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argon.js and the Argon4 Browser
Moving the Web into the World
Moving the Web into the World


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Here's some screenshots of the new Argon4 with argon.js
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The Argon4 web browser has been submitted to Apple for review, and will hopefully be released soon! Along with the new Argon, we have an all-new set of support libraries, samples and tutorials being open-sourced at (The site is in transition from Argon3, and the libraries will not be released until Argon4 is, but you can learn about Argon4 and it's capabilities here).

Major features of argon.js and Argon4 include a completely rewritten browser that is fast and robust compared to previous versions, an architecture that separates AR content from the presentation of "reality" so that AR content can be presented in different ways, support in argon.js for browsers other than Argon, robust geospatial AR based on's geospatial data structures, and more.
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New version of Argon!
For those interested in the 2nd, web-centric version of Argon, you can now get Argon2 Isotope on iOS.  This is our work-in-progress, developer-focused version of Argon2.
Argon2 Isotope
Argon2 Isotope
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I created a community for Argon, for discussions related to Argon, AR and the Web.

If you have questions about, or suggestions for, Argon, please join our  argon users (!forum/argon-users) google groups! 
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Version 1.3.6 is now available in the iTunes app store!  Updates include
- support for zipped channels
- fixed relative URL's for channels
- fixed iframe loading
- better resource management when app is in background
- improved stability
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Argon 1.3 is out in the App Store, updated and improved for iOS5!
-Improves overall stability and reliability
-Addresses issues with hanging on iOS5
-Provides optimized camera settings for all devices
-Offsets are no longer required when positioning ScreenOverlay elements
-FOV no longer changes when marker tracking activated
-CSS Media Queries now suppported for device-targeted styling
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