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Arham Jamal
Student in the day, Developer at night.
Student in the day, Developer at night.

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My personal website is up and running after a very long time. It's more like a CV/Resume thing. Feedback is appreciated.

#iceandfire #website #resume #cv
#xenonhd #github

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Interesting series of videos by Apple.

#Apple #iPhone #iPhone7Plus #iPhone7 #photography

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Android O Beta is live!


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Android O beta program is now live for supported Nexus and Pixel devices. 

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And now, we proudly present, the YouTube URL you've all been waiting for! #IO17

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The Not Hotdog app by Jian-Yang from the last episode of Silicon Valley is real. 😂

Jian Yang also commented on the product hunt page. Unfortunately the app is only available on iOS.

Oh and by the way I love the show! 

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So my sister went to a Apple store to buy an iPhone 7 today. Her good ol' Nexus 5 was shattered after 3 good years. The rep at the store suggested her to buy a Google Pixel instead of the iPhone 7. Now that's surprising, isn't it

Edit: The rep also told her that the Google Pixel has a better camera.

#apple #google #iphone #pixel
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Surprised to see that this thing still boots. Haven't switched it on in 2 years.

#Nexus #nostalgia #lollipop #xenonhd #android

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XenonHD for Nexus 6 (shamu) and Nexus 5 (hammerhead) is now live! These are official/stable builds. Check out the respective threads for more details.

Nexus 6:

Nexus 5:

Personal website:
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