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I think Nasim Pedrad nailed my accent on SNL last night, what do you think? 
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Cannot say; the clip is not available to the rest of the civilized civilised world.
Haha yeah she's got your number.
"be ready by 7 and shave the back of your neck."
feliz domingo bella dama para mi gano el vicepresidente de la lista de OBAMA, espero que este martes el presidente OBAMA deje su diplomacia y ataque fuerte a ROMMY.
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Martha did a great job at moderating the debates, and Nasim was awsome as Arianna...but Bill Maher would say not as sexy as the real thing lol.
What's the deal with the potatoe pancake? Baba ganoush...? kkkkkk
Yes, she sure did! LOL! Love SNL!
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