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Edward Norton:

“Let's say this bluntly: We need a national, bipartisan commitment to legislation curbing carbon emissions here at home and we need it to have teeth and we need it immediately. And we need to invest in an American technological future that operates sustainably within the natural systems that support our lives.

This isn't about tree-hugging and fish-kissing anymore, it's about the way we live.”
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Well said. For to long discussions & debates about climate change, resource depletion, and pollution has taken on an 'us versus them' mentality with rhetorical rhetoric based on inflamed egos and ideologies rather than collaborative thinking and facts.
Agree on that. Somo the organized person that should boost sutitucion of oil and its derivatives, for a change of lifestyle, less polluting.
government would do it. companies can not be trusted to do it.
look at the oil spill clean up. make them pay for it.
no money set aside no drill.
Bipartsianship, whats that? Beside you guys worry to much. Jesus is coming back to save our asses just before we blow the world to hell over the middle east conflicts started by Irans nukes maybe.Well not all of our asses. I guess just the ones who believe and Shazam a new Earth too, all fixed up. Get ready, there's not much time left, no more than 120 years from Isreals re-establishment in 1947. Maybe less. I'm huggen everything in the mean time except my boss.
Sorry Lisa for commenting inside your post. I'm old and new this type of forum.
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