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 "I think if I were running the biggest stock market in all the world, the best thing to do would be to put all trading in the hands of robots and then turn the trading dial on those robots all the way up to 11 and see what happens.

"What, that doesn't sound like a good idea to you? Well, you must not love America, then, my friend, because that is how we do stock trading here in these United States." -- Mark Gongloff, on why everyone hates the stock market
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I don't hate the stock market....I believe the whole modern world is using the stock market.  I guess that means it really has nothing to do with the US except for our markets.
With scandal after scandal and all the manipulation, we still want the opportunity that everyone else had to make money and seek out the American Dream. Unfortunately, my money is at risk no matter where I put it.
The stock must be there as the business can go well, and to know the governments stock market is down or up.
+Neal Geller Good point, your money is at risk in a savings account or under your mattress because of inflation and monetary policy. So there is always risk, but the electronic trading and manipulation makes it hard to win and hard to trust the stock market for a retail investor.
The programs do it the same as the people, only faster. In situations like with Wizzard, the speed just highlights the problem inherit in the system.
Yes money is the basis of our world's economic structure but there is sooooo much more than that and even if we lose our money, we will continue to survive.  Maybe we are putting too much emphasis on the money and once we stop, we will become very rich indeed.
Yeah, the philosophical side says be content with what you have, sure, you need money to survive today, just be smart about it.
I'd be content with what I had if I had anything the bank ro some one else couldn't take away from me.  most middle class people live an illusion of having things.  Most of what we think we have belongs to some one else.  Not good feeling.
I am making one last comment and then I'm done.  The one thing I have learned in looking back over my life is this.  All my needs have always been met and taken care of. Now, my wants are a totally different thing and sometimes I have received the wants and sometimes not.  The needs were always given and gratefully received.
That's great and I hope it keeps going that way for you and anyone else who life has played out like that so far.  That's not always the case for some people, many people.  These days especially many people's needs aren't being met and we see that in suicide statistics, weird violent crimes like the shooting in CO and last nights destruction of cop cars in northern Vermont, veterans who are homeless and mentally ill not receiving the care they need and so many other things.
yes John, there is a lot of sadness in the world and has been from the beginning of time. At one time in my life, me and my children who were very young lived in my car which was not in good shape. We were homeless. I chose to change that and there are many other miracles I will be sharing in my book. I only write it to help give hope to others.
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