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National non-partisan coalition of Hispanic leaders: 'The extremism of the Republican Party is ... totally unacceptable'
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What's the point? He'll say whatever they want to get their vote with a wink wink nod nod to 'the base.'  He has no moral compass, no ethics, no honesty. What he says makes no difference. He believes in nothing except his need to be president. Scary.
+Felice Linder You are absolutely right. Those who covet power should be kept far from it.
I've been a loyal Republican voter for over 20 years.  But I'm troubled by the direction they've taken and will not be voting for any Republican this fall.  I have no love for the Democrats mind you, but the extremism and hate coming from the GOP is disturbing.  They've lost me and will continue losing elections.
Personally, I'd prefer we didn't give them pointers....
+Al Scott I more than likely will be voting for Obama this year.  I did not vote for him 2008.  Really it comes down to him or the Libertarian candidate which would more of a protest vote.  I don't live in a swing state, so my vote won't change anything other than really put an exclamation mark on my distrust of the Republicans.

Some of my friends who are Tea Party types think I've hit my head and gone full liberal.  That's really not it.  I know others in the same boat I'm in.  We don't want the US turning into a Christian version of Iran and aren't being fooled into thinking Obama is against freedom.  He's the only president in recent memory who expanded gun rights (he signed a bill allowing concealed carry in national parks).  And restricting who can marry who isn't freedom, it's control.

I liked Jon Huntsman, but he wasn't crazy enough for the Republicans.
+John Mayson Your post beautifully sums up what's at stake this election. We are being fed a diet of lies meant to divide us into two camps, and it is working. The American people have to rise above the hateful politics in Washington (and Fox News) and see that no issue is black or white and that you can disagree with parts of a party's platform without being labeled a traitor to the cause. The ultra conservative part of the Republican party is demanding total adherence, which leaves no room for discussion, let alone compromise.  This is not how democracy works. 
This is hardly just a Hispanic issue. The extremism of today's Republican party is totally unacceptable. Period.
+Felice Linder Thanks.  I can tell what Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck has been saying without actually having to listen to them.  I base it on what the Tea Party people are saying.  One week I had several people, most of whom who don't know each other, telling me Obama was "a pretender to the throne, a Marxist autocrat".  I find it hard to believe multiple people in different states came up with that on their own.  Someone is feeding this.

I just find it looney is all.
+Ari Malek I agree.  It's anyone who isn't a wealthy, white, Protestant, straight, suburban man.
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Adrianna, Reading what you have to say is equivalent to John McCain picking Sarah Palin, neither make sense.
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