Oriveden flipperikisat (Orivesi pinball competition) 2014 - Pelihelvetti arcade, Orivesi

Just one week had passed from the last disappointment, but this time the Easter was upon us, and I welcome the work free Friday with open arms. After a rare opportunity for a proper sleep, we headed towards Orivesi with lots of time to spare. Once again we found every Sunday driver on the way, but leaving early enough left us one hour to finish our qualification games.


The qualification was score based, 10 entries to 5 machines, maximum 3 entries per machine. The line-up was: Maverick, Lazer ball, No Fear, Amazon hunt and CSI. By the time we arrived, Maverick had developed major problems and had to be pulled from the competition line-up.

I started out with Lazer ball, which was an old acquaintance from our own arcade. I played one decent ball and two bad ones, getting to around 200k. I chose to play another round, where the two first balls were more or less a train wreck, but the 3rd ball finally worked out, and I got to cash out the lit spinners, racking over 650k points. I take it was also the best in the qualification as it was also the high score on that machine.

Next up was the Amazon hunt. I haven't made up my mind about the game yet, but all the high scores seem to revolve around knocking down the 10 drop targets and then trying to increase the bonus X, which is a rather dangerous as it involves collecting all the inlanes. My first game ended up with a bit over 900k, which seemed good enough for the time being.

I really wanted to play the CSI, but it was being played by the split competitors, so I took on No Fear. It played so well it felt like it was playing itself! :) I cashed out 3 super jackpots and most of the modes easily, ending up with 1.5B. I probably wasn't the best that day, but I was sure it was in the top-10, so I'd play the CSI next and see where I'd play my remaining entries. At this time I learned the amount of entries was cut from 10 to 8 as the Maverick was no longer with us. I took some time and debugged the game while I was waiting for my turn to play, it turned out the opto receiver board just before the boat had broken off its connector. Too bad we didn't have time to warm up the soldering iron and fix it.

CSI was the first game to give me some hard time. My only objective in it was to start all the 3 multiballs, and it took three tries to make it happen. My final attempt scored me over 13M, which was well enough for me.

I used my remaining entry to play Amazon hunt, but I couldn't beat my previous score. As I returned my score slip I was rather sure I was in the second round.

After the qualification I got to see the scores. I had made #1 scores on No Fear and Lazer ball, #2 on CSI and #6 on Amazon hunt. Not bad at all, I was cautiously happy about the result. My qualification run had brought me 82 qualifying points, where the next player was at 69 points. This also awarded me one bye on the playoffs.


It took a while for me to get back to the game after the break and the nice caffeine rush I had in the qualification was gone. My first opponent however was a bit of a surprise, as VYV managed to beat her opponent in the first playoffs round and was now placed against me.

Round 2

VYV has learned a lot during the past 4 years she's been travelling with me. She's no longer a pushover who's only seen in the qualifications and she didn't just qualify, she also won the first round of playoffs against TJM.

I was rather confident when we drew Lazer ball as the first game. The confidence however disappeared quickly after two failed balls, and after I managed to fail at my usually effective last ball panic. VYV won the first game, putting me back against the wall to win the next two.

We drew Amazon hunt as our next game. I really learned to hate this specific Amazon hunt during the qualifications, as the upper right hole feeds right between the flippers. I started to counter it with a sharp nudge, but still couldn't save the ball every time. For a moment it looked like VYV would actually drop me with 2-0 wins, but she drained just before going past me, ending the game in a very close 667k - 647k score, so we were at 1-1.

Last game was No Fear. A WPC machine gave me a bit of my confidence back, but then we both played rather poor two first balls, I managed to start a multiball but couldn't collect the super jackpot. VYV was very close to start a multiball on her last ball, but drained and was left a 15M shy from from my 2nd ball score. I had to play the last ball just to see what would have happened, and on that ball I finally got to play a proper multiball.

In the position 5 to 8 game VYV totally owned her group in No fear, and got the 5th place.


While driving towards Orivesi, I set myself a goal of coming home with a trophy. Being in the semis meant the odds were 3 to 1 for it! If I'd win this one, I could actually go get my official orange trophy receiving hat! I knew the gloves would come off in the semis, and I went against TTV for the position in the final.

With the No Fear, Amazon Hunt, CSI and Lazer ball being the only machines left in the tournament line-up, the rounds started to repeat themselves pretty fast. I can't be quite sure what was our first game, but I have a fainth memory that it was Lazer ball once again, which I won.

Next up was CSI, that has acted out all day. It suffered from heavily magnetized balls and was fixed once already during the playoffs. I was a bit hesitant about playing it, but the last game I observed on it went without a hitch, so we agreed to try it out.

My objective of getting all three multiballs was a rather painful this time, but in the end I pulled it off. TTV again had his share of crap luck and had rather poor two first balls. My 3rd ball wasn't that good, but I was still in over 10M+ lead. But on the 3rd ball it was TTV's time to strike, and he managed to start rest of the multiballs. It was extremely painful for me to watch has he slowly worked his way towards my score. As he passed 10M barrier I was really biting my nails, it wouldn't be long now until he'd be in the position where the bonus would take him past me. But then he drained at bit over 11 million and the bonus was only a bit over 600k. I had cleared my way into the final with 2-0 wins.


MTV had given his best all day long. He went on to win the splits tournament with KGB and was now playing for the victory on the individual side as well!

We started out with Lazer ball, which I played rather calmly. I worked the bonus up to 5x on every single ball and won the game with a rather satisfying lead.

Our next machine, Amazon hunt again wasn't as easy playing. We were head to head up to the 5th ball, where I finally pulled a 300k lead on MTV. He however countered with a rather nice ball, but drained with bit over 200k to go. Amazon hunt however gives double bonus on last ball, and after the seemingly never ending bonus count was over, MTV went past me with just couple thousand points, evening the score to 1-1.

After the Amazon hunt we drew CSI, which broke during the game. I had played 4M on my first ball, and MTV was supposed to play the centrifuge multiball, but the machine refused to give out another ball, so we had no choice but to call major malfunction on the game and discard it.

The CSI was replaced with No Fear, which was a total crap-fest for me. I managed to start 2 multiballs, but didn't score a single jackpot. MTV didn't play much better, but still managed to get something done and deserved the victory. I was extremely bummed by my total failure with two multiballs and the fact that I was now back against the wall once again in a 2-1 score.

Next we drew Lazer ball again. I managed to screw my head back on straight and I repeated the initial game pretty much to the letter, evening the score to 2-2.

At this point I had to say no matter who wins, we both gave each other a good run! The arcade host, Tonza originally spoke about the possibility of playing the 5th round on Gottlieb's Stargate, but MTV vetoed it. We then drew a card for the last and deciding game, which was Amazon hunt. Oh man, I SO hoped it wouldn't come to this!

Amazon hunt was rather even for the first 3 balls. Then MTV played one very strong ball, giving him over 300k lead, which I couldn't catch on my 4th ball. My only goal was to add one bonus X, so I'd get triple bonus for the last ball. Unfortunate for me, MTV managed to pull that off on his last ball, going to 1.4M points to my 400k. I didn't feel very confident at all on my 5th ball. MTV had over 1M lead, and the maximum bonus, when tripled, would be 570k. I'd have to gring over 400k just by hitting the extremely dangerous drop targets while avoiding the upper playfield holes. I gave it my best, but couldn't get over 600k points. I had lost this game.

All I can say is that MTV really deserved this victory. One close call and one total failure on my behalf were the things that let the #1 position slip this time. MTV had never won a ranked tournament, and now he did it with a style, winning both the individual and split games.

I can't say I wasn't too happy about my poor performance in the final, but that's pinball for you. As they say, you win the bronze, but lose the silver. Looking at the winning trio this apparently holds true.

MTV's van had had some issues driving here, so we agreed to drive back home after him in case he'd need some help on the road. After 185 kilometers of driving, we witnessed something I've only seen on TV - MTV's van lost a tyre while driving! The wheel shot somewhere across the lanes and into the ditch. The car again stopped after dragging its suspension on the asphalt for at least 50 meters with spectacular sparks. Fortunately no one was hurt, we found the wheel and in the end the van was driven home. 

Here's scores from the qualification, Google docs failed at the playoffs:

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Oriveden flipperikisat 2014
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