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Florida continues its voter purge, defying a federal warning -- from HuffPost's Janell Ross
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ahhhhh,,,, hanjakal nateh teu ngartos kana basa na....
+Christian Watts , i fear the term 'Suspected' can take away your rights as an American. They need to be sure, not simply suspect a person to be dead or the like.
Our justice system has traditionally been based on the concept of "innocent until proven guilty". Florida seems happy to ignore one of this country's most basic principles and presume guilt in order to manipulate election results.

It's sad how much the governor is willing to casually discard our country's finest principles in a greedy attempt to accumulate power. 
I would hope so, beings as the Fed. has no right to tell the states how to run their elections.
If they're dead or illegally in the State....delete.  Is common sense that so un-common?
+Christian Watts. In every state (as far as I know) it costs money to obtain a photo ID. Requiring ID to vote amounts to a poll tax, which would violate the twenty-fourth amendment. This is an obvious and unconstitutional ploy to disenfranchise the poor who typically vote Democrat. 
Around my house, we have a saying when our kids fight: "Can't pick a dog in that fight." That's when both (or all 4) kids are in the wrong. On one hand, manipulating voter registration has been used often to repress various members of our society, and, like gerrymandering, has been used to usurp the will of the majority for the sake of greed; on the other hand, do we want the federal government telling a state that it can't do anything about voter fraud

If Florida wants to remove "potentially ineligible" voters (this is what the DOJ's letter said), then that would be wrong on several levels, both legal and moral. If, however, the situation is that Florida may "potentially remove" people who are, in fact, not eligible voters, then that's just enforcing the law (--if they had done it three weeks earlier).

Sometimes, it's hard to pick a dog... 
I bet half of these idiots aren't even aware you don't even have to give your ID to a police officer unless you have committed a crime or were a witness to one. You know because of that little thing called the 4th amendment. The election boards have the systems in place that have worked for a very long time, to verify if they are voters. Anyone who wants to throw out this complete bullshit about the dead, "ILLEGALS" is a jackass who has no idea that those circumstances are very rare and add up to around .02% in actuality of occurring. Hey but what do I know, I was just a police lieutenant AND an election judge for a good portion of my life, compare to the jackass who probably thinks the "ILLIGALS" are a threat to him.
Having a photo ID is practically a requirement to exist.  My 80 yr. old mother has to provide one when she goes to the Dr.  Good grief.  There's even a rumor afoot that the Gov't (of course) will provided one if a person can't afford one....but I bet they can afford a Slurpee!
In Broward County, a 91-year-old World War II veteran was forced to provide proof of his citizenship in order to remain on the voter rolls.

Thats all I needed to read to know that this purge is not right.
+Jo Anne Thompson A photo ID is not required to exist. As an anecdotal counterpoint to your anecdotal evidence, I have never needed a photo ID to go to the doctor. Further, rumors of future activity have no place in determining public policy. As for slurpees, what people choose to spend their money on is of no concern to you. What actually matters is that they are (potentially) required to purchase a photo id (your rumor notwithstanding) to vote, which is illegal.
why don't they just dispense with the charade and force people to just show proof of their conservatism? i mean, own your idiocy. if you're gonna sign up for an ideology that places asterisks on democracy, just come out loud and proud...what would society's opinion matter to those who think like that, anyway? Mother is required to have her Medicare card and her ID and we live in Fla.  From a recent article in the Miami-Hearld:  "Anyone whose citizenship is questioned has at least 30 days to provide proof under state law."  It's the Law.  If people don't like the Law then change it legally.  Oh, and ask Bloomberg about the right to have a Slurpee.  :~)
Right so she gets 30 days to prove it, whereas these voters aren't getting that 30 days. That sounds fair /dripping sarcasm. You need probable cause with reasonable suspicion, they are just dropping these voters without any probable cause (evidence for the lay people).
+Jo Anne Thompson And the DoJ has clear issues with the "Law". It is going to be challenged, but from the top instead of the bottom, which is a nice change of pace. 

There is also a distinction here between the "photo ID at voting" tangent which I was engaged in, and the actual issue at hand, florida's voter purge. The former is not actually an issue, and should never be, for the reasons I pointed out. The latter has drawn the ire of the DoJ and has proven to be a magnificent waste of time (how much money did they waste to disenfranchise a few hundred people?).
The overwhelming majority of voter fraud is being committed by Republicans. The State of Florida (and others) isn't trying to prevent voter fraud. If they were serious, they'd fix the electronic voting debacle. No, it's not voter fraud they are concerned with. They're  trying to prevent progressive-leaning voters from voting! 
And our current DOJ Administrator is credible?!   And the majority of voter fraud is committed by Conservative Republicans?!  Oh my....leaving La-la Land.  :~/
I hope Rick Scott gets what he deserves!  That prick...he is doing EXACTLY what Bush's Brother did back in the day so he will let his little brother win the election illegally...The Gov't has EVERY right to step in and not allow this again.. 90% of the people Rick Scott wants to "purge" are NOT illegal, and NOT dead.. 
Did anyone miss the part about how Florida is also violating the law that prevents a state from purging voter rolls within 90 days of a Federal election? I guess it's OK for the Republicans to break the law to prevent the non-citizens from voting. By the way, where is their proof that illegals and the dead are actually voting? The answer is, there is none! Also, if the Republicans were really all that concerned about non-citizens affecting our elections, maybe they'd support legislation that would prevent countries like China from pouring millions of dollars into Super PACs.
They only talk about voter fraud when the GOP has mostly made it's  activities in Election Fraud, just look to my state of Ohio from 2004 for proof of that, (Warren County shut down public view of the vote counting due to a "terrorist threat" that only they were privvy to, even Homeland Security didn't even know about). As well as Tom Delay and his little hooligans at Florida Election Building stopping the recounts.
+Jo Anne Thompson In what way is the DoJ not credible? You can't make claims without substantiating them. Especially if you use them to cover your retreat. 
The last person convicted in Ohio for voter fraud in an election was a registered Republican woman in Reynoldsburg, she tried to vote twice. The system in place obviously worked.
Ugh....I've got to stop!  Isn't it against the LAW for "non-citizens" to vote??!  For cryin' out loud.  Voter fraud has been going on for decades!!!  Don't you think it's time for someone to take it seriously?
It must be easy to be a conservative in office. Throw out any lame and clearly politically-motivated policy and their base flocks to defend it like lemmings. Conformist sheep I'm talking to you. 
Sorry Florida, but you suck.
You sucked when you helped hand the election to Dubya, you suck in your obvious attempts to keep people from voting.
Be careful of where you go when using the term 'non-citizens'. Puerto Ricans can be termed as non-citizens, yet they are allowed to vote in our Presidential primaries, because they are a commonwealth of ours.
True, unfortunately they still don't have the right to vote in the main Presidential election.
It's not Republicans who are breaking the laws, nor Democrats. It's crooks who are breaking the laws. And they're in both parties, I'm sad to say, just ask Jim Crow. Democrats sold people down the river because of fear, Republicans will do it just for the nickel. Personally, I think as long as we have political parties, no matter who we elect, that that person will represent his/her party's interests, not ours. Maybe I'm jaded now, but I have seen good people go to Washington (or the state house), and then get corrupted by it all. They go with the best intentions and with a mind to honestly serve, but they underestimate the draft and riptides of corruption and power--seriously, on both sides.

We need to enforce voting laws, and toss those who abuse those laws deceitfully no matter which party got him/her into office. They're not mutually-exclusive ideas.

Neither are they conservative or liberal.
Christian Watts Your assumptions, although quite entertaining stereotypes, it's still unprovable bullshit from an idiot who doesn't even know how to spell 'illegal' or travesty.
If you can't beat them, change the rules.  
+Christian Watts A) You seemed to have missed the part where that is unconstitutional, which was in the sentence preceding the one you chose to address. Well done. Further, as I've already stated in this thread, how people spend their money is none of your business and is completely irrelevant to the topic at hand. Poll taxes are illegal, full stop. I chose to mention the implications of it and the obvious motive behind it (especially given Scott's record as governor) because I wanted to, not to distract from the greater issue.

B) Every American is issued a social security number as required by the Social Security Act of 1935. It is not a form of photo ID and is free. Photo IDs are not. As far as I know, there are no states that offer, or plan to offer, free photo IDs. Your speculation about what legislation democrats may introduce in the future in as yet unspecified states means nothing.

C) You are mind-numbingly stupid.
You know how hard it is to get dog poo out of your shoe?  You try to get it cleaned out but that smell keeps haunting you?  That's what having this man for a governor is like.
I've worked as a polling place clerk, and I didn't know very many people. So if you don't have an id how am I supposed to know who you are?
while this comment thread has not in any way brought me closer to thinking we should have an I.D. requirement for voting, it has brought me closer to thinking we should have an I.Q. requirement...
they r probably counting the votes that have been registered
Voting is a right of citizenship. If you are not a citizen you can't vote. Not every person has a right to vote for different reasons. The only reason anyone has a problem with a fair and honest accounting of who legally votes is someone who has benefitted from an unfair and dishonest policy in the past. It is blatantly obvious who is opposed to this and the reasons they cite are laughable. 
Ugh, Rick Scott is an idiot beyond comprehension... Why we Floridians keep voting people like Rick Scott into office is beyond me.  Why didn't he do this earlier? Easy, he just wants to rig votes in his favor. All he is doing is creating a huge mess by not even knowing who they are purging and making people go through a hassle to validate their info. Im sure tons of people will be too lazy or too old to bother themselves. Ridiculous and very poorly planned out.
You can't vote if you're not a citizen.
I think we should just do away with voting all together. 
It certainly seems acceptable to Conservatives these days, and Liberals would at least have the benefit of knowing that people who possess zero critical thinking skills are no longer making decisions that could affect their lives. 
Corporate money essentially determines the outcomes of elections anyway, so dispensing with the formality would not only make politics exponentially more efficient, but it would certainly result in much more getting accomplished in D.C.
Plus there's the added bonus of removing a framework where complete idiots can think their entirely uninformed opinions are not only valid, but that they should be hoisted onto 300 million other people...meaning comment threads like this will become infinitely more bearable. 
Not to mention that if we turned the choosing of representatives into a reality TV show where corporations have their candidates battle it out in front of a panel of judges, (I'm thinking Sarah Palin, Richard Branson, and Dennis! Kucinich,) it would be epically more entertaining than watching Wolf Blitzer stutter his way through CNN's election night coverage. 
So, a win-win-win-win, really...
Not surprised they did it before and we got screwed by Bush for 8 years.
Florida, Florida, Florida, been there, done that, when will you learn you are a state within a country that abides by constitutional laws and must not deviate from them?! And yes, the operative word here is "suspect".
Please someone give a good reason you shouldn't show an id? It seems like a no brainer to me. .....and why should illegals and dead people not be dropped from the rolls? The system here in texas drops nonvoter. That is why you need to register to vote. Maybe if people go work the polls they will see how the system works.
Democracy needs its citizens to vote as a fundamental right, enshrined by system, not allowed by a selfish party system. System must invest in universal participation. Only a police state demands proof of belonging, System should identify illegal activity just as it does for speeding, and gun ownership. Citizens should not have to prove citizenship.
Keep up the good work, Florida. Hopefully other states will follow your lead.
When one registers to vote, one must submit a Social Security number and an ID number, date of birth and US State or Foreign Country of birth, very simple, if these requirements were met at the time, it's irrelevant to re-examine voters after identity and nationality were substantiated through submission of required information. If this were such a valid concern, why now that it's an election year, has Florida decided to purge voter registrations, when in fact it could have been done a year or more ago, to me, Florida State Secretary, Ken Detzner's intent is the only issue that is "suspect". Ha!
+Angelica Dzana at the polls we only ask for id if the person does not have a voter reg card. +John Despujols same day registration is a pain in the ass, opens a huge can a worms for candidates to challenge.
+Garrett Cramer, then the problem would be the lack of responsibility to the process on Florida's voting system, did they not learn from past issues?! +William Fullington. the links you provided make reference to Felon Voting Fraud, Frauds committed by ACORN employees and not by fraud due to legal status.

It is understandable that non-citizens do not have a right to vote, however, Rick Scott has specifically targeted the Latino Democratic vote, which is ridiculous since most Latinos in Florida State vote Republican. This is paranoia at its worst, a "whatever it takes" attitude that compromises a citizen's right to vote because of a last minute "grasping at straws".  

Late last year, Gov. Scott ordered Secretary of State, Kurt Browning to, "identify and remove non-citizens from voter rolls". The process, which created a list of 182,000 people, was considered so flawed by Browning that he refused to release the data to county election officials. Browning resigned in February and Scott has pressed forward with the purge, starting with about 2600 voters. Now, the Governor has a new minion who is ever so complaisant. 

In any event, it's without merit, because the people vote for electors and the electors are who then vote for the president.

The End.
+William Fullington  - Jeez, ya know what? I guess it is...Thank you, though, for providing all of those objective sources to back up your point. That's good stuff right there...I mean, I had never even heard of "WND" before, but I've already shared two articles from it with my friends (I particularly enjoyed the article about the Antichrist being a Muslim.)  And while I normally don't read the National Review, it was interesting to see that the groups that it so vociferously came out against 50 years ago  - The John Birch Society, Nativists, and Randians, namely - actually seem to be dominating the publication today. That was very refreshing to find out, and certainly bolstered the credibility of the piece. 
Thankfully, Amercia has people like you with impeccable critical thinking skills that can ingest and disseminate this kind of easy, usable info that us meagerly average folk would undoubtedly overlook - or worse; mistakenly reject - due to our far more uncultivated and inferior level of confirmation bias.  
You're a beacon of hope for our democracy. I salute you.  
+Angelica Dzana I think that's what they're trying to do. They are giving the 2700 People a chance to stay on the rolls. Is it to much for them to check is a voter is a legal voter?
Florida is heavens waiting room. There are a lot of Dead people still registered. But that is not such a big problem that real voters should be denied...  How many of those voters won't get a warning letter because the same faulty information doesn't have a correct address on record.  What are the steps needed to put somebody back on record? If somebody shows up to vote, and did not receive  their letter, will they be allowed to vote?
Yes those people will be allowed to vote. With a provisional ballot.
No +Garrett Cramer it's not too much, it's the timing that is too much to digest for the whole state when elections are within sight, it fosters confusion, error on top of error and omission of a rightful vote, this should have been dealt with a while back if it was so imperative.
Overkill for a crime that barely registers a 1% of a crime stat? Shite that  is a crime of stupidity and waste of time and money, especially for those who'll, no doubt, come crying back "Oh but the government is taking away more of our rights and freedoms", when it's those who want to put these outrageous concessions on more of our privileges of being a democracy. Especially when it involves the 4th amendment of being secure in our persons. Kenny Blackwell did this same thing, and it took the Circuit Court 1 year later deciding  that indeed Blackwell was in malfeasance when it came to destroying voter registration. But then it was also Ken Blackwell that destroyed all the 2004 votes AFTER the state Supreme Court told him to keep them intact as evidence.
... the shoe on the other foot eh?... the FLA creeps throw ballots away to allow cheny/bush to be elected after 6 weeks and a  corrupt supreme court descision;  NOW  the 'other way'... well the 'upper middle class' doesn't really exist anymore so all those 'snowbirds'  let that funky state do what it wants  to survive, I suppose ...Signed Danny Carroll, Sunset Beach, CA 90742
Good for them! Illegals and Criminals and Dead people should be purged from the voter rolls! It should have been done already. That is how ovomit was elected VOTER FRAUD!!
Ovomit!  Really!  Racism is alive and doing quite well in this country.  Bush and Cheney are war criminals...  
...Hey Jerome,
cheny is wanted as a war crimminal in over 23 countries abroad... he's stuck in Wyoming with the new heart he jumped in line to get.. pity the jerk/murderer and pray for him
@ Vincent... cheney was the prez... like it or not.
Good Job Vincent!  I could not have said it any better.
where'd the comment go?? did someone seriously flag it?? 
I've been looking for it.  It was dead on though.  I cannot find it now.  Makes you wonder..
It seams to me Congress should be steping up to Bust DOJ for seeking to hault All do just restraints by the state....Putting Holder out of Office and his crownnies
Why Are We Letting These A-holes Do Whatever They Feel Like ?!!  If that was my Black @ss they wouldn't even allow me to begin the process let alone defy a federal warning...COME ON NOW.  STOP THE B.S. 
Ms.Murray.. its Called States right. and I think you miss the point , Obama DOJ it backing what in Legal Terms is called Constructive treason, via Succession of the Union as like what was done at the start of the Civil War in  1861 , somewhat out Lined Say in the 10th Amendment and the 9th... of the federal Bill of rights...
Hollowing Out Our Military: This week we learn that Obama is slashing the defense budget, planning to lay off 14% off our troops, reduce our nuclear arsenal, shelve key weapon systems and explicitly cripple our ability to wage ground wars. What hath Saul Alinsky wrought!
& thank prez. Obama for putting 'Citizens rights',as in~*("We The People, in order to form a more perfect **UNION**...)*~ above "States Rights" & The Obvious [Sub-Human, Fascist, Obscene] Racism & Republican White Supremacist Agendas Of The Eletist [& pseudo-intellectual] Superficial & Arrogant, S.N.O.B.=["Without Nobility"}- Minority [& Wannabe Wealthy] In This Country
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