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Wow, it has been a rough week. One of the challenges of living with a body with chronic pain or illness is that some days can be unpredictable. I can go to bed feeling pretty swell, and due to a change in the weather, or for no reason at all, getting up the next day makes me feel like a Mack Truck rolled over me. For me, there are always two decisions I have to make on mornings like this. Will I give in to the pain or will I do my damnedest to fight it? Today, I chose to fight it. I don't always do it successfully, at least I was able to chase the Mullygrubbies away for the most part. That is a catapult in the right direction!
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Fighter, yes, in every way. This painting is pretty much the spirit that I have within, for that I am grateful!
As I can say is that I love a fighter !!!
You are one!
Bravo :) And I love this drawing :)
Well done. I understand how hard it can be to motivate yourself in this way. Mx
;( ...


Stopped by to check in, sorry the day was challenging! FABULOUS pic! Even MORE FABULOUS attitude. Sending warm golden positive feelings your way with much love and great fondness!!! :D
+Ardith Goodwin I must apologize. I've been terribly neglectful by not telling you before how much I admire your courage in dealing with the hand life has dealt you, and in choosing to create such beauty in spite, and because, of it.
+Ardith Goodwin I like that word for it. Spinal Nerve damage and other consequences of a car having an argument with my bike have given me the Mullygrubbies. I swear at them in the mornings and do pain visualistation to move them away for a while. I am a naturally sweary person but I'm going to borrow your word and say "F you Mullygrubbies" in the mornings. Not up to cartwheeling any more, but I may do a wheel-spin in my chair after I say it.

I love the hair as well. It's not really the same at all, but there's something about the spirit of your piece here that reminds me of an old 1970's childrens cartoon on British TV. Crystal Tipps and Alistair Intro
I don’t know how it is to live with Chronic pain, but I live with a person who has chronic pain all the time, and it is hard sometimes!
+Amy McLeod you feel free to use that word whenever you choose! Chase them away for sure! +Nora Lamarti I have always struggled with my insignificance, but I did come to realize that anyone who has lived a life such as mine, and can find the courage to share the story, should. So ever so slowly I am beginning to do that. I don't believe we are promised a perfect life, but I believe I can be an ordinary person who lives an extraordinary life by how I choose to face it. It's a daily walk though for sure!
+Ardith Goodwin If those of us who do not suffer from the pain you have could accomplish in a year what you accomplish in a week, I would say I'll have what you're having. I mean that only in the sense that who you be is pure clean outpouring of pain-free creativity and energy and it's extraordinary. No doubt much of it comes from what you have experienced and for that I am very sorry. So if this was a rough week for are entitled to have it!

As for the Mullygrubbies...this is a children's book....Yes????
It is one of my characters in the book I am writing, The Fantastical Characters From The Land of Ardithian! I am left humbly blushing at your comment. 
I want an autographed copy when the book comes out. I love it and love the title. Touche! You see, had you not had all that book idea! I hate how that works.
Have you heard of amber bracelets they are used for teething and all kinds of pain. I was hurt very badly car accident and I use copper bracelets .I try not to give in to pain yoga has helped a lot. Some days getting up is a battle.
I am concentrating to send your way all the support and good wishes I can master...
nice to see you, tonight! I hope you have a good sleep and good day tomorrow
Thank you all and Miriam, so glad to chat with you too!
dear +Ardith Goodwin I will be keeping you in my thoughts and I hope that you will feel much better tomorrow. Your pictures always make me so happy, thank you.
Thank you Maria! I have rested this evening and have regrouped a bit. The warmth of a heating pad always makes me feel a bit more relaxed and the kind thoughts are priceless.
I know. I fell rough yesterday, and crowded. I couldn't focus on my editing. So, I gave up, and re-arranged two rooms - building me a delightful office, and turning the old computer room into a sitting room with hubby's computer.

Honestly, after working ten hours while he is at work, the last thing I want to do at night, is stay in the same chair, barely able to move. Now, I can sprawl out on the couch, and read, or we can watch the news. I can even take my unreliable laptop in there for light surfing.

Today, I woke up eager to start in my new office. A great feeling after being sick for two weeks.

Hope you feel energetic soon.
Sending along a Friday ((hug)) to your Ardith. May the Mullygrubbies keep their distance.
I love your amazing expression of how you feel through your art Ardith. I can relate more than I can say right now... Much love to you always...
Hope today was a better one for you Ardith!!! Here's to a fun and wonderful weekend!!! (let me know when I can buy your book!!!). Love and (((HUGS))) my friend!!! :D
I shall keep you all around, tucked softly inside my hidden pocket, and carefully take each of you out, one at a time, as my special treasures, ;) All your comments made my day. I had an EMG/nerve conduction study today, you know the kind where they sort of electrocute you and stick you with needles, lol! I was able to embrace my art though so despite the pain, I painted through it. Today was good. Knowing you all have rooted for me, even better!
I am beginning to pull back from doing so many fashion events and rather try and explore photography more as I have days like that too. You are such an inspiration Ardith!
I need to get out more round the city, hopefully soon, for now it's just round the office or down by the river and park :)
Oh Ardith!!! That test SUCKS!!! Helped my dad get through that several months was torturous for him :(... SO SORRY!!! :(
It's my third one, makes me feel like one of Pavlov's Dogs, lol!
If I lived close I would've been there to support you (IF needed/wanted). It reduced my dad to tears :( so sad you have to go through that!!!
sending love to all who love
Wishing for you, Ardith, that the Mullygrubbies stay permanently away!!!
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