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This week, March Madness extended beyond college basketball to the GOP presidential contest
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OMG I just received one of those robo-calls from the notorious John Ashcroft asking for my support for Mitt. Furthermore he invoked the name of Reagan. Are these Republicans so stupid that they do not realize that the economic collapse of 08 was due to Reagan and Rand's laisez-fair economic policies?

Furthermore, I could never vote for a Republican after I figured all of this out. They are still repeating all of that BS about the government being too big. Well sorry to say folks I would trade what we have right now for some 1940's and 50's democrats!
That is exactly right, what gets me is they (the repubs) will not even acknowledge Rand's presence, let alone that she was an advisor to their false messiah, let alone that she is the only atheist advisor we have had to my knowledge!
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