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Grateful Goodbye
Hello friends! This new year has brought some profound changes in me, I am venturing into some new projects and after some consideration I have decided to stop blogging. Graceful and Grateful has been a wonderful creative outlet for me, and while it has bee...

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Natural History
On our most recent visit to Cambridge the boys and I visited our beloved Harvard Museum of Natural History. Having been a recurrent visitor of the AMNH in Manhattan for several years, I remember when we first moved to Cambridge this museum seemed like such ...

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Up North
Here is a visual summary of our trip up north for thanksgivings weekend, we visited The Berkshires, Cambridge and Princetown University. We all got to spend some time with our extended family, gathered, talked and feasted. It was my first time visiting Prin...

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Gabrielle Veronica
I am so excited to share these images, I collaborated with  Sloan Seelbach from  A Beautiful Journey  who did the h air, makeup and on set assistant work.  And my muse for the day was Gabrielle a very talented young photographer her self, be sure to check h...

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