the world a favor by trying to take away rights from those who simply would choose a different path. this is not a democratic world, or a christian nation. stop telling me i can't smoke, you don't have any rights to my health. second hand smoke is not proven to be any more dangerous than any other kind of toxin that we are exposed to by the actions of others. this whole anti-smoking crusade is a crime against freedom, perpetrated by unloved mothers and arm chair dictators.
I don't smoke but appreciate smoking lounges because people should have the right to kill themselves if they wish. These smoking lounges are not hurting anyone who doesn't enter. So what is the big deal? Get over yourselves. What do I hate more than a rude smoker? Someone thinking they should take that right away from them.
Camels go there to smoke? Seriously now, where does the smoke the smokers create go to? Smoke can't stay in that room forever or there'll be no oxygen left to breathe.
Maggie, the biggest killer in America is obesity. Should restaurants not be allowed to serve anything but the healthiest of foods? Why/why not?
Hey. At least SMOKERS are more socially conscious than COAL PLANTS> Then again....ever try to DRIVE IN YOUR GARAGE with no CIRCULATION? You anti smokers should try it sometime......
Where are the camels, I only see people.....
The smoke stays on their clothes when they leave so we can all still appreciate the stench!
If you ask me this is no different than people that have bad BO.
Even if you quit smoking, there are a  myriad of things that people will find to be critical of you. It can be the shoes you wear, your political leanings, how far off you are from you ideal weight, how often you work out or what gym you attend, the type of music you listen to, your religious or non-religious affiliation, whether or not you follow an organic diet, your awareness of genetically altered foods and whether or not how many or how few you consume on a daily basis, what type of smart phone you have or don't have, your hair or lack of hair and how you style it, whether or not you gamble and how much and how often, what kind of art you like, do you believe that 2+2=5 or 4 and what proof you have either way, whether or not you believe the world will end in 2012, are there other planets with aliens, are they friendly or want to take over the earth, do you drink cheap beer or expensive beer, how much bread you eat, etc.....
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