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"One striking piece of data in the jobs numbers out Friday was just how much of a drag the public sector is on the lame economic recovery. While the private sector added 172,000 jobs in July; federal, state and local governments shed 9,000 jobs. Over the past three years, the government has eliminated 693,000 total jobs." -- Bonnie Kavoussi on HuffPost 
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+Arianna Huffington  I truly hope that you don't really believe that statement.... The government job loses is retiring not reduction. We  have always  relied on the private sector to build jobs for the masses - Government intervention has slowed the private sector in creating jobs because of their inability to produce a stable environment therefore, causing the private sector to wait to hire more employee  in a more stable environment 
+William Johnston Wow, what planet do you reside on? Have you not noticed the drastic reduction in government employment? Or that government hiring in previous recoveries mirrored private sector hiring?

Oh wait, facts have no business on a tea party brochure.
but now effect is mostly on market will be down I gusse
+Stephen Anderson  What is the point of having health care in a captive environment If we are the slaves of the administration then the health care is nothing. In a free society having health care verses a good strong military  I'll take the strong military any day over healthcare 
I agree with the article in the fact that the Republican party are intentionally blocking recovery as that is the only platform that they can come up with.  These are some seriously deranged and disgusting people, Eric Cantor being one of the worst.
I don't see where swearing was required. And Raymond is correct. The party of NO.
The worst thing we ever did to ourselves as Americans was allow ourselves to believe we were the best in the world at everything, because then we stopped trying.  Instead, we challenged anyone who dared disagree with us.  I am a proud, but REALISTIC American.  We can do better, and we should.  We won't get there with politicians putting party over country and dividing us a nation.  Our problems are quickly becoming bigger than our pride.  We need to realize this and get a grip.
I know, I live near the border.  I remember when it flipped.  

Bottom line with all this is, yes, we need to fix our economy and other things in this country.  The way to do it is through cooperation, not condemnation.  Eric Cantor has forgotten what his job is all about.  He is a very big part of the problem.  The hate machine needs to end now.
Wait until sequestration kicks in and all the government contractors get hit...
+William Johnston , businesses don't "wait" to grow - they don't wait for "stable environment", or lower taxes or any of the other crap you hear on Fox. They grow when they have more customers and higher demand for their products and services. Period. And that comes only from a big, prosperous, confident middle class.
Business is also to blame, holding onto record profits and not hiring.  Either way, austerity doesn't work.  Look at Europe.
+Ari Malek You may be right to a point ,but if you want to build something  you do not build the business foundation on a shaky foundation you want something firm. Sure you need the people coming to your business but if customers don't have the money to buy, then they don't come in because of the environment you don't grow the business.. Are you going out and spend a million dollars if you have no evident means of getting a return on that money ( ROI)  A business does wait to grow but not in the sense that you have assumed -- investors want a return on their investment ,in fact they demand it . So some businesses are waiting for a more stable economy to start projects  with investors money. We have seen that the present administration does not know how to build jobs or the economy.. investors are waiting for the new administration to make major investments and the businesses are waiting to make major investments.   Why put your foundation on sand in August  ,when you can get rock in November....... 
+William Johnston I don't think it has too much to do with the administration.  There are dark clouds on the horizon, and they're not sure how they're going to play out.  Namely: the European economic crisis, Iran, situation in Syria, and a drought in the Midwest that will drive up the prices of food.
Thank you are a rare critical thinker....connecting the dots and realizing we are all interconnected and most certainly interdependent...the sooner we realize just how much the sooner we can begin the real road to recovery...
+Cheri Coleman +James O'Brien   Maybe we are to inner connected with the rest of the world and you are right about the problems facing this country ,but where does the true answer lay..
We do not have the manufacturing that made the USA a power to begin with and have lost our innovation to other countries that can make  it cheaper than we can make it because of our union contracts 
with workers.. so what is the answer 
Isn't that what the Republicans want?! less government.. Only, they wont mention austerity and less government is good just that, 693,000 jobs were lost.. bunch of phoonies but, Dems do some of that selective  information stuff as well
William thank you for chiming is my understanding...wages have not kept up with wealth...while there is nothing wrong with becoming wealthy, somehow we found a way of getting there thinking it had to be4 at the expense of making the same opportunities available to all...access and inclusion...we have allowed ourselves to conned into thinking that "taxes" are a bad thing...let me paint a picture for all of those out there who think "government is just about entitlements....let's say we all stopped paying taxes like many libertarians and some tea party folk think is the "American" way...the thing to do...but before we do let's make a list of all the things are taxes pay that you have your list and I truly hope that those who are reading this will take a minute to go online and see exactly what their taxes pay for...then let's just eliminate all of have all the money you made...but at what expense....I believe in paying for good roads and bridges...great teachers...policemen, firemen, keeping museums and parks open...I believe that companies that want to invest within their state that are adding to the stability of that state should be able to get support from their "government" like many of those who want us to believe they can't invest in America because the taxes are too high and yet are making record profits...this isn't a liberal or conservative idea...its basic common sense and it scares me that people would rather throw themselves under the bus and draw a "us" against "them" line are willing in the 21st century to refuse to see how nobody wins in this political climate....we have to invest in our building here...but we have made the Almighty dollar our god and in pursuit of getting "more" we have allowed those who are already rich, pimp us against one another as they laugh all the way to the know the saying, once the cow is out of the barn, its pretty hard to get him back in..or was that a jackass???? At any point I believe you understand where this is going....and I pray to GOD people try to think for themselves and realize that we have had a record number of filibusters and bills blocked in congress....and before we discuss the couple of years when both the senate and the congress were supposedly controlled by the democrats....anybody hear of the name "blue dog"? A president can do many good things....but he can only do great things when there is a climate of character and integrity working together to insure that happens....we don't need to focus so much on entitlements as we need to use common sense and realize we must put revenue on the table and keep it there...its called balanced spending....we have to make the money we need to support and invest...its sadly that simple...
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