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"There isn't a process [for undocumented workers to become residents.] People don't know that... I remember being in Iowa in Cedar Rapids and Mitt Romney telling the audience (that) people like me should get in the back of the line. Where is the line? If they can tell us where it is, if it's in Times Square somewhere, I'll go there right now. There is no line, there is no process." -- Jose Antonio Vargas in TIME
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I think the term "illegal aliens" should never have been changed to "undocumented workers"...that's just some PC BS.  And yes, there is a process.  It's called immigration, and it's done BEFORE you cross the border.
I feel for him and others like him, but we are broke, hurt, living a nightmare in healthcare, foreclosures and unemployment. We must help ourselves before we can afford to help the world. What we are seeing is our President serving the world before the citizen he must serve first under our Constitution. It will not be better under Romney either, his dogma is corporate superiority which will still leave the 99% struggling. Buy and read my book, Before Its Too Late, Solutions and Issues in Polotics, then take those idea's and create a society in your own country
+Lee Keels for Secretary of Immigration Enforcement.  I may have just made up that title but it is fitting.
+Gabe Andrews I'd happily accept...the borders would be busy with outflow by nightfall.
+Eliman Gibba No, I won't.  They didn't respect me by coming here illegally, so they get no respect from me.  They are criminals and should be treated as such.
Then invite them into your house....America has always had a process of immigration because we are a Nation of laws.  We are blessed to have our freedom, but freedom doesn't happen by accident.  
The better way is to get them out.
If you're losing your jobs to undocumented workers, your problem is not undocumented workers. 
Wake up people its "WHITE AMERICA" didnt you hear Presidents Bush speeh ,USA ALL THE WAY
+Eliman Gibba You deal your way and I'll deal mine.  Mine includes lots of trucks and military and a dramatic, quick reduction in the population...the illegal ones.  "Due process" is to kick their butts out, now.
people like lee are the reason I'm armed and lock my doors at night. scary. 
+Eliman Gibba +Eliman Gibba Eliman Gibba, I am at peace and cool headed because I know the truth of this great country.  The truth is the history, and history can't be distorted, or changed.  When we allow our history to be changed, truth is changed.  The history of this country is far from perfect; however, whenever there have been circumstances of inequality, America has looked at them and changed for the better, if the decision reflects democratic principles to become a stronger republic.
+John Hargis Sr John said, "then take those idea's and create a society in your own country."  I haven't read his this book, but I know enough of America's history to say that's how our country started.  A group of men decided they were tired of tyranny, and revolted to create a republic run on capitalism.  This means citizens follow the law, and participate to uphold our Constitution!  
Our country grew from people legally immigrating, and participating in democracy to continue the history of our republic.  Key word PARTICIPATION!!!  Not individuals crossing the border, working, then taking the money back to their country...that they didn't have the courage to revolt against to create FREEDOM!!!
We have been the greatest country in the history of the world because of our republic!!!  
To clarify history, you said "'someone,' said a few decades ago 'tear down this wall."  That was President Reagan, and that wall represented tyranny during the Cold War (check your history on that.) That wall was not to keep out illegal immigrants, it was to enslave and lock people behind the "Iron curtain!"  They didn't have a chance to leave it.
You also said, "Respect immigrants regardless of their status.”  Successful people in the history of this country believe, "nothing is deserved, only earned."  There are no handouts for successful people, and they know in their hearts respect is earned.  We work for it because we have the freedom to do so, that's why President Reagan urged the General Secretary of the Communist Party, Gorbachev to tear down the wall.  
Russia decided to change because the people preferred democracy not communism, people in other countries can also decide to change towards democracy.
"Without law, there can be no freedom."
Know the Republic, know freedom.  I encourage you to watch this, and ask yourself is the law necessary?
And to the Republic for which it stands, ONE Nation...

God bless America! Change it, or leave it!
Please don't simplify the collapse of the soviet union. It's unbelievably misleading and creates a paradigm where if someone disagrees with your logic they can be construed as 'un-American'. It's a dangerous precedent 
+Sean Garvey I brought up the wall to clarify Mr. Gibba's comparison, that was the point of mentioning the wall.  The Berlin wall is a good topic of discussion outside of our immigration problem.  I'll reiterate the horrible symbol it was.  I don't see what's 'un-American' about expressing thanks that I did grow up behind such a wall, and I never said Mr. Gibba is "un-American.'  Thankful for my freedom...
I agree! You should be thankful! All of us who live here should be thankful for the freedoms and society that we are 'allowed' to participate in- I guess im just wary of attaching it to a moment of cold-war symbolism, with all of it's implicit meanings and feelings, to our understanding of immigration. There's a danger of muddling facts and motivations and then using those misplaced ideas to further a political position. 
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