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Can't sleep? New studies say practicing yoga can help: 
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Maybe this is silly, but wouldn't exercising in general help with sleep?
I'm ALWAYS sleepy but I can't fall asleep when it's bedtime. So aggravating. I'm gonna have to start a yoga class!
certainly it's not unique to yoga.  but I think that yogis tend to apply the principles of the practice to other areas of their lives more than most other types of athletes, making the benefits more easily observable and more comprehensive. I don't mean to say that there aren't runners, bikers, weight lifters and the like that do this, just that yogis are more likely to do so.
This is absolutely true! I was not sure if yoga was for me, until my boyfriend told me of the benefit from yoga. Not only does it give you a good nights rest when performed before bed, it's also good for weigh lose, clearing your mind, and help keep our joints in our body healthy and moving! I do yoga three (if not two) times a week! I'm a yoga gal! 
The grumpy old doctor in me is irritated that a 20 minute evening walk basically guarantees that I sleep well, so I do it night after night. Washes my troubles away. 
You are correct that it is just one type of exercise, but being liberal or conservative has little to do with it, as do the illogical claim and hyperbole that you also included.
Yoga is liberal?  Are there that many republicans trolling Huffington that you feel the need to make an issue of this too?
hahahahahahahhahahah yes...healthy activities of all kind are liberal! no, that's romnesia alogica
Well then I ask, what is yoga when you take out all ideologies, what is it now? I've notice on this comment blog so far is who's dominant, in control or who's out of control. Basically, after a day of inhaling stress from work or doing anything, yoga before bed (or anytime) presses the stress out of your body and relaxes your body and mind for a good nights rest. I feel when others use scare tactics to make a point that's enough to stress you. Just saying.   
+Susan McHugh I was not aware that yoga did all those things.  And here I am teaching and practicing yoga for years because it makes me feel great, has reduced my stress, and teaches me how to live a calmer more peaceful life.  Why does a practice have to be labeled liberal or conservative?  It's a practice and if it works for you then great.  There are hundreds of studies on the benefits of yoga done in non-liberal institutions. 
I do aerobics dance....this helps too !
Awesome statement, Maria De Noda! I couldn't agree with you more.
very good.i think it very good health
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