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I speak for me and my BlackBerry when I say, we consider this a great honor...
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Does Blackberry still exits? I thought they went out of business for being irrelevant!
+Lion Fisile She has bigger problems ... but you are right she may follow that "irrelevant" path pretty soon :) Talk about being awful at a job .
Her use of an outdated piece of gadget doesn't equal to her RELEVANCE. She's doing an awesome Job as Secretary of State. 
+Lion Fisile It does if you consider technology a vital part of live . It wasn't too long ago I read a similar opinion from FireFox maker ... talking about government officials that don't understand technology should not be involved in policy making .
Who is a genius? She is not. Her performance is commendable. Treasury's is low commendable. Fed's is unsatisfactory. Pentagon's is low commendable.
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