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In all the run-up to THE IRON DEVILS I've been focusing on, let s not forget that IN TRUTH AND CLAW is releasing in about three months. :-)

Preorders are already up on that one, for those who are fans of Mick Oberon. (Which should be all of you. :-P )
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Cover art for my forthcoming novel THE IRON DEVILS, by the incomparable Claudio Pozas.

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In the ruins of the world, the last remnants of humanity find themselves caught in an impossible war, between the mechanical and the mystical.

Between the unliving and the undead.


Coming soon from Ari Marmell and Omnium Gatherum Media.
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So, assuming the Weather and Airline Gods don't conspire otherwise, I'll be at OrcaCon next weekend. I only have a couple of scheduled events, but I'll be around outside of that, so hopefully if you'll be there, I'll have a chance to say hey.

SATURDAY, NOON: Escapism vs. Empowerment Panel. (I'm the token cis white guy, since we're such an underrepresented demographic. ;-) )

SUNDAY, 2:00 PM: A Day in the Life Panel.
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THE CONQUEROR'S SHADOW is now complete, in two parts, at GraphicAudio.

The sequel, THE WARLORD'S LEGACY, coming shortly.
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I figure tonight is the right night to ask...

Has anyone else noticed that you never see the Supermoon and Cloork Kent in the same room together?
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Speaking of books, if you haven't picked up THE CONQUEROR'S SHADOW yet, the Kindle edition is currently only $2.99.

(Well, it's $2.99 even if you HAVE picked it up, too.)
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(repost for more eyes, and especially in light of the fact that we're about to have another such disaster elsewhere in the nation)

The sights and stories coming out of southeast Texas right now would be horrifying under any circumstances, but they’re hitting me especially hard. I grew up in Houston. I still have friends and family there. I have to do something.

It won’t be much, because I can’t do much. I don’t have a lot of money, and as an author, my income is erratic. But something.

So I will be donating at least half the profits on all three of my self-published e-books--THE CONQUEROR'S SHADOW, THE WARLORD'S LEGACY, and STRANGE NEW WORDS--to relief efforts, between now and the end of September. Similarly, I’ll be donating at least half my September Pa(ge that must not be named)treon income.

(I say “at least half” because, as I mentioned, my income is unpredictable. If I happen to sign a new novel contract, or get a substantial freelance job, I may be able to afford to do more than half. But it’ll be half at bare minimum.)

If you don’t have an e-copy of one or more of those books, or wanted to subscribe to my Pa(ge that must not be named)treon for a month and see what it’s about (even if you don’t wind up sticking around after that), please consider doing so now. I can’t tell you how much I’d appreciate it.

Scroll down for links to each book and the Patreon.
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Have I just been making false assumptions? Having grown up as a Jew whose grandparents were all Eastern European immigrants, I know that I was educated in the horrors and specifics of the Holocaust more so than your average American child, but I just assumed everyone was taught enough to understand just who and what the Nazis were.

Maybe I was wrong. Maybe part of the problem we're facing today is that many people don't understand the term. They just think of it as having a nebulous "bad guy" meaning. Or at worst, "somewhat militant racist."

So I'm going to try this without screaming, just speaking.

The Nazi doctrine has, at its core, not just white supremacy, but the subjugation and annihilation of "lessers." They don't just want to be in power, they want to lock away or kill everyone not like them. People of color, queer people, disabled people, Jews, Muslims.

They want to KILL US.

And it's not something that was tacked on to an otherwise harmless ideology. It is a CORE PART of the identity.

And they will do it. It's not empty threat. Twelve million people were murdered over this ideology. Shot. Gassed. Starved. Enslaved. Experimented on.

THAT is the ideology that the modern Nazis have looked at and said, "I want in on that." Whether they're as organized as the original Nazis, whether they have the capability, is irrelevant. This is what they want. This is what they work toward.

And they were nothing more than a bunch of fringe extremists when they first started in Germany, too.

This is what I shout about. This is why I said that you cannot treat them as just another unpleasant political stance. They are a real threat to so many people. They are a clear and present danger.

And you cannot stand back. You cannot remain neutral. This isn't about Democrat vs. Republican, or Right vs. Left. This is LITERALLY about right or wrong. It is one of the few times in your life you're going to be in a position where there are no shades of gray, where you honestly and truly have the chance to fight genuine evil.

And so many of you are failing to step up, perhaps because you truly don't understand, or don't want to believe. But this is what it is. This is where we are.

Even if you are normally a free speech absolutist, their very ideology is an ACTIVE THREAT, something that free speech doesn't accommodate.

Even if you disapprove of what groups like Antifa do to fight them--and let's be clear, a lot of what you've heard about Antifa is exaggerated or outright false, but EVEN IF everything negative said about them were true--it is STILL your duty to deal with the Nazis first, and worry about lesser wrongs after the fact.

You are being manipulated, by Nazis, and by Rightwing elements that mistakenly think they have to ally with Nazis, into remaining neutral. Into not taking sides because the other is "just as bad." They're not. NOTHING is.

In all the confusion and shades of gray of human history, this is one of the few true, genuine, and incontrovertible evils.

And the only way to avoid supporting it is to stand loudly and actively and yes, sometimes maybe even violently, against it.
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You know how you can understand something without actually "getting" it?

You figure it out on a purely intellectual level. You can work through the chain of reasoning to the conclusion. You can argue and fight for and work toward whatever you've concluded. But on a purely gut, instinctive level, it still hasn't sunk in. You don't automatically default to it; you have to work through it every time.

And then, one day, something "clicks," and now you don't just understand it, you GET it. You feel the truth of it that you'd already accepted. You no longer have to work through to it every time; it's an innate part of your world view.

The difference may be utterly invisible to anyone outside, but internally, it's profound.

For a couple of years, I've UNDERSTOOD why marginalized people, particularly PoC, got so angry with people trying to tell them how to react to persecution, racism. Why they looked askance at people arguing for civility and for "both sides" to be heard. I've spent those couple of years trying to support their arguments and assertions.

But I don't just understand it now. I GET it.

As a Jew of Eastern European descent, I look at the people arguing that violence against Nazis makes us as bad as them, and I want to explode. I look at the people who put the burden for civility on us, calling us the problem if we refuse to be meek, in the face of hatred. I look at the ones who can't condemn the Nazis and KKK without "But Antifa's bad, too!" or the ones who try to tell us to hear the racists out, or the ones who chant "free speech!" in the face of CALLS FOR MURDER AND GENOCIDE. And I realize something deeply disturbing, but deeply meaningful.

I can't trust you. If there is any circumstance in which you would side with Nazis for any reason, in which you would deny the people they target the right to defend ourselves BEFORE the bullets start flying or the ovens start warming, then I cannot trust you to have my back. Period.

I get it now. And even though I've been standing with my marginalized and PoC friends for as long as I've understood, I still want to apologize that this is what it took for me to GET it.
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