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Ari Lacenski
I'm funnier on paper.
I'm funnier on paper.

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I don't use Google+. Please find me on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, or, very highly preferred over any of those methods, in real life.

She looked at me & smiled & said No, no, no no, oh, child --

Meh. I'm so close. SO hiss CLOSE. I need somebody who knows more about debugging (simple?) supervisor processes than a bunch of random blog posts. I've exhausted what Google can tell me. halp? :(

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How I love the Bike Snob:
"I still use a mechanical heart, haven't gone electronic yet"

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Python really has a long way to go as a web-architecture language. This is ridiculously dumb:

"Finally we use the run() function to run the local server with our application. The if _name_ == '_main_': makes sure the server only runs if the script is executed directly from the Python interpreter and not used as imported module." --

(I'm dorking around with Flask, because not everything must needs be a Django app. I'm sufficiently underwhelmed to think I might junk it and use again.)

Once again I am forced to conclude that nobody actually did any programming before, e.g., Google and StackOverflow.

Today's project: biking up Mt Tam just to have pancakes. SORTED. The route out of Sausalito was half paved roads at fuck-your-life grade and half unpaved switchbacks at railroad grade. Alba's rear tire slipped A Lot. Determined that, no, 1.25" Panaracer tires are only kind of okay offroad.
Tonight's project: configuring Flask, drinking beer. The one before the other.

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Yes, the Nathan Myhrvold of mosquito-lasers fame, also Modernist Cuisine. Fuck this guy. Sincerely, fuck this guy. 

OKAY SO. Thingiverse. I guess you-all have your work cut out for you: doing for design fabrication what small publishers are trying to do for written publishing. Fortunately, you were there first?

I just sent out an email seeking comments about something I actually believe in and badly, personally want to have exist. YOU GUYS. What is this feeling? Is it... belief?

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At last!
A nice overview of setting up vim as an IDE:

I can't live without the Command-T plugin.
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