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Ari Hershowitz
The law needs engineers.
The law needs engineers.

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Git for Law Revisited
Laws change. Each time a new U.S. law is enacted, it enters a backdrop of approximately 22 million words of existing law. The new law may strike some text, add some text, and make other adjustments that trickle through the legal corpus. Seeing these changes...

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More Elasticsearch: Flexibility without duplicates
People want everything. When they're searching, they want flexibility and they want precision, too. Legal researchers, especially, show this cognitive dissonance: in their personal lives they are used to Google's flexibility ("show me that hairy dog that lo...

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Elasticsearch on Windows: Security
A government client wants to be able to search through their data. In a typical case, an office or agency has a long-standing rulebook that employees still carry around in a paper binder, because they lack a browsable, searchable electronic version. For exa...

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Elasticsearch and MS SQL Server: Would you like search with that?
In our data-rich world, everything goes better with search. We've gotten used to having search as a baked-in feature of applications and expect the search to be full-featured and flexible. So when building a data-rich enterprise web application, the questio...

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A Cite to Behold: Standardizing Electronic Legal Citations
Citations are the hyperlinks of law, so it is natural to expect textual citations to be hyperlinked in electronic laws. Numerous parallel efforts are taking on this task for federal government documents online, making those documents easier to read and navi...

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Almost Digital Congress: ToDo List
When fitness hero Jack Lalanne, then in his nineties, was asked about his sex life, he said that he and his wife had sex almost every night. "Almost Monday, almost Tuesday, almost Wednesday...". Similarly, if you ask me about progress in modernizing the leg...

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Code Across 2015 -- San Francisco -- And Hiring
I'm looking forward to join more than a hundred other programmers and civic activists at the Code Across 2015 event in SF , part of Code Across 2015 , an event collaboratively organized by Code for America as part of International Open Data Day . The scope ...

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UK Sets High Bar for Digital Democracy: Steal this Report, Please
Last week, the Digital Democracy Commission of the UK House of Commons released its report . Just having such a Commission says something (John Boehner, are you taking notes?) According to their Speaker of the House, this is meant as the "start of a roadmap...

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+Grant Vergottini and +Ari Hershowitz have made public their new tool, UKLegQuery: 


'UKLegQuery is a tool built during the GoodLaw hackathon, organized by [group member] John Sheridan of the UK Digital Service. To use this tool, add a query or select one from the examples dropdown and click 'Submit'. This will return results from an eXistdb-backed legislative database. The tool is backed by an eXist XML database, and currently contains UK Public General Acts (Revised), from the dataset provided as part of GoodLaw. 
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