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Ariana Burgess
I strategize and I decorize
I strategize and I decorize

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Have you spent some quality time with our Content Idea Generator yet? Learn about the tool's origin story thanks to +Isla McKetta's new blog post.

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Great collection of apps to help you be productive!
If you’re tired of being excited about the latest app that you know will end up just wasting your time, let’s get serious—tech people are busy. We’ve got work to do. Check out our list of the most useful productivity apps for tech people.

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Enjoy a trip down our memory lane...Oh Tukwila Life!
We're starting to settle into the Smith Tower in downtown Seattle, but it wouldn't be right to leave Tukwila without saying goodbye. So turn up your favorite 80s power ballad (Pat Benatar's "We Belong"?) and take a trip down "Tukwila Life" memory lane.

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10 Dangerous Defaults in PPC

"De-fault! De-fault! De-fault!" You'll definitely want to read this one: +Elizabeth Marsten's new post has 10 defaults in AdWords and adCenter that will cost you money.

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I'm a published author, finally! And I wore a hat today. Seems appropriate it was published today of all days!
How Account Strategists Do It All

In this new blog post, Portent's own Senior Account Manager +Ariana Burgess takes a look at some of the hats account strategists have to wear – from researcher and teacher to crisis consultant.


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Great collection of pretty websites.
10 Beautiful and Functional Websites

In this new Portent post, Web Designer/Producer +Jess Walker writes about websites that combine good looks and functionality seamlessly. What other websites would you add to the list?


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Great information for anyone using G+!
The Google+ Update Formula

+Avinash Kaushik is the inspiration behind a great formula for Google+ posts. This new blog post from +Doug Antkowiak takes a look at the formula and why it's so successful.


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Its that time of year again! Join my team as a walker, a fundraiser, a volunteer or supporter for the MS Walk on April 15th. If you would like more information and are interested in helping my team out, please contact me! You can also join my team here:
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