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Building Arduino based solutions to everyday needs.
Building Arduino based solutions to everyday needs.

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function days_until($date){
return (isset($date)) ? floor((strtotime($date) - time())/60/60/24) : FALSE;

echo days_until('2016-12-25');
echo ' days until Christmas';

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Coming from the Arduino world, most everything I do is 5v logic. It's been a switch for me now that I'm integrating my Raspberry Pi's into my Arduino solutions (they really are complementary). We have been following a great guy by the name of jean-damien, who has a simple solution to this problem:

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Arduino Seismic / Vibration Sensor
Want to sense Earthquakes? Maybe equipment vibration? We have put together a quick and inexpensive project that will sense vibration.. We use a Vibration sensor from Sparkfun , a SainSmart UNO, and a I2C LCD. We have created a bar graph that moves back and ...

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Arduino Himalayan Salt Candle
Himalayan Salt Lights are really cool looking translucent salt "Rocks". With a lightbulb inside, not only are they a soothing warm light, but they are supposed to give off Negative Ions that leave you refreshed. I have added a Arduino and  SSR to give my li...

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De-Soldering Can Be A Pain!
I typically hate de-soldering. Removing old parts, or re-working a new design can be tricky, as you can over heat a part, damage the board, etc. Well, I've been using a inexpensive manual pump tool for months now, and it works GREAT! Cleans the holes out we...

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The Under $5 Arduino
Next time you build a permanent project, don't waste a $15-$30 Arduino board. You can get the same functionality of the Arduino UNO for less than $5 at No usb or power onboard (requires 5v). Program it with an existing UNO or a FTDI Cab...

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Pan & Tilt, Arduino Style
I've been wanting to play with an Arduino controlled Pan & Tilt Mechanism for quite some time. Today I ordered a kit that will be a prototype for a solar array on a bigger scale. I'll be using this Pan & Tilt Mechanism . The kit includes brackets, two minia...

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Albert Piganti (pighixxx) updates his arduino artwork!

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Albert Piganti Updates Arduino Basic Connections
Albert Piganti, known as Pighixxx, is well known for his beautiful artwork depicting various microcontrollers like the Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and the various accessories and connections that can be made with them. He is updating his original designs, and...
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