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I think, to keep track of their new duties and policies, we're going to have to divide ICE into subgroups.

Based on recent behavior, I recommend "Allgemeine ICE" and "Waffen-ICE." We should know soon enough if we need an "ICE-Totenkopfverbände" designation as well.

Pondering the literary technique of "God from the Muppet," or Deus ex Mahna-Mahna.

Be the Bear Jew you want to see in the world.

Pretty sure the special intro price on the new e-editions of THE CONQUEROR'S SHADOW and THE WARLORD'S LEGACY ends today or tomorrow.

Just saying.

You WILL have to explain to your children what you did now, at this time in history, and why. How do you want them to look at you when you do?

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I am a Jew.

I just donated money I can't really afford to the Council on American-Islamic Relations to help support them in this endeavor.

Because we've seen what happens when people, when refugees, are turned away from the United States because of where they're from or what they believe.

Never. Again.

Who knew that the new Captain America wasn't a grown man with a shield, but a teenage girl with a sign?

Before Mick Oberon, before Widdershins, before The Goblin Corps, there was Corvis Rebaine.

THE CONQUEROR'S SHADOW, and its sequel, THE WARLORD'S LEGACY, were my very first published original (that is, non-media tie-in) novels. I’ve written many and varied books since, but Corvis remains one of my favorite characters.

Now, some seven years later, with the help of the folks of at JABberwocky, I’m presenting new editions of both novels in e-book format. And for just a couple of weeks, they’re on sale, too. :-D

If you’ve liked some of my other books and want to see how this all started for me, if you’ve been curious about my work but waiting for a particularly inexpensive entry point, or if you just want to offer me your support and encouragement, now is a wonderful opportunity. And thank you, as always; I wouldn’t be here without you.

(Links in comments, and more will be added as the books go live on various sites. And if you'd be willing to help out by sharing this post, and at least one or two of the links below, I'd be very much obliged.)

We are currently in a Temporal Inexplicability Zone.

By which I mean, it is neither possible to explain our present reality to anyone from the past and have them believe it, nor to explain how we got here to anyone from the future and have them understand it.

Whoever runs against Trump in the next election really should use the slogan "Hindsight is 2020."
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